1.2 IETF Progress Report

4-Mar-04 to 31-Jul-04

136 IESG Protocol and Document Actions this period
112 IESG Last Calls issued to the IETF this period
1324 new or revised Internet-Drafts this period

4 New Working Group(s) formed this period
	RADIUS EXTensions  (radext)
	MTA Authorization Records in DNS  (marid)
	Atom Publishing Format and Protocol  (atompub)
	Bidirectional Forwarding Detection  (bfd)

7 Working Group(s) concluded this period
	Application Configuration Access Protocol  (acap)
	LDAP Duplication/Replication/Update Protocols  (ldup)
	Border Gateway Multicast Protocol  (bgmp)
	Provisioning Registry Protocol  (provreg)
	Prefix Taxonomy Ongoing Measurement & Inter Network Experiment  (ptomaine)
	Operation of the IESG/IAB Nominating and Recall Committees  (nomcom)
	IP Subnets in Topologies which are Flexible, Universal and Nice  (rbridge)

135 RFC Documents were produced between 4-Mar-04 to 31-Jul-04
RFC3701 I (none) Mar 04 6bone (IPv6 Testing Address Allocation) Phaseout
RFC3729 S (rmonmib) Mar 04 Application Performance Measurement MIB
RFC3717 I (ipo) Mar 04 IP over Optical Networks: A Framework
RFC3697 S (ipv6) Mar 04 IPv6 Flow Label Specification
RFC3728 S (adslmib) Mar 04 Definitions of Managed Objects for Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Lines (VDSL)
RFC3719 I (isis) Mar 04 Recommendations for Interoperable Networks using IS-IS
RFC3703 S (policy) Mar 04 Policy Core LDAP Schema
RFC3708 E (tsvwg) Mar 04 Using TCP DSACKs and SCTP Duplicate TSNs to Detect Spurious Retransmissions
RFC3683 B (none) Mar 04 A Practice for Revoking Posting Rights to IETF mailing lists
RFC3711 S (avt) Mar 04 The Secure Real-time Transport Protocol
RFC3715 I (ipsec) Mar 04 IPsec-NAT Compatibility Requirements
RFC3712 I (none) Mar 04 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP):Schema for Printer Services
RFC3696 I (none) Mar 04 User Interface Evaluation and Filtering of Internet Addresses and Locators -or- Syntaxes for Common Namespaces
RFC3718 I (none) Mar 04 A Summary of Unicode Consortium Procedures, Policies, Stability, and Public Access
RFC3704 B (none) Mar 04 Ingress Filtering for Multihomed Networks
RFC3739 S (pkix) Mar 04 Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure: Qualified Certificates Profile
RFC3716 I (iab) Mar 04 The IETF in the Large: Administration and Execution
RFC3730 S (provreg) Mar 04 Extensible Provisioning Protocol
RFC3731 S (provreg) Mar 04 Extensible Provisioning Protocol Domain Name Mapping
RFC3732 S (provreg) Mar 04 Extensible Provisioning Protocol Host Mapping
RFC3733 S (provreg) Mar 04 Extensible Provisioning Protocol Contact Mapping
RFC3734 S (provreg) Mar 04 Extensible Provisioning Protocol Transport Over TCP
RFC3735 I (provreg) Mar 04 Guidelines for Extending the Extensible Provisioning Protocol
RFC3680 S (sipping) Apr 04 A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Event Package for Registrations
RFC3724 I (iab) Apr 04 The Rise of the Middle and the Future of End to End: Reflections on the Evolution of the Internet Architecture
RFC3740 I (msec) Apr 04 The Multicast Security Architecture
RFC3741 I (xmldsig) Apr 04 Exclusive XML Canonicalization, Version 1.0
RFC3553 B (none) Jun 04 An IETF URN Sub-namespace for Registered Protocol Parameters
RFC3736 S (dhc) Apr 04 Stateless DHCP Service for IPv6
RFC3745 S (none) Apr 04 MIME Type Registrations for ISO/IEC 15444
RFC3737 S (rmonmib) Apr 04 IANA guidelines for the registry of rmon MIB modules
RFC3725 B (sipping) Apr 04 Best Current Practices for Third Party Call Control in the Session Initiation Protocol
RFC3747 S (snmpconf) Apr 04 The Differentiated Services Configuration MIB
RFC3750 I (v6ops) Apr 04 Unmanaged Networks IPv6 Transition Scenarios
RFC3765 I (ptomaine) Apr 04 NOPEER community for BGP route scope control
RFC3743 I (none) Apr 04 Internationalized Domain Names Registration and Administration Guideline for Chinese, Japanese and Korean
RFC3760 I (sacred) Apr 04 Securely Available Credentials - Credential Server Framework
RFC3768 S (vrrp) Apr 04 Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
RFC3714 I (iab) Apr 04 IAB Concerns Regarding Congestion Control for Voice Traffic in the Internet
RFC3726 I (nsis) Apr 04 Requirements for Signaling Protocols
RFC3752 I (opes) Apr 04 OPES Use Cases and Deployment Scenarios
RFC3738 E (rmt) Apr 04 Wave and Equation Based Rate Control building block
RFC3754 I (none) Apr 04 IP Multicast in Differentiated Services Networks
RFC3759 I (rohc) Apr 04 RObust Header Compression (ROHC):Terminology and Channel Mapping Examples
RFC3766 B (none) Apr 04 Determining Strengths For Public Keys Used For Exchanging Symmetric Keys
RFC3782 S (tsvwg) Apr 04 The NewReno Modification to TCP's Fast Recovery Algorithm
RFC3771 S (none) Apr 04 The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Intermediate Response Message
RFC3720 S (ips) Apr 04 iSCSI
RFC3721 I (ips) Apr 04 iSCSI Naming and Discovery
RFC3722 S (ips) Apr 04 String Profile for iSCSI Names
RFC3723 S (ips) Apr 04 Securing Block Storage Protocols over IP
RFC3746 I (forces) Apr 04 Forwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES) Framework
RFC3713 I (none) May 04 A Description of the Camellia Encryption Algorithm
RFC3774 I (problem) May 04 IETF Problem Statement
RFC3764 S (enum) May 04 enumservice registration for SIP Addresses-of-Record
RFC3763 I (ippm) May 04 A One-way Active Measurement Protocol Requirements
RFC3762 S (enum) May 04 ENUM Service Registration for H.323 URL
RFC3761 S (enum) May 04 The E.164 to URI DDDS Application (ENUM)
RFC3756 I (send) May 04 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery trust models and threats
RFC3744 S (webdav) May 04 WebDAV Access Control Protocol
RFC3749 S (tls) May 04 Transport Layer Security Protocol Compression Methods
RFC3780 E (none) May 04 SMIng - Next Generation Structure of Management Information
RFC3781 E (none) May 04 SMIng Mappings to SNMP
RFC3798 S (none) May 04 Message Disposition Notification
RFC3742 E (tsvwg) May 04 Limited Slow-Start for TCP with Large Congestion Windows
RFC3758 S (tsvwg) May 04 SCTP Partial Reliability Extension
RFC3770 S (pkix) May 04 Certificate Extensions and Attributes Supporting Authentication in PPP and Wireless LAN
RFC3778 I (none) May 04 The application/pdf Media Type
RFC3783 I (ips) May 04 SCSI Command Ordering Considerations with iSCSI
RFC3755 S (dnsext) May 04 Legacy Resolver Compatibility for Delegation Signer
RFC3757 S (dnsext) May 04 KEY RR Secure Entry Point Flag
RFC3772 S (pppext) May 04 PPP Vendor Protocol
RFC3786 I (isis) May 04 Extending the Number of IS-IS LSP Fragments Beyond the 256 Limit
RFC3787 I (isis) May 04 Recommendations for Interoperable IP Networks using IS-IS
RFC3793 I (v6ops) Jun 04 Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Sub-IP Area Standards
RFC3796 I (v6ops) Jun 04 Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Operations & Management Area Standards
RFC3795 I (v6ops) Jun 04 Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Application Area Standards
RFC3794 I (v6ops) Jun 04 Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Transport Area Standards
RFC3792 I (v6ops) Jun 04 Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Security Area Standards
RFC3791 I (v6ops) Jun 04 Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Routing Area Standards
RFC3790 I (v6ops) Jun 04 Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Internet Area Standards
RFC3789 I (v6ops) Jun 04 Introduction to the Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Standards
RFC3776 S (mip6) Jun 04 Using IPsec to Protect Mobile IPv6 Signaling between Mobile Nodes and Home Agents
RFC3775 S (mip6) Jun 04 Mobility Support in IPv6
RFC3753 I (seamoby) Jun 04 Mobility Related Terminology
RFC3809 I (l3vpn) Jun 04 Generic Requirements for Provider Provisioned Virtual Private Networks
RFC3773 I (vpim) Jun 04 High-Level Requirements for Internet Voice Mail
RFC3810 S (magma) Jun 04 Multicast Listener Discovery Version 2 (MLDv2) for IPv6
RFC3816 S (rohc) Jun 04 Definitions of Managed Objects for Robus Header Compression
RFC3785 B (tewg) Jun 04 Use of Interior Gateway Protocol Metric as a second MPLS Traffic Engineering Metric
RFC3777 B (nomcom) Jun 04 IAB and IESG Selection, Confirmation, and Recall Process: Operation of the Nominating and Recall Committees
RFC3805 S (none) Jun 04 Printer MIB v2
RFC3806 I (none) Jun 04 Printer Finishing MIB
RFC3808 I (none) Jun 04 IANA Charset MIB
RFC3811 S (mpls) Jun 04 Definitions of Textual Conventions for Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Management
RFC3779 S (pkix) Jun 04 X.509 Extensions for IP Addresses and AS Identifiers
RFC3788 S (sigtran) Jun 04 Security Considerations for SIGTRAN Protocols
RFC3797 I (none) Jun 04 Publicly Verifiable Nomcom Random Selection
RFC3807 S (sigtran) Jun 04 V5.2-User Adaption Layer (V5UA)
RFC3826 S (none) Jun 04 The AES Cipher Algorithm in the SNMP's User-based Security Model
RFC3827 I (none) Jun 04 Additional Snoop Datalink Types
RFC3748 S (eap) Jun 04 Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
RFC3767 S (sacred) Jun 04 Securely Available Credentials Protocol
RFC3769 I (ipv6) Jun 04 Requirements for IPv6 prefix delegation
RFC3784 I (isis) Jun 04 IS-IS extensions for Traffic Engineering
RFC3812 S (mpls) Jun 04 Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Traffic Engineering Management Information Base
RFC3813 S (mpls) Jun 04 Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Label Switching Router (LSR)Management Information Base
RFC3814 S (mpls) Jun 04 Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Forwarding Equivalence Class To Next Hop Label Forwarding Entry (FEC-To-NHLFE)Management Information Base
RFC3815 S (mpls) Jun 04 Definitions of Managed Objects for the Multiprotocol Label Switching, Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)
RFC3817 I (l2tpext) Jun 04 L2TP Active Discovery Relay for PPPoE
RFC3818 B (pppext) Jun 04 IANA Considerations for the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
RFC3824 I (sipping) Jun 04 Using E.164 numbers with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
RFC3801 S (vpim) Jun 04 Voice Profile for Internet Mail - version 2
RFC3802 S (vpim) Jun 04 Toll Quality Voice - 32 kbit/s ADPCM MIME Sub-type Registration
RFC3803 S (vpim) Jun 04 Content Duration MIME Header Definition
RFC3804 S (vpim) Jun 04 VPIM (Voice Profile for Internet Mail) Addressing
RFC3823 I (none) Jun 04 MIME Media Type for SBML, the Systems Biology Markup Language
RFC3820 S (pkix) Jul 04 Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Proxy Certificate Profile
RFC3843 S (rohc) Jul 04 RObust Header Compression (ROHC): A Compression Profile for IP
RFC3846 S (mip4) Jul 04 Mobile IPv4 Extension for AAA Network Access Identifiers
RFC3825 S (geopriv) Jul 04 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Option for Coordinate-based Location Configuration Information
RFC3829 I (none) Jul 04 LDAP Authorization Identity Request and Response Controls
RFC3847 I (isis) Jul 04 Restart signaling for IS-IS
RFC3819 B (pilc) Jul 04 Advice for Internet Subnetwork Designers
RFC3828 S (tsvwg) Jul 04 The UDP-Lite Protocol
RFC3839 S (none) Jul 04 MIME Type Registrations for 3GPP Multimedia files
RFC3821 S (ips) Jul 04 Fibre Channel Over TCP/IP (FCIP)
RFC3822 S (ips) Jul 04 Finding FCIP Entities Using SLPv2
RFC3850 S (smime) Jul 04 S/MIME Version 3.1 Certificate Handling
RFC3851 S (smime) Jul 04 S/MIME Version 3.1 Message Specification
RFC3852 S (smime) Jul 04 Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)
RFC3853 S (sip) Jul 04 S/MIME AES Requirement for SIP
RFC3866 S (none) Jul 04 Language Tags and Ranges in LDAP
RFC3831 S (imss) Jul 04 Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Fibre Channel
RFC3848 S (none) Jul 04 ESMTP and LMTP Transmission Types Registration

68 Standards Track; 9 BCP; 5 Experimental; 53 Informational