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5. Format Requirements - i18n and l10n (5.1)
5.1 FINE shall support full internationalization and localization.
A significant part of the FINE will comprise of human-readable text. Since some Incidents need involvement of CSIRTs from different countries, cultural and geographic regions, the FINE description must be formatted such that they can be presented to an operator in a local language and adhering to local presentation formats and local naming rules and conventions. Localized presentation of dates, time and names may also be required.
In case, if used, the format must be able to identify the rules or conventions that is used in the naming.
In cases where the messages contain text strings and names that need characters other than Latin-1 (or ISO 8859-1), the information preferably should be represented using the ISO/IEC IS 10646-1 character set and encoded using the UTF-8 transformation format, and optionally using local character sets and encodings.
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