2.2.2 Problem Statement (problem)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 58th IETF Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. It may now be out-of-date.

Last Modified: 2003-10-20

Avri Doria <avri@acm.org>
Melinda Shore <mshore@cisco.com>
General Area Director(s):
Harald Alvestrand <harald@alvestrand.no>
General Area Advisor:
Harald Alvestrand <harald@alvestrand.no>
Mailing Lists:
General Discussion: problem-statement@alvestrand.no
To Subscribe: problem-statement-request@alvestrand.no
Archive: http://www.alvestrand.no/pipermail/problem-statement/
Description of Working Group:
Discussions during 2002 have revealed a significant number of thoughts about problems that exist with the way the IETF operates. In advance of trying to change the IETF procedures and rules to deal with these problems, the IETF should have a clear, agreed description of what problems we are trying to solve.

This group is charged with producing the document describing these problems. The analysis of the problem should seek out the root causes of the problems as well as the perceived derivative problems.

The intent is that the group will discuss issues on its mailing list, and that there will be an editing team to produce a clear concise problem statement on which the group has come to consensus and present to the IETF as a basis for an IETF consensus.

As a second work item, the group will also produce a proposal for a process to develop solutions to the problems identified by this working group.

It is not a part of this group's charter to propose solutions to the problems.

The work items will be reviewed in IESG plenary at the IETF.

Goals and Milestones:
Done  First I-D of problem statement issued
Done  Problem statement reviewed at the IESG Plenary
Done  First I-D of draft document describing the process by which the ietf will change its processes issued
May 03  Problem statement submitted for IESG review
Jul 03  Draft document describing the process by which the ietf will change its processes reviewed at the IESG Plenary
Aug 03  Draft document describing the process by which the ietf will change its processes submitted for IESG review
Oct 03  Re-charter or close working group
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    Current Meeting Report

    problem statement working group - 11/12/2003
    The Problem WG met from 1pm to 3pm on Wednesday November 12th 2003.
    The issues document:
    The changes to the issues document between version 4 and version 5 were 
    reviewed.  The proposed fixes to the document based on the issues raised 
    during the WG last call were reviewed. No one had any objection to the 
    proposed fixes.
    The list of open issues were raised and discussed.  No one felt that the 
    document needed to be changed because of these issues.
    The chair asked if there were any objections to taking version 5 to a 
    second (one week) WG last call, after which it would be forwarded to the 
    General AD for consideration for publication as an Informational RFC.  The 
    General AD asked if the working group felt that there should be an IETF 
    Last-Call for this document.  The sense of the room was that it should.
    The process document:
    The chair asked if the working group felt that it would be OK if the 
    process document could list alternative paths forward with a note to say 
    that the working group was not able to reach consensus on any 
    particular path.  No one had any problem with closing the document in this 
    way.  Joel Halpern asked if the document should be published as an RFC at 
    all.  After discussion the sense of the room was that the process 
    document should be published as an informational RFC.
    The future of the working group The chairs asked if the working group 
    should be closed since its work was done when the two documents were sent to 
    the General AD.  The sense of the room was that it should be