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Proposed Measurement and Analysis for Protocols Research Group (maprg) (RG)

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Measurement and Analysis for Protocols (MAP) RG

Our Internet has grown into something that differs from what was envisioned. Its
protocols sometimes operate in an environment other than than that for which
they were designed. For instance, some network elements treat some protocols
differently than others and those protocols themselves are sometimes reused and
abused in ways initially unforeseen. The Measurement and Analysis for Protocols
(MAP) Research Group (RG) explores such phenomena by measurement with the aim to
inform protocol engineering and practice.

Many protocol engineering efforts in a standards development context, as well as
best practices for the operation of IETF-defined protocols, can benefit from
insight provided by Internet measurements of various kinds. Likewise, Internet
measurement research efforts can stand to gain from contacts with the IETF. The
Measurement and Analysis for Protocol Engineering (MAP) Research Group aims to
provide a forum for interchange between these two communities, supporting:

- exchange of measurement-derived insight,

- discussion of techniques and best practices for measurement relevant to
protocol engineering and network operations,

- collaborations to share data supporting these measurements, and

- a "landing pad" in general for the Internet measurement community to introduce
its efforts to the IETF

œMeasurements of any layer of the Internet protocol stack or aspect of Internet
operations are in-scope for the RG, provided they are relevant to protocol
engineering work within the IETF, or the operation of IETF protocols.


Membership in the MAP RG is open to all interested parties.


The MAP RG will meet one to three times per year, as deemed necessary by the
chairs and according to demand. At least one MAP RG meeting will be co-located
with an IETF meeting per year. Given the MAP RG's charter to bridge the gap
between Internet standards and measurement communities, the MAP RG may also meet
collocated with relevant academic conferences or network operator forums, as

Meetings are by default open with open attendance and published proceedings,
with remote participation and recording as provided by the meeting venue,
according to the IRTF's IPR policy. This is always the case with at least one
MAP RG meeting co-located with an IETF meeting noted above. However, as deemed
necessary, the chairs may hold virtual or physical meetings with restricted
attendance to discuss observations which cannot be shared openly, provided that
some outcome of such a meeting may be openly shared with the community.

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