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2.8.10 Network File System Version 4 (nfsv4)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 55th IETF Meeting in Altanta, Georgia USA. It may now be out-of-date.

Last Modifield: 05/07/2002

Brian Pawlowski <>
Robert Thurlow <>
Transport Area Director(s):
Scott Bradner <>
A. Mankin <>
Transport Area Advisor:
Scott Bradner <>
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Description of Working Group:
The objective of this working group is to advance the state of NFS technology by producing specifications to extend the original NFS Version 4 work (RFC 3010) to provide additional capabilities, as described below.

o NFS version 4

Advance the protocol along the standards track, coordinating the development of test suites to provide a high level of implementation quality. The ONC RPC standards that NFSv4 references must also be advanced. This includes work to make NFSv4 and the underlying ONC RPC protocol compatible with IPv6. Specifically, we will advance RFC 3010, RFC 1831, RFC 1833 and RFC 2203 to Draft Standard. The working group will help advance related security RFCs, specifically through the definition of a method to advance APIs.

o Replication and Migration

The original working group defined a mechanism for NFS clients and servers to support replication and migration of data transparently to an application. Left undefined in the initial work was the server back end migration and replication mechanism. The working group will produce a draft submission of a replication/migration protocol that supports NFS Version 4 clients - needed to create and maintain replicated filesystems as well as migrating filesystems from one location to another - and servers for consideration as Proposed Standard.

o Management

The working group will produce a draft submission for consideration as Proposed Standard of a management MIBs to provide better management and administration capabilities for NFS and ONC RPC.

o Minor Versions

NFS Version 4 contains within it the capability for minor versioning. Some discussions within the working group suggest addressing additional requirements over the original charter. The WG will work to identify additional requirements for NFSv4 and determine if they are appropriate and worthwhile for a minor version. This work may lead to proposals for additional work items. If it does a specific proposal to add these work items to the charter will be forwarded to the IESG and IAB.

Goals and Milestones:
Done  Issue strawman Internet-Draft for v4
Done  Submit Initial Internet-Draft of requirements document
Done  Submit Final Internet-Draft of requirements document
Done  AD reassesses WG charter
Done  Submit v4 Internet-Draft sufficient to begin prototype implementations
Done  Begin Interoperability testing of prototype implementations
Done  Submit NFS version 4 to IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard.
Done  Conduct final Interoperability tests
Done  Conduct full Interoperability tests for all NFSv4 features
MAR 02  Update API advancement draft
APR 02  Form core design team to work on NFS V4 migration/replication requirements and protocol
APR 02  Submit revised NFS Version 4 specification (revision to RFC 3010) to IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard
MAY 02  ADs to submit API advancement internet draft as informational RFC (needed to advance GSSAPI to Draft Standard to allow advancement of NFS Version 4)
MAY 02  Internet draft on NFS V4 migration/replication requirements
MAY 02  AD review of NFS V4 migration/replication requirements draft
MAY 02  Revision of internet draft on NFS MIB
JUN 02  Creation of internet draft on ONC RPC MIB
JUN 02  Depending on results of AD review of NFS Version 4 migration/replication requirements document, review scope of task
JUL 02  Strawman NFS V4 replication/migration protocol proposal submitted as an ID
JUL 02  Continued interoperability testing of NFS Version 4
OCT 02  Submit an NFS V4 migration/replication protocol to IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard
OCT 02  Submit ONC RPC and NFS MIBs to IESG for consideration as Proposed Standards
NOV 02  Submit related Proposed Standards required by NFS Version 4 for consideration as Draft Standards to IESG - RFCs 1831, 1833, 2203, 2078, 2744, RFC 1964, & 2847
NOV 02  Document full Interoperability tests for all NFSv4 features
NOV 02  Interoperability tests of NFS V4 migration/replication
DEC 02  Submit report on results of interoperability testing
FEB 03  Submit revised NFS Version 4 Proposed Standard for consideration as Draft Standard to IESG
  • - draft-ietf-nfsv4-rfc3010bis-02.txt
  • Request For Comments:
    RFC2623 PS NFS Version 2 and Version 3 Security Issues and the NFS Protocol's Use of RPCSEC_GSS and Kerberos V5
    RFC2624 I NFS Version 4 Design Considerations
    RFC3010 PS NFS version 4

    Current Meeting Report

    18 November 
    2002NFSv4 WG 
    The agenda 
        Monday November 18: 19:30pm - 22:00 (2.5 
        Welcome and Introduction            (Pawlowski)        5 
    min    Agenda bash 
    etc.        - BLUE 
    SHEETS        - NOTE 
    WELL        - Status of 
        Bakeathon results and issues        (Shepler)         10 
        Final RFC 3010 resubmission status  (Shepler)         10 
        Migration/replication               (Thurlow)         25 
        NFS and ROI work                    (Pawlowski)       10 
        Review of work items                (Shepler/Pawlowski) 15 
    min        - API GSSAPI 
    advancement        - MIB draft 
    resurrection        - RPC/XDR/RPCSEC_GSS RFC 
        Open discussion                     (Pawlowski)       10 
        Wrapup                              (Pawlowski)        5 
    Brian Pawlowski started with a welcome to the NFSv4 WG intro and went over 
    the posted agenda and asked for any additional items; none were 
    Spencer Shepler presented results of interoperability testing at the 
    Bakeathon held in October.  No protocol problems found.  Six 
    implementations.  Five implementations had Kerberos 
    UofM group got base NFS Version 4 kernel including security 
    integrated into the Linux 2.5 development 
    Testing of recovery proceeded - Connectathon tests done during reboots of 
    See some interesting presentations on NFS Version 
    Tom Talpey asks why is it not a Bakeoff (go to to find 
    Spencer Shepler then covered the RFC 3010 (NFS Version 4 Protocol 
    Specification) resubmission status.  Completed WG Last call, IETF last 
    call, IESG approved gave to RFC Editor.  IANA will review in process - they 
    did a pre-review.  Next month or so we will here any IANA last requests for 
    Spencer Shepler then covered replication/migration - standing in for for Rob 
    Thurlow.  As V4 core protocol wrapped up people seem to be focusing more on 
    the new work.  Interested: Sun, IBM, NetApp, 
    Replication/migration requirements doc required by December - 
    Pawlowski has 
    Thurlow would like to play with prototype implementations in 
    Connectathon in March.  See slides and Thurlow's draft for proposed 
    protocol to test.  Bring issues to the WG mail list 
    Shepler thinks the back-end migration/replication protocol will be much 
    simpler than the core V4 
    Open issues: security, compression/data reduction.  There is interest in low 
    bandwidth links.  And - minor version requirements of core protocol in 
    support of migration/replication - Dvae Noveck wondered aloud if we would 
    have to tweak something in the core 
    Two other big pieces are management and location of 
    The location of replicas triggered another possible work item from Dave 
    Noveck - that of global name space construction and management.  The same 
    facility in V4 as it stands to allow finding file systems that have 
    migrated (or are replicated) oculd be part of the solution for 
    construction of a "global name space" 
    Need a problem statement - this needs to be an internet-draft.  
    Describing the global name space stuff and what are the issues it is 
    trying to address.  (Would need extension to the charter per the Minor 
    Versions item now 
    Brian discussed the idea of adding a work item for the NFSv4 WG of 
    NFS/RDDP related issues or protocol changes.  This has been touched on at a 
    prior IETF meeting and on the alias. This type of work fits well within the 
    NFSv4 WG because of its ownership of the RPC and NFSv4 protocols and 
    relates well to the RDDP (remote direct data placement) WG efforts.  Brian 
    suggests that a subgroup be formed to focus on this area at first 
    understanding the requirements.  Need to also understand the SNIA 
    NFS/RDMA work and will look to Sun for help in understanding that work and 
    how it would transfer or relate to this suggested effort.  Brian 
    suggests that this work would fall under minor versioning work and 
    therefore is included in the current charter.  However, the AD (Scott 
    Bradner) asked that a proposed WG charter change be made as a first 
    result of this effort.  Brian owns an action item to formalize the 
    overall proposal and discuss via the WG, 
    With the goal of eventually moving the NFSv4 protocol to Draft 
    standard, the normative references must also be at Draft standard.  This 
    isn't an issue except for the GSSAPI reference because it is an API and not a 
    protocol.  Therefore, Brian has a submitted a personal draft that 
    describes how an RFC that describes an API would be moved forward the IETF 
    standards process.  At this point, Mike Eisler pointed out that GSSAPI 
    really does represent a network protocol and not an API (even though there 
    are separate RFCs that deal with C and Java language bindings for 
    GSSAPI).  Scott Bradner stated that there has been an issue in the past 
    within the IESG about moving the GSSAPI RFC forward.  Mike 
    volunteered to assist in clarifying the issues so that the GSSAPI 
    specification can be moved to Draft status.  It was noted that the NFSv4 
    protocol does not rely on the language bindings for 
    The next topic briefly covered the SNMP MIB resurrection.  Again, a 
    sub-group should be formed to resubmit the expired personal draft that 
    existed in the past.  Again, Brian owns an action to send email to the WG to 
    start this 
    The RPC/XDR/Security RFCs that are normative references must be updates for 
    appropriate IANA sections.  It was noted that RFC2203 (RPCSEC_GSS 
    protocol specification) is dependent on the GSSAPI issue notes above.  This 
    will be an additional work 
    During the open discussion, there were comments about minor revision 
    suggestions.  Dave Noveck mentioned that since file delegation support was 
    present in the NFSv4 protocol that it seemed appropriate to consider 
    adding support for the delegation of directories.  There seems to be 
    interest and use for such a mechanism.  Dave also suggested that it may be 
    useful to enable the client to reestablish a delegation after recall and 
    that this may also be a reasonable minor version item.  It was also 
    suggested that providing this type of functionality may enable the 
    ability to support NFSv4 proxy 
    Brian clarified with Scott Bradner if this type of work fell within the 
    current NFSv4 WG charter (since it covers minor version work) and Scott 
    responded in the 
    Dave stated that since the necessary changes for this type of 
    delegation should be straightforward that once the requirements are in 
    place that it should be simple to test this type of functionality in a 
    As mentioned before, Brian would like to pursue moving the NFSv4 
    protocol from Proposed to Draft.  Since this work can be 
    significant, Brian wanted to clarify that this was a reasonable thing for 
    the WG to pursue. (implementation reports, 
    Tom Talpey asked if Connectathon 2003 will be used as a benchmark for the 
    move of NFSv4 to Draft and the answer was "no".  6 month minimum is 
    required to move from Proposed to Draft and since there are still 
    interesting features that have yet to be implemented that it will be 
    longer than 


    NFSv4 at IETF 55