Application Configuration Access Protocol (acap)

Electronic Data Interchange-Internet Integration (ediint)

Internet Fax (fax)

Extensions to FTP (ftpext)

Internet Message Access Protocol Extension (imapext)

Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol (impp)

Internet Printing Protocol (ipp)

Message Tracking Protocol (msgtrk)

NNTP Extensions (nntpext)

Provisioning Registry Protocol (provreg)

Resource Capabilities Discovery (rescap)

Telnet TN3270 Enhancements (tn3270e)

Usenet Article Standard Update (usefor)

Voice Profile for Internet Mail (vpim)

Intellectual Property Rights (ipr)

Operation of the IESG/IAB Nominating and Recall Committees (nomcom)

Interfaces MIB (ifmib)

IP over InfiniBand (ipoib)

IP over Resilient Packet Rings (iporpr)

ICMP Traceback (itrace)

IP Routing for Wireless/Mobile Hosts (mobileip)

Point-to-Point Protocol Extensions (pppext)

Zero Configuration Networking (zeroconf)

ADSL MIB (adslmib)

Bridge MIB (bridge)

Distributed Management (disman)

Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB (hubmib)

Policy Framework (policy)

Prefix Taxonomy Ongoing Measurement & Inter Network Experiment (ptomaine)

Resource Allocation Protocol (rap)

Configuration Management with SNMP (snmpconf)

SNMP Version 3 (snmpv3)

Border Gateway Multicast Protocol (bgmp)

Inter-Domain Multicast Routing (idmr)

Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (msdp)

Source-Specific Multicast (ssm)

UniDirectional Link Routing (udlr)

Intrusion Detection Exchange Format (idwg)

IP Security Protocol (ipsec)

IPSEC KEYing information resource record (ipseckey)

IP Security Policy (ipsp)

Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (kink)

An Open Specification for Pretty Good Privacy (openpgp)

Securely Available Credentials (sacred)

Secure Network Time Protocol (stime)

Security Issues in Network Event Logging (syslog)

Transport Layer Security (tls)

XML Digital Signatures (xmldsig)

IP over Optical (ipo)

IP Storage (ips)

Media Gateway Control (megaco)

Performance Implications of Link Characteristics (pilc)

Signaling Transport (sigtran)

Service in the PSTN/IN Requesting InTernet Service (spirits)