DTNRG IETF-73 Meeting

Last changed on 20081118

Our meeting slot is THURSDAY 0900-1130, November, 2008, in the Duluth room.

One of the goals for this meeting is to set ourselves a schedule for finishing up some of the drafts that've been around for quite a while.

Draft Agenda

Time Topic Who (link to slides)
0900-0905 Welcome & agenda bash Chairs
0905-0915 DTNRG document status Chairs
0915-1000 Planning to finish existing documents All
1000-1020 Bundle Checksums Lloyd Wood
1020-1030 Ohio Univ. testbed work Hans Kruse
1030-1040 UDP CL Hans Kruse
1040-1050 NASA/CCSDS DTN update Will Ivancic
1050-1100 N4C/PRoPHET Avri Doria
1100-1115 Bundle encapsulation discussion Susan Symmington
1115-1129 Deep Impact Experiment Scott Burleigh
1129-1130 AOB