DNSSD WG Provisional Agenda

IETF97, Seoul

Thursday November 17th 2017

09:30am - 11:00am local time

Chairs’ Introduction Chairs, 5 mins

Hybrid Unicast/Multicast DNS-Based Service Discovery Chairs, 5 mins


- updated; confirm submission to the IESG

DNS Push

- now split into two drafts, one homed here, one in the dnsop WG:

DNS Push Notifications Stuart Cheshire, 15 mins


DNS Session Signalling Stuart Cheshire, 10 mins



DNS-SD Privacy

- now also split into two drafts, both within the dnssd WG

Privacy Extensions for DNS-SD Chairs, 15 mins


Device Pairing Using Short Authentication Strings Chairs, 15 mins


Stateful Multi-Link DNS Service Discovery Ted Lemon, 15 mins


Discussion: Other drafts, implementations, and next steps Chairs, 5 mins

- includes recommendations for using the hybrid proxy in campus environments

- noting https://github.com/pusateri/draft-pusateri-hybridproxy-impl/blob/master/draft-pusateri-dnssd-hyp-impl.txt

Close and summary of actions Chairs, 5 mins