2.8.7 Network File System Version 4 (nfsv4)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 77th IETF Meeting in Anaheim, California USA. It may now be out-of-date.

Last Modified: 2010-03-25


Brian Pawlowski <beepy@netapp.com>
Spencer Shepler <spencer.shepler@gmail.com>

Transport Area Director(s):

David Harrington <ietfdbh@comcast.net>
Lars Eggert <lars.eggert@nokia.com>

Transport Area Advisor:

David Harrington <ietfdbh@comcast.net>

Technical Advisor(s):

Leif Johansson <leifj@it.su.se>

Mailing Lists:

General Discussion: nfsv4@ietf.org
To Subscribe: https://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/nfsv4
Archive: http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/nfsv4/current/maillist.html

Description of Working Group:

NFS Version 4 is the IETF standard for file sharing. To maintain NFS
Version 4's utility and currency, the working group is chartered to (1)
maintain the existing NFSv4, NFSv4.1 and related specifications, such
as RPC and XDR, (2) progress these specifications along the standards
track, (3) develop a protocol to create a federated namespace using
NFSv4's existing referral mechanisms.

(1) NFS version 4.0 maintenance

Under this charter item, the WG correct errors and ambiguities in the
protocol currently specified in RFC 3530 and advances it along the
standards track. Extensions of any other kind are out of scope under
this charter item.

(2) NFS Version 4.1 Maintenance

As with NFSv4.0, the WG will address errors or ambiguities in the
NFSv4.1 protocol and related specifications in support of progressing

(3) RPC and XDR protocol maintenance

The NFSv4 protocol depends on two related specifications: ONC
RPC and XDR. Similar to charter item (1), the WG may correct errors and
ambiguities in the ONC RPC and XDR protocols currently specified by RFCs
1831, 1833 and 2203. In conjunction with the advancement of the NFSv4
specification along the standards track, the WG will also work on the
advancements of its ONC RPC and XDR dependencies. The WG will also
update the ONC RPC specification for compatibility with IPv6.
Additionally, it will create an IANA registry for RPC program numbers
and seed it with a registry Sun has been maintaining.

(4) Federated Namespace

The NFSv4 protocol provides a referral mechanism that allows a
server to redirect a client to another server. The working group
will produce documents describing a mechanism for creating a federated
namespace (single global name space for a set of NFSv4 servers)
using the NFSv4 protocol's referral capabilities. The file system
federation protocol will enable file access and namespace traversal
across collections of independently administered fileservers. No
modifications will be made to the NFS client to server protocol.

Goals and Milestones:

Done  Issue strawman Internet-Draft for v4
Done  Submit Initial Internet-Draft of requirements document
Done  Submit Final Internet-Draft of requirements document
Done  AD reassesses WG charter
Done  Submit v4 Internet-Draft sufficient to begin prototype implementations
Done  Begin Interoperability testing of prototype implementations
Done  Submit NFS version 4 to IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard.
Done  Conduct final Interoperability tests
Done  Conduct full Interoperability tests for all NFSv4 features
Done  Update API advancement draft
Done  Form core design team to work on NFS V4 migration/replication requirements and protocol
Done  Submit revised NFS Version 4 specification (revision to RFC 3010) to IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard
Done  Strawman NFS V4 replication/migration protocol proposal submitted as an ID
Done  WG Last Call for RPC and NFS RDMA drafts
Done  WG Last Call for rfc1831bis (RPC version 2)
Done  WG Last Call for NFSv4.1 Object-based layout
Done  WG Last Call for NFSv4 minor version 1
Done  WG Last Call for NFSv4.1 block/volume layout
Done  Submit NFS Minor Version 1 to IESG for publication as a Proposed Standard
Done  Submit Object-based pNFS Operations to IESG for publication as a Proposed Standard
Done  Submit pNFS Block/Volume Layout to IESG for publication as a Proposed Standard
May 2009  WG Last Call for Requirements for Federated File Systems draft-ietf-nfsv4-federated-fs-reqts-01
Sep 2009  WG Last Call for rfc3530bis (NFS version 4)
Oct 2009  WG Last Call for Administration Protocol for Federated Filesystems draft-ietf-nfsv4-federated-fs-admin-00.txt
Oct 2009  WG Last Call for NSDB Protocol for Federated Filesystems draft-ietf-nfsv4-federated-fs-protocol-00.txt


  • draft-ietf-nfsv4-federated-fs-dns-srv-namespace-04.txt
  • draft-ietf-nfsv4-federated-fs-admin-04.txt
  • draft-ietf-nfsv4-federated-fs-protocol-05.txt
  • draft-ietf-nfsv4-rfc3530bis-dot-x-01.txt
  • draft-ietf-nfsv4-rfc3530bis-03.txt

    Request For Comments:

    RFC2623 PS NFS Version 2 and Version 3 Security Issues and the NFS Protocol's Use of RPCSEC_GSS and Kerberos V5
    RFC2624 I NFS Version 4 Design Considerations
    RFC3010 PS NFS version 4
    RFC3530 PS Network File System (NFS) version 4 Protocol
    RFC4506 Standard XDR: External Data Representation Standard
    RFC5403 PS RPCSEC_GSS Version 2
    RFC5531 DS RPC: Remote Procedure Call Protocol Specification Version 2
    RFC5532 I Network File System (NFS) Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) Problem Statement
    RFC5661 PS Network File System (NFS) Version 4 Minor Version 1 Protocol
    RFC5662 PS Network File System (NFS) Version 4 Minor Version 1 External Data Representation Standard (XDR) Description
    RFC5663 PS Parallel NFS (pNFS) Block/Volume Layout
    RFC5664 PS Object-Based Parallel NFS (pNFS) Operations
    RFC5665 PS IANA Considerations for Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Network Identifiers and Universal Address Formats
    RFC5666 PS Remote Direct Memory Access Transport for Remote Procedure Call
    RFC5667 PS Network File System (NFS) Direct Data Placement
    RFC5716 I Requirements for Federated File Systems

    Meeting Minutes


    NFSv4 Agenda
    Federated FS Update
    Labeled NFSv4 Impact Study
    pNFS Access Permission Check
    pNFS Storage Device Preference
    NFSv4 Multi-Domain Access
    NFS Version 4 Protocol (bis)
    Simple and Efficient Read Support for Sparse Files
    Storage Efficiency
    Ideas of how to structure NFSv4.x