2.3.10 Layer 2 Control Protocol (l2cp)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 65th IETF Meeting in Dallas, TX USA. It may now be out-of-date.

Last Modified: 2006-02-16


Matthew Bocci <matthew.bocci@alcatel.co.uk>
Wojciech Dec <wdec@cisco.com>

Internet Area Director(s):

Mark Townsley <townsley@cisco.com>
Margaret Wasserman <margaret@thingmagic.com>

Internet Area Advisor:

Mark Townsley <townsley@cisco.com>

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Description of Working Group:

There is significant interest in the use of an IP based Layer 2 device
Control Protocol to manage and configure service provider access
network equipment. This BOF will present a summary of the problem
areas and requirements as identified by discussions in the DSL Forum.
A set of protocol solution proposals based on modifications and
extensions to the GSMPv3 protocol and items for future work will also
be presented. Based on the discussion, we will determine whether we
should form an IETF WG covering this topic.

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Meeting Minutes


Draft Charter
L2CP BoF - Chair's slides
Problem Description - Thomas Haag
L2CP Protocol - Sanjay Wadhwa