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Produce "Problems Statement, Assumptions and Goals for IPv6 for LoWPANs" (draft-ietf-lowpan-goals-assumptions-xx.txt) to define the problem statement and goals of 6lowpan networks.

Produce "Transmission of IPv6 Packets over IEEE 802.15.4 WPAN Networks" (draft-ietf-lowpan-ipv6-over-802.15.4-xx.txt) to define the basic packet formats and sub-IP adaptation layer for transmission of IPv6 packets over IEEE 802.15.4. This includes framing, adaptation, header compression and address generation. Furthermore, IEEE 802.15.4 devices are expected to be deployed in mesh topologies.

As such, the working group may also work on an informational document to show how to apply an existing MANET protocol to LoWPANs (e.g., AODV, OLSR, DYMO, etc).

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