2.1.1 Applications Open Area Meeting (apparea)

Current Meeting Report

apparea minutes from ietf57

Date: Monday, July 14th
Time: 09:00-11:30

Chair: Ted Hardie

Scribe: Marshall Rose

1.  Hardie - Administrativa

Ned Freed was unable to attend due to a personal matter.

2. Wasserman - IPv4 survey

A draft has been written surveying the use of IPv4 addressing 
information in applications.  There are 9 documents in the 
applications area that have dependencies.  The most important are:

Email: 821/822/2822
NTP: 1305
LDAP/NIS: 2307

Action items:

- all: please review and comment on the draft
- randy: to become a co-author
- pete resnick: to review 822/2822 issues
- chris newman: to review MX issues and 821 issues
- scott: to become a co-author of 
- kurt zeilenga: to review 2307 issues
- john klensin/paul hoffman: to review documents to go to historic

3. Newman - International Search and Sort

We need a comparator registry.

draft-new-il8n-comparator provides a description and also defines an 
initial set of comparators for the utf8 world

Mailing list: ietf-comparator@imc.org

Action items:

- paul hoffman/kurt zeilenga/lisa dusseault/yuri demchenko to help

4. Kohler - DCCP

Briefly: dccp = udp + congestion control (initially, two: tcp-like and 
trfc) Key insight: dccp separates congestion and corruption events.

Biggest impact on applications is loss of control when data is sent.

home page: http://www.icir.org/kohler/dccp/

Design review to be held on Wednesday, July 16th.

5. Yee - Using SASL in HTTP/1.1

Adding SASL to HTTP/1.1 adds "plugability" to the HTTP security 

Several design decisions made to avoid interference with the HTTP 

Mailing list: http-sasl@isode.com

There is some concern that the initial round-trip required to trigger a 
SASL negotiation (i.e., if the server requires it, but the client 
doesn't know) may compromise security.

6. Hardie - BOFs, WG news

No apps bofs at this IETF meeting.

There will be a food-fight in the lemonade working group (Thursday, July 
17th) regarding the security implications of 

Geopriv is starting to branch in.


IPv4 Dependencies in Applications Area Specifications
International Searching and Sorting
Adding SASL to HTTP/1.1
Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP): Overview