2.1 Applications Area

Groups that met at IETF 77

Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (alto)

Applications Area Open Meeting (apparea)

Constrained RESTful Environments (core)

Decoupled Application Data Enroute (decade)

Email Address Internationalization (eai)

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Bis (httpbis)

HTTP State Management Mechanism (httpstate)

BiDirectional or Server-Initiated HTTP (hybi)

Internationalized Resource Identifiers (iri)

Messaging Abuse Reporting Format (marf)

Message Organization (morg)

Stringprep after IDNA2008 (newprep)

Open Authentication Protocol (oauth)

Sieve Mail Filtering Language (sieve)

vCard and CardDAV (vcarddav)

Virtual World Region Agent Protocol (vwrap)

Yet Another Mail (yam)

Groups that did not meet at IETF 77

Calendaring and Scheduling Standards Simplification (calsify)