2.5.7 Protocol Independent Multicast (pim)

Last Modified: 2003-05-28

Tom Pusateri <pusateri@juniper.net>
Liming Wei <lwei@redback.com>
Routing Area Director(s):
Bill Fenner <fenner@research.att.com>
Alex Zinin <zinin@psg.com>
Routing Area Advisor:
Alex Zinin <zinin@psg.com>
Mailing Lists:
General Discussion: pim@catarina.usc.edu
To Subscribe: pim-request@catarina.usc.edu
Archive: ftp://catarina.usc.edu/pub/pim/mail-archive/pim/
Description of Working Group:
The Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) Working Group is chartered to
standardize and promote the Protocol Independent Multicast Version 2
(PIMv2), Sparse Mode and Dense Mode, as a scalable, efficient and
multicast routing protocol, capable of supporting thousands of groups,
different types of multicast applications, and all major underlying
layer-2 subnetwork technologies. The working group will decide if there
is a need  for any follow on work or version 3 of the protocol.

This working group will act as a consultant to any PIM-over-Foo
proposals, including but not limited to PIM-over-ATM, using PIM for
multiprotocol label switching, and PIM-over-UDLR links.


1) PIM-SM v2 specification (standards track)

    This document is a specification for Sparse Mode Protocol
    Independent Multicast.

2) PIM-DM v2 speficication (standards track)

    This document is a specification for Dense Mode Protocol
    Independent Multicast.

3) PIM MIB (standards track)

    This document contains the MIB definitions for PIMv2.
Goals and Milestones:
Aug 98  Hold the first Working Group meeting and discuss the charter and the state of progress on the chartered items.
Aug 98  Update the PIM-DM version 2 Internet-draft. Go to WG last call. Submision to IESG for considerations as proposed standard.
Aug 98  Resubmit the latest PIM-SM version 2 specification to IESG for consideration as a proposed standard RFC
Dec 98  Submit Internet-Draft describing use of IP security with PIM.
Dec 98  Submit updated PIM-SM and PIM-DM internet-drafts, clarifying any inconsistencies or ambiguities in the previous drafts.
Apr 99  Submit PIM-SM version 2 and PIM-DM version 2 specifications to IESG for consideration as Draft Standards.
Apr 99  Submit PIM-SM and PIM-DM Applicability Statements
Apr 99  Submit PIMv2 MIB to IESG for consideration as proposed standard.
Nov 99  Submit PIMv2 MIB to IESG for consideration as draft standard.
  • - draft-ietf-pim-bidir-05.txt
  • - draft-ietf-pim-sm-v2-new-07.txt
  • - draft-ietf-pim-sm-bsr-03.txt
  • - draft-ietf-pim-dm-new-v2-03.txt
  • - draft-ietf-pim-mib-v2-01.txt
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