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Protocol data units may be as small as 81 bytes, far below IP and above
In all cases, reuse existing protocols before creating new ones
Address mismatch between MTU sizes of LoWPAN’s and IPv6
Support stateless auto configuration of IPv6 addressing (location aware?)
Specify header compression (use of existing and/or new techniques eg. header reconstruction, header short circuiting, etc)
Define security mechanisms, security configuration and bootstrapping
Specify network management (SNMP?)
Specify routing suitable for LoWPAN networks (MANET?, topology aware, Below L3 or above L3?, etc)
Specify methods to enable and disable IPv6 over LoWPAN.
Specify hooks within routing layer to enable in network processing
Specify light weight discovery mechanisms
Specify any changes needed for L3 + layers
Specify implementation considerations and BKM’s of an IPv6 stack

PPT Version