2.5.8 Routing Protocol Security Requirements (rpsec)

Last Modified: 2003-05-28

Tony Tauber <ttauber@genuity.net>
Russ White <riw@cisco.com>
Routing Area Director(s):
Bill Fenner <fenner@research.att.com>
Alex Zinin <zinin@psg.com>
Routing Area Advisor:
Alex Zinin <zinin@psg.com>
Mailing Lists:
General Discussion: rpsec@ietf.org
To Subscribe: rpsec-request@ietf.org
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Archive: http://www1.ietf.org/mail-archive/working-groups/rpsec
Description of Working Group:
The lack of a common set of security requirements and methods for
routing protocols has resulted in a wide variety of security
mechanisms for individual routing protocols. Ongoing work on
requirements for the next generation routing system and future work on
the actual mechanisms for it will require well documented routing
security requirements.

The products of this working group will be used by routing protocol
designers to ensure adequate coverage of security in the future,
including well known and possible threats.

The scope of work is limited to router-to-router protocols only for
both unicast and multicast systems, and does NOT include
host-to-router protocol such as IGMP, ICMP, ARP, or ND. It is also a
non-goal at this point to produce new or change the current security
mechanisms in the existing routing protocols.

The RPSEC working group is charged with the following tasks:

- Document threat models for routing systems

- Document security requirements for routing systems

- Provide a common area for discussion between security and routing
  experts on the topic of securing the routing system

Possible Future Work

- Evaluate and document existing and proposed routing security
  mechanisms with respect to established RPSEC requirements

- Recommend mechanism(s)
Goals and Milestones:
Done  Submit initial I-D (or set of I-Ds) which details the threats to routing systems.
Jun 03  Submit initial I-D (or set of I-Ds) which outlines security requirements for routing systems.
Jun 03  Submit I-Ds documenting threats to routing systems for publication as Informational RFC.
Oct 03  Submit the I-D documenting security requirements to routing systems for publication as Informational RFC.
Mar 04  Evaluate progress, recharter with new goals (see possible future work above) or shutdown.
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