2.1.10 Internet Information Retrieval Infrastructure (iiri) Bof

Current Meeting Report

Minutes of the IIRI BoF at the 59th meeting of the IETF

	Andrew Newton

	Sam Hartman
	Tony Hansen

Jabber Logs:



1) Andrew opens the BoF, reviews the agenda and seeks comment and 
request for changes.  There are none given.  He notes that both Wang Liang 
and Guo Yiping were not able to attend.  Therefore the BoF is still being 
held to present their ideas only and that no decisions regarding the 
formation of a working group will be asked.
2) John Klensin presents a history of the IETF in this space.  He notes 
that this work is not necessarily new and points to X.500, LDAP, whois, 
FIND BoF, and SRVLOC.  John notes that though many have attempted this work 
in the past, progress has been slow.  There is discussion from the floor 
regarding other similar work such as DASL and XML in LDAP (XED).
3) Andrew plays first presentation on DRIS.  The room discusses the 
implications of scaling such a system and the general consensus is that it 
may work in the laboratory but will not scale to Internet-wide 
proportions.  Leslie Daigle notes the similarities between this and the 
FIND BoF.  John notes there is a difference in that this work looks at the 
query interface instead of the retrieval interface.  There is a 
discussion about the ability to scale if both the scope of the query 
interface and the intended knowledge set are limited and the room 
generally feels this work has a better chance of succeeding if this were 
4) Andrew plays second presentation on IIRI and Digital Libraries.  There 
are no questions from the floor.
5) Andrew plays third presentation on the DRIS protocol, but stops it 
short because the sound is too low.  The room agrees that there is no need to 
see this entire presentation as it is presenting information already 
presented in draft-liang-irpld-03.txt.  Leslie Daigle mentions that the 
protocol has too many operators to be generally useful at any scale.  Many in 
the room question of the driving need for the protocol.  There is also 
concern that this work may overlap with areas of the W3C and OASIS.  The 
chair asks the room who would be interested in doing this work; nobody 
raises their hand.


None received.