2.7.5 Integrated Security Model for SNMP (isms)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 65th IETF Meeting in Dallas, TX USA. It may now be out-of-date.

Last Modified: 2006-02-23


Juergen Schoenwaelder <j.schoenwaelder@iu-bremen.de>
Juergen Quittek <quittek@netlab.nec.de>

Security Area Director(s):

Russ Housley <housley@vigilsec.com>
Sam Hartman <hartmans-ietf@mit.edu>

Security Area Advisor:

Sam Hartman <hartmans-ietf@mit.edu>

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General Discussion: isms@ietf.org
To Subscribe: isms-request@ietf.org
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Archive: http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/working-groups/isms/current/maillist.html

Description of Working Group:

The Simple Network Management Protocol version 3 (SNMPv3) provides
message security services through the security subsystem, for which
there is one currently defined model - the User-based Security Model
(USM). However, the USM approach has seen limited deployment so far.
One frequently reported reasons is the lack of integration of USM
key and user management into deployed authentication infrastructures.

SSH is a widely deployed access protocol for remote devices
configuration. Many devices support the integration of SSH user
authentication with AAA systems via protocols such as RADIUS.

The goal of the ISMS working group is developing a new security model
for SNMP that integrates with widely deployed user and key management
systems, as a supplement to the USM security model.

For this integration the working group will define a standard method
for mapping from AAA-provisioned authorization parameter(s) to
corresponding SNMP parameters.

In order to leverage the authentication information already accessible
at managed devices, the new security model will use the SSH protocol
for message protection, and RADIUS for AAA-provisioned user
authentication and authorization. However, the integration of a
transport mapping security model into the SNMPv3 architecture should be
defined such that it is open to support potential alternative transport
mappings to protocols such as BEEP and TLS.

The new security model must not modify any other aspects of SNMPv3
protocol as defined in STD 62 (e.g., it must not create new PDU types).

Work on new access control models or centralized administration of
View-based Access Control Model (VACM) rules and mappings is outside
the scope of the working group.

The working group will cover the following work items:

- Specify an architectural extension that describes how transport
mapping security models (TMSMs) fit into the SNMPv3 architecture.
- Specify an architectural extension that describes how to perform a
mapping from AAA-provisioned user-authentication and authorization
parameter(s)to securityName and other corresponding SNMP parameters.
- Specify a mapping from RADIUS-provisioned authentication and
authorization parameter(s) to securityName and other corresponding
SNMP parameters. This item may be a RADEXT work item last-aclled
in both groups.
- Specify a mapping from locally-provisioned authentication and
authorization parameter(s) to securityName and other corresponding
SNMP parameters.
- Define how to use SSH between the two SNMP engines
- Specify the SSH security model for SNMP.

Goals and Milestones:

Done  Cut-off date for internet-drafts to be submitted to the working group for consideration as a proposed solution
Done  Decision about which architecture the WG will focus its efforts on
Done  Initial version of a general transport mapping security models (TMSMs) document that specifies how TMSMs fit into the SNMPv3 architecture and that defines the requirements for transport mapping security models
Done  Initial version of a document specifying the SSH security model for SNMP
Apr 2006  Initial version of a document specifying the RADIUS authentication and authorization mapping model for SNMP
Apr 2006  Initial version of an applicability statement that sets up reasonable mandatory to implement methods
Aug 2006  Submit TMSM document to IESG
Aug 2006  Submit SSH TMSM to IESG
Aug 2006  Submit RADIUS mapping model for SNMP to IESG
Aug 2006  Submit applicability statement to IESG


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  • draft-ietf-isms-tmsm-01.txt

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