- 2003/03/19

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[14:21] <fsolensky> Has the meeting started yet or is everyone still filing in?
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[14:26] <sleinen> It's starting now.
[14:26] <fsolensky> thx
[14:27] <sleinen> Marshall Eubanks is taking notes, but not online it seems
[14:29] <sleinen> unified IGMP/MLD MIB
[14:29] <Bill Fenner> don't forget "Goodbye to Bill Fenner, hello to Isidor Kouvelas, as co-chair"
[14:30] <sleinen>
[14:34] <fsolensky> I assume that Jan '03 expiration date suggests draft will be updated soon.
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[14:36] <venaas> Please let me know when MSF API starts
[14:37] <sleinen> Ok Stig, will do
[14:38] <sleinen> No, that expiration date must be a formatting error. The I-D is new.
[14:39] <fsolensky> OK.. I'm watching for snooping draft (and most anything else going on)
[14:40] <venaas> I also hope to see snooping, but assume MSF is first
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[14:47] <sleinen> ...the interesting MIB discussing is slowly winding down.
[14:47] <sleinen> Next on the agenda will be:
[14:47] <sleinen> * Document Status - Haberman (15 min)
[14:47] <sleinen> * MSF API Update - Thaler (20 min)
[14:47] <sleinen> * Snooping Issues - Thaler (10 min)
[14:47] <sleinen> * Snooping Update - Christensen (10 min)
[14:48] <sleinen> ... if any of you are considering to move here from another WG
[14:49] <sleinen> We're at "Document Status" now.
[14:51] <sleinen> Now starting:
[14:51] <sleinen> Multicast Source Filter API Update - Dave Thaler
[14:52] <sleinen> latest revision has been posted to the mailing list.
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[15:09] <fsolensky> ...
[15:21] <fsolensky> what's happening?
[15:21] <Bill Fenner> still MSF API
[15:21] <Bill Fenner> it's wrapping up, though
[15:22] <Bill Fenner> and I think the next thing is Dave's snooping issues presentation
[15:23] <sleinen> Yes, it's starting right now.
[15:23] <Bill Fenner> Current topic: An operation problem with IGMP Snooping Switches
[15:27] <Bill Fenner> Basic operational problem: "multicast breaks when you turn on IGMPv3" because of incorrect behavior by switches
[15:28] <Bill Fenner> One suggested solution: only turn on IGMPv3 on a router interface where you know that there aren't any IGMPv2-only switches. Not always possible
[15:32] <Bill Fenner> Current words in the snooping draft only solves part of this problem
[15:34] <fsolensky> So I guess we're spinning another rev :-)
[15:36] <Bill Fenner> I dunno if we know the solution =)
[15:37] <fsolensky> "open issues" then <FONT SIZE="1">:-)</FONT>
[15:40] <Bill Fenner> right on =)
[15:40] <Bill Fenner> Morten is getting ready to present now
[15:49] <sleinen> Meeting closed.
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