IETF-88 spring meeting minutes

Source Packet Routing in Networking WG (spring)

IETF 88 (Vancouver) Agenda


CHAIR(s):  John Scudder <>

           Alvaro Retana <>

MONDAY, November 4, 2013

1450-1720  Afternoon Session II

Regency B

Meeting starts at 14:51 local time

o Administrivia

  Chairs                                               20 minutes

  - Note Well

  - Scribe

  - Blue Sheets

  - Charter Review

o Segment Routing Use Cases

  Stefano Previdi and Ida Leung                                     15 minutes

o Performance Engineered LSPs using the Segment Routing Data-Plane

  Rob Shakir                                           10 minutes

o Segment Routing Architecture

  Stefano Previdi                                      15 minutes

o Supporting Source/Explicitly Routed Tunnels via Stacked LSPs

  Hannes Gredler                                       10 minutes

o Segment Routing Fast Reroute

  Bruno Decraene                                       10 minutes

o Segment Routing MPLS and SR/LDP Interoperability

  Stefano Previdi                                      10 minutes


o Signaling Entropy Label Capability Using Interior Gateway Protocols

  Xiaohu Xu                                             5 minutes

o Entropy labels for source routed stacked tunnels

  Kireeti Kompella                                      10 minutes

o Analysis of the Overhead of Source Routing in SP Networks

  Peter Ashwook-Smith                                   5 minutes

o Usecases of MPLS Global Label

  A Framework of MPLS Global Label

  TBD                                                  10 minutes

o Framework of Network Virtualization Based on MPLS Global Label

  TBD                                                  10 minutes

o Advertising Global Labels Using IGP

  Xiaohu Xu                                            10 minutes

o  Wrap: