1.2 IETF Progress Report

14-Nov-03 to 28-Feb-04

116 IESG Protocol Actions this period
57 IESG Last Calls issued to the IETF this period
1031 new or revised Internet-Drafts this period

11 New Working Group(s) formed this period
	Credential and Provisioning  (enroll)
	Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points  (capwap)
	IP over DVB  (ipdvb)
	Detecting Network Attachment  (dna)
	Profiling Use of PKI in IPSEC  (pki4ipsec)
	New IETF Standards Track Discussion  (newtrk)
	IKEv2 Mobility and Multihoming  (mobike)
	Routing Area Working Group  (rtgwg)
	TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions  (tcpm)
	Improved Cross-Area Review  (icar)
	Host Identity Protocol  (hip)

67 Working Group(s) concluded this period
	Whois Protocol  (whois)
	UniDirectional Link Routing  (udlr)
	Telnet TN3270 Enhancements  (tn3270e)
	Extensions to FTP  (ftpext)
	Multicast Source Discovery Protocol  (msdp)
	Performance Implications of Link Characteristics  (pilc)
	General Switch Management Protocol  (gsmp)
	XML Digital Signatures  (xmldsig)
	High Quality Document Transfer  (qualdocs)
	An Application Protocol Framework & A Model Applic  (blocks)
	Signaling Protocols Discussion  (sigprodi)
	IP over Optical  (ipo)
	Business to Business XML Data Commun. Strategies  (b2bxml)
	Voice over IP over MPLS  (vompls)
	Fast Ip Connectivity and KeepaLivE  (fickle)
	TMN-SNMP  (tmnsnmp)
	Spatial Location  (spatial)
	Limitations of Multiple Addressing Realms  (foglamps)
	SIP and H.323 Interworking  (sip323)
	IAB Wireless Workshop  (iww)
	Remote Performance Management  (rperfman)
	Small Group Multicast  (sgm)
	SIP/IN Interworking  (sin)
	IP over Bluetooth  (ipobt)
	Network Information Model  (nim)
	International Emergency Preparedness Scheme  (ieps)
	Content Negotiation Headers in HTTP  (cnhhttp)
	Development of the Realtime Traffic Flow Measurement Architecture  (rtfm2)
	Domain Registration Services  (domreg)
	Circuit Emulation over Transport  (ceot)
	Service Level Specification and Usage  (sls)
	IMXP  (imxpbof)
	Contextualization of Resolution  (c15n)
	Application Exchange  (apex)
	Middle box Taxonomy  (midtax)
	Future of Uniform Resource Identifiers  (furi)
	User Registration Protocol  (urp)
	Internet Personal Appliance Control  (ipac)
	Host Identity Payload  (hip_conclded)
	Internet Resource Name Search Service  (irnss)
	Internationalization and Localization of Internet Protocols  (intloc)
	Keywords Naming Services  (kwns)
	MPLS Maintenance Mechanisms  (mplsoam)
	Network Data Management Protocol  (ndmp)
	IP Path Tracing  (ippt)
	RDMA over the Internet Protocol Suite  (roi)
	Datagram Control Protocol  (dcp)
	DNS Research Measurements  (dnsmeas)
	OPS-NM Configuration Management Requirements  (ops-nm)
	Secure Internet Key Distribution  (siked)
	Mobile Networks  (monet)
	Topology-Insensitive Service Traversal  (tist)
	JXTA  (jxta)
	Zeroconf Router  (zerouter)
	Triggers for Transport  (trigtran)
	Path-Decoupled Signaling  (pads)
	Transport Service at Intermediary  (intersec)
	Packetization Layer Path MTU Discovery  (plpmtud)
	Next Steps in IP Mobility  (nsiim)
	Education  (edu)
	Comprehensive apprOACH to quality  (coach)
	Monitoring Infrastructure Deployment  (ispmon)
	Device Discovery  (ddbof)
	Multicast Last Mile  (mlm)
	Access Link Intermediaries Assisting Services  (alias)
	RADIUS EXTensions  (radext)
	Session Based Security Model for SNMPv3  (sbsm)

62 RFC Documents were produced between 14-Nov-03 to 28-Feb-04

RFC3623 S (ospf) Nov 03 Graceful OSPF Restart
RFC3624 I (none) Nov 03 The Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Bulk Audit Package
RFC3644 S (policy) Nov 03 Policy QoS Information Model
RFC3632 I (none) Dec 03 VeriSign Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP) Version 2.0.0
RFC3640 S (avt) Dec 03 RTP Payload Format for Transport of MPEG-4 Elementary Streams
RFC3654 I (forces) Dec 03 Requirements for Separation of IP Control and Forwarding
RFC3646 S (dhc) Dec 03 DNS Configuration Options for DHCPv6
RFC3643 S (ips) Dec 03 FC Frame Encapsulation
RFC3677 B (iab) Dec 03 IETF ISOC Board of Trustee Appointment Procedures
RFC3649 E (tsvwg) Dec 03 HighSpeed TCP for Large Congestion Windows
RFC3648 S (webdav) Dec 03 WebDAV Ordered Collections Protocol
RFC3653 I (xmldsig) Dec 03 XML-Signature XPath Filter 2.0
RFC3656 E (none) Dec 03 The MUPDATE Distributed Mailbox Database Protocol
RFC3631 I (iab) Dec 03 Security Mechanisms for the Internet
RFC3673 S (none) Dec 03 LDAPv3: All Operational Attributes
RFC3674 S (none) Dec 03 Feature Discovery in LDAP
RFC3658 S (dnsext) Dec 03 Delegation Signer Resource Record
RFC3662 I (none) Dec 03 A Lower Effort Per-Domain Behavior for Differentiated Services
RFC3633 S (dhc) Dec 03 IPv6 Prefix Options for DHCPv6
RFC3663 E (none) Dec 03 Domain Administrative Data in LDAP
RFC3634 S (dhc) Jan 04 KDC Server Address Sub-option
RFC3671 S (none) Jan 04 Collective Attributes in LDAP
RFC3672 S (none) Jan 04 Subentries in LDAP
RFC3660 I (none) Jan 04 Basic MGCP Packages
RFC3661 I (none) Jan 04 Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Return Code Usage
RFC3621 S (hubmib) Jan 04 Power Ethernet MIB
RFC3665 B (sipping) Jan 04 Session Initiation Protocol Basic Call Flow Examples
RFC3666 B (sipping) Jan 04 Session Initiation Protocol PSTN Call Flows
RFC3657 S (smime) Jan 04 Use of the Camellia Encryption Algorithm in CMS
RFC3670 S (policy) Jan 04 Information Model for Describing Network Device QoS Datapath Mechanisms
RFC3664 S (ipsec) Jan 04 The AES-XCBC-PRF-128 algorithm for IKE
RFC3678 I (magma) Jan 04 Socket Interface Extensions for Multicast Source Filters
RFC3681 B (none) Jan 04 Delegation of E.F.F.3.IP6.ARPA
RFC3679 I (dhc) Jan 04 Unused DHCP Option Codes
RFC3692 B (none) Jan 04 Assigning Experimental and Testing Numbers Considered Useful
RFC3688 B (none) Jan 04 The IETF XML Registry
RFC3686 S (ipsec) Jan 04 Using AES Counter Mode With IPsec ESP
RFC3707 I (crisp) Feb 04 Cross Registry Internet Service Protocol (CRISP) Requirements
RFC3690 I (ieprep) Feb 04 IP Telephony Requirements for Emergency Telecommunication Service
RFC3689 I (ieprep) Feb 04 General Requirements for Emergency Telecommunication Service
RFC3685 S (none) Feb 04 SIEVE Spamtest and Virustest Extensions
RFC3675 I (none) Feb 04 .sex Considered Dangerous
RFC3622 I (none) Feb 04 A URN Namespace For The Liberty Alliance Project
RFC3687 S (none) Feb 04 LDAP & X.500 Component Matching Rules
RFC3705 S (adslmib) Feb 04 High Capacity Textual Conventions for MIB Modules Using Performance History Based on 15 Minute Intervals
RFC3676 S (none) Feb 04 The Text/Plain Format and DelSp Parameters
RFC3682 E (rtgwg) Feb 04 The Generalized TTL Security Mechanism (GTSM)
RFC3693 I (geopriv) Feb 04 Geopriv requirements
RFC3702 I (sipping) Feb 04 Authentication, Authorization and Accounting Requirements for the Session Initiation Protocol
RFC3706 I (ipsec) Feb 04 A Traffic-Based Method of Detecting Dead IKE Peers
RFC3709 S (pkix) Feb 04 Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure: Logotypes in X.509 certificates
RFC3710 I (iesg) Feb 04 An IESG charter
RFC3691 S (none) Feb 04 IMAP UNSELECT command
RFC3684 E (manet) Feb 04 Topology Dissemination Based on Reverse-Path Forwarding (TBRPF)
RFC3669 I (ipr) Feb 04 Guidelines for Working Groups on Intellectual Property Issues
RFC3668 B (ipr) Feb 04 Intellectual Property Rights in IETF Technology
RFC3667 B (ipr) Feb 04 IETF Rights in Contributions
RFC3727 S (none) Feb 04 ASN.1 Module Definition for the LDAP & X.500 Component Matching Rules
RFC3514 PS (none) Jan 04 The Security Flag in the IPv4 Header
RFC3694 I (geopriv) Feb 04 Threat Analysis of the geopriv Protocol
RFC3695 E (rmt) Feb 04 Compact Forward Error Correction (FEC) Schemes
RFC3698 S (none) Feb 04 LDAP: Additional Matching Rules