IPv6 Operations - IETF 79

Wednesday 9:00-11:30

Agenda bashing
1 Happy Eyeballs: Trending Towards Success with Dual-Stack Hosts
25-Oct-10, <draft-wing-v6ops-happy-eyeballs-ipv6-01.txt>
2 Opening TCP Sessions in Complex Environments
18-Oct-10, <draft-baker-v6ops-session-start-time-01.txt>
3 IPv6 Multihoming without Network Address Translation
26-Jul-10, <draft-troan-multihoming-without-nat66-01.txt>
4 Advanced Requirements for IPv6 Customer Edge Routers
25-Oct-10, <draft-wbeebee-v6ops-ipv6-cpe-router-bis-04.txt>
5 CPE Considerations in IPv6 Deployments
18-Oct-10, <draft-herbst-v6ops-cpeenhancements-00.txt>
6 Network signaling for IPv4/IPv6 protocol selection for end-systems
16-Aug-10, <draft-vandevelde-v6ops-pref-ps-00.txt>
7 Non-Managed IPv6 Tunnels considered Harmful
31-Aug-10, <draft-vandevelde-v6ops-harmful-tunnels-01.txt>
8 6to4 Provider Managed Tunnels
22-Sep-10, <draft-kuarsingh-v6ops-6to4-provider-managed-tunnel-00.txt>
9 IPv6 AAAA DNS Whitelisting Implications
22-Oct-10, <draft-livingood-dns-whitelisting-implications-01.txt>
10 DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation as IPv6 Migration Tool in Mobile Networks
12-Oct-10, <draft-sarikaya-v6ops-prefix-delegation-02.txt>
11 IPv6 in 3GPP Evolved Packet System
21-Oct-10, <draft-korhonen-v6ops-3gpp-eps-04.txt>

Friday 13:00-15:30

12 Welcome and Introduction from the China Network Operators Group
Dong Yan, CNNOG and CNISP
13 Framework for IP Version Transition Scenarios
18-Aug-10, <draft-carpenter-v4v6tran-framework-00.txt>
12.5 Call the question: Shared IPv4 Prefix for Carrier Grade NAT deployments
10-Nov-10, <draft-weil-shared-transition-space-request-01.txt>
14 IPv6 Transition Cable Access Network Use Cases
11-Oct-10, <draft-lee-v6ops-tran-cable-usecase-00.txt>
15 IPv6 Transition Use Case For a Large Mobile Network
18-Oct-10, <draft-zhou-v6ops-mobile-use-case-00.txt>
16 IPv6 Transition Guide For A Large Mobile Operator
18-Oct-10, <draft-tsou-v6ops-mobile-transition-guide-00.txt>
17 Use Case For IPv6 Transition For a Large-Scale Broadband network
20-Oct-10, <draft-huang-v6ops-v4v6tran-bb-usecase-01.txt>
18 IPv6 Transition Guide For A Large-scale Broadband Network
19-Oct-10, <draft-yang-v6ops-v4v6tran-bb-transition-guide-01.txt>
19 Naming IPv6 address parts
6-Oct-10, <draft-denog-v6ops-addresspartnaming-02.txt>
20 An Annotated Bibliography for IPv4-IPv6 Transition and Coexistence
25-Oct-10, <draft-jankiewicz-v6ops-v4v6biblio-03.txt>
21 NAT64-CPE Mode Operation for Opening Residential Service
18-Oct-10, <draft-chen-v6ops-nat64-cpe-00.txt>
22 Considerations for Stateless Translation (IVI/dIVI) in Large SP Network
25-Oct-10, <draft-sunq-v6ops-ivi-sp-01.txt>