2.2.3 Requirements for IETF Technical Specificaiton Publication (techspec)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 65th IETF Meeting in Dallas, TX USA. It may now be out-of-date.

Last Modified: 2006-02-16


Leslie Daigle <leslie@thinkingcat.com>

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Brian Carpenter <brc@zurich.ibm.com>

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Brian Carpenter <brc@zurich.ibm.com>

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The work of the IETF is to discuss, develop and disseminate
technical specifications to support the Internet's operation.
An important output of the IETF, then, is published technical
specifications. As the IETF progresses, documentation and review
of its requirements for the process and structure of technical
specification publication is important in order to ensure continued
support for the IETF's work.

The focus of this discussion is on the constructive enumeration and
expression of IETF publication requirements, without prejudice as to
whether the requirements are currently met or not.

As input to this discussion, draft-mankin-techspec-req has been
prepared as a first draft of the requirements, based on the IESG's
experience and perspective in shepherding documents through the
standards process. The intention going forward is to produce a
community-reviewed document (BCP or otherwise, as appropriate).

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