2.7 Security Area

Groups that met at IETF 78

Domain Keys Identified Mail (dkim)

EAP Method Update (emu)

Handover Keying (hokey)

IP Security Maintenance and Extensions (ipsecme)

Common Authentication Technology Next Generation (kitten)

Kerberos (krb-wg)

Long-Term Archive and Notary Services (ltans)

Multicast Security (msec)

Network Endpoint Assessment (nea)

Public-Key Infrastructure (X.509) (pkix)

Security Area Open Meeting (saag)

Transport Layer Security (tls)

Groups that did not meet at IETF 78

Integrated Security Model for SNMP (isms)

Provisioning of Symmetric Keys (keyprov)

S/MIME Mail Security (smime)

Security Issues in Network Event Logging (syslog)