FECFrame WG Minutes

IETF 77, Anaheim California

Tuesday, March 23, 1520-1720 Huntington

Agenda bashing:

Feedback needed on the framework draft. SDP elements will be last-called

again in fecframe and mmusic WGs.

Mark presenting his slides.

Framework: Going through the major changes. Addressed comments raised in

the list. Ready for a new WGLC?

Raptor: Added the support for the new RaptorQ.

RTP Payload Format for Raptor: Addressed comments raised in the mailing

list. It will be last called in avt and fecframe. The AD Magnus suggests

Mark to look at the RTP how-to document to put some text around the

security considerations.

Orly presenting her slides.

Multi-Flow FEC: Mike Luby asked about the potential waste of header bytes

for listing all the SSRCs. But, this proposal was not favored last time

due to the complexity it introduced. Orly is going through the concerns

raised in the last meeting by Colin P. and Ali B. Mike L. gave the

example from 3GPP called the MBMS spec that proposed a similar idea of

combining multiple source flows and protecting them with a single repair

flow. Mark W. asked for more descriptive text about how to generate the

source blocks.

RS Payload Format: Going through the changes. FEC header structure and

repair-window issues. Mark W. is asking for how this relates to the

other RS draft from Vincent. Mark W. also brought up the issue of using

a generic RTP payload format for different FEC schemes. But, that idea

was not favored by the AVT folks some time ago. And the folks in the

room vaguely remembered some issues related to RTCP reporting. The WG

should probably look into this discussion again.

The chair is trying to get yeah/nah for the drafts presented to become

WG items. The voting will continue in the list.

The chair is presenting the slides from Vincent and Rajiv. In Rajiv

slides, the question is about the selection of the announcement

intervals. And should that draft be informational or standards track?

Final deck from Roux. The Chair is going thru the slides mostly in a

silent mode. Results are shown but questions are welcome on the list.