IETF-77 Routing Area Open Meeting
ADs: Ross Callon, Adrian Farrel, Stewart Bryant

Scribe: Deborah Brungard 

Administriva and Area Status

Adrian opened. Say goodbye to Ross, welcome Stuart. Reviewed note well.
Reminder on meeting etiquette.
Discussed KARP, chartered with Joel and Brian for chairing, and thanked Greg L for
doing alot of work to kickoff. PWE3 moved to routing. Andy Malis replaces Stewart.
L2VPN probably on it's way to Routing Area.
Adrian reviewed the ADs responsibilities for the WGs - slight changes.
Adrian reviewed Routing Directorate update. Thanked the volunteers.
First reviews already held. Very helpful to ADs.
Loa - Question on the scheduling for the Directorate membership. Have you listed
the terms?
Adrian - It's on the charter page. For each member, the term is listed.

Routing Area Working Group Reports

PIM (Mike)  3 drafts ready for Last Call. Few not ready. Made aware the
L3VPN group had several drafts related to PIM, will help to review. Made aware of
several drafts with PIM in other groups. Thinking to recharter.

BFD (Adrian) - Several drafts in pipeline. A bit of IPR flurry on base spec, went
back to WG, no one disapproved, so moving ahead. Others now moving ahead.

CCAMP (Deborah)  charter updated, met 2x Monday and Tuesday. 8 documents in editors
queue, 4 for IESG processing. WSON (optical networking) and updates to G709 OTN
continuing to be main focus.

FORCES (Jamal)  4 rfcs published last week, 2 more informational almost completed.
A new draft coming. Probably shutting down after that.

IDR (John) - Finished several last calls since last IETF. Just rechartered.

ISIS (Chris)  Two drafts with proto writeups in IESG now. Another ready. One on LSP
purge hope to resolve.

KARP (Joel) - Energetic meeting this morning, need to get everyone on board on the
charter, will get people to work on what is in charter. Need to understand what are
the actual problems. Alot of work in front of us. We have lots of interested peple.
Adrian commented: this is security for routing protocols, so all should be involved. 

L3VPN (Ross) - Been working on multicast over L3VPN. Three documents all are approved and
in Editor's queue. Considering what to do next. Primary item will probably be multicast.
Of the long list, considering what want to really do next.

MANET () - No one here.
MPLS and MPLS-TP (Loa)  Haven't met yet, will meet later today and Thursday, and
potentially with pwe3. MPLS very active, a large number of new drafts coming in. MPLS-TP
also very active. Have a tough review schedule to finish by ITU's meeting in June.
Discussing with ITU how to do it.
OSPF (Acee)  6 RFCs since last time met. Last of manet documents, finally went thru.
Another document in queue. Nothing earthshaking this time: migration to ipv6, a similar
presentation as in ccamp from OIF, and one from l3vpn on a CE-PE protocol.

PCE (Julien)  Meeting on Thursday. Two documents in RFC editor queue: P2MP and one on
monitoring tools. And one draft which passed last call on P2MP solutions.

PWE3 (Andy) - I'm new to the block as chair, meeting 2x. One time joint with MPLS on
MPLS-TP. Several drafts in editor's queue, waiting for BFD base document, then ready to
go. Several others progressing.

ROLL (JP) - Finished with all the requirements documents. Last one in editors queue.
Making good progress. A couple of issues, but making good progress. 10 implementations
on RPL already. Hope to get good feedback and next meeting can progress. Liaisons with
IPSO going very well.

RTGWG (John) - Composite links is the topic. We are a catch all for those that don't have
another home. Composite Links is not bundled links, a bit different. Have a WG document
to discuss and a framework document.

SIDR (Sandy) - Most important is a new Co-Chair, Chris Morrow. 6 documents in last call
since last IETF, completed. Several docs on agenda. We should have a busy meeting.

VRRP (Ross) - MIB v7 addresses all outstanding comments, has finished last call, and working
to  resolve last call comments. Expect vrrp will be concluded after this, but mailing list
will stay open.

Adrian - Two recharters completed. CCAMP, mostly milestones updated. IDR was more substantial
changes. We should review our charters as many are outdated. So we will be reviewing,
be warned.

Dimitri - The last few weeks, the Transport Area discussing RSVP and how to continue on RSVP
work. Important discussion as affects the RSVP header.

Adrian - Yes, thanks for bringing this up. They will discuss on Wednesday afternoon at their
open meeting. If concerned on RSVP, should attend.