Joint Meeting: Sunsetting IPv4 (sunset4), and IPv6 Operations (v6ops) - IETF 93

Tuesday 13:00-15:00

sunset4 drafts:
Gap Analysis for IPv4 Sunset
2015-04-22 , <draft-ietf-sunset4-gapanalysis>
Analysis of NAT64 Port Allocation Methods for Shared IPv4 Addresses
2015-05-18, <draft-ietf-sunset4-nat64-port-allocation>

v6ops drafts:
Some Design Choices for IPv6 Networks
2015-04-01 , <draft-ietf-v6ops-design-choices>
SIIT-DC: Stateless IP/ICMP Translation for IPv6 Data Centre Environments
2015-06-28 , <draft-ietf-v6ops-siit-dc>
SIIT-DC: Dual Translation Mode
2015-06-28 , <draft-ietf-v6ops-siit-dc-2xlat>
Sending Solicited RAs Unicast
2015-07-06 , <draft-yc-v6ops-solicited-ra-unicast>
IPv6-Only for Wired Thin-Clients
2015-06-26, <draft-vyncke-v6ops-ipv6-only-thin-clients>

Friday 9:00-11:30

Charter and work flow discussion
Presentation and Discussion

Presentations on IPv6 deployments and issues
Apple Deployment Plans and Experience
Stuart Cheshire, Apple
IPv6 Deployment at OTE
Yannis Nikolopoulos, OTE

New discussions
Host address availability recommendations
Lorenzo Colitti, Vint Cerf, Stuart Cheshire, 2015-07-06, <draft-colitti-v6ops-host-addr-availability>
IP/ICMP Translation Algorithm (rfc6145bis)
2015-07-04, <draft-bao-v6ops-rfc6145bis>

Draft Status

The status of v6ops drafts, both working group drafts (draft-ietf-<wg>-*) and individual submissions to the working group (draft-<author>-<wg>-*), may be determined from or