2.2.1 Education (edu)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 67th IETF Meeting in San Diego, California USA. It may now be out-of-date.

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Description of Working Group:

This BOF will discuss internal training and development
programs and educational resources for IETF participants
and leaders.

The IETF has been educating IETF participants and leaders for
many years, via formal training classes, educational web
sites, published materials and formal and informal mentoring
programs.  Our educational efforts have included training sessions
for newcomers, introductory training sessions for new WG chairs,
and educational web resources for WG chairs, document editors and
other participants.  There have also been educational sessions for
IETF participants held at some IETF plenary meetings.

Over the past year, there has been an increasing awareness of
the need for better educational programs and resources for
IETF WG chairs, document editors and other participants.

A grass-roots effort was initiated to expand the WG Chairs
training program to include ongoing education for continuing
WG chairs.  The Newcomers training, formerly provided by the
IETF Secretariat, has been folded in to the WG Chairs training
effort.  Also, we've discussed the development of training
programs or resources for document editors and other IETF

As this effort expands beyond the area of WG chairs training,
it is increasingly important to have the IETF community involved
in this effort -- both to give the community more visibility
into these activities, and to receive input and assistance from
the wider community in developing our educational programs
and resources.

In this BOF, we'll discuss the IETF's existing educational
programs and resources, and we'll discuss how those programs
could be enhanced or expanded in the future.  We will also
discuss how best to organize and managed our educational
programs on an ongoing basis, including a discussion of
whether we should form a Working Group to further this effort.

At the San Francisco IETF in March 2003, a voluntary session
was held for IESG members and WG chairs to discuss training
for ongoing WG chairs.  The notes from that session can be
found at:


BOF attendees should also familiarize themselves with our
existing training materials and on-line educational resources.

For Newcomers:

For WG Chairs:

Examples of Participant Training:

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