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DA is “Datamover Architecture for iSCSI”. DA defines an abstract model of data movement in an iSCSI stack.
Logically Separates movement of data between iSCSI end nodes from the rest of the iSCSI protocol.
Goal is to allow iSCSI to adapt to RDMA-like protocols, such as RDMAP.

iSER is “iSCSI Extensions for RDMA (iSER)”, iSER maps the iSCSI protocol over to RDMAP (i.e. iSER is an “RDMAP client” aka a “ULP”).
iSER enables efficient data movement for iSCSI using generic RDMA hardware (i.e., no iSCSI or SCSI-specific hardware required)
iSER is an instance of a “Datamover Protocol” as defined by DA.

DA distills the needs of iSCSI to generic data movement primitives (Operational Primitives).
iSER protocol then maps the primitives to RDMAP exchanges.
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