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ART *** core Constrained RESTful Environments WG

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TUESDAY, March 28, 2017

1300–1430 Afternoon Session I: Zurich C

Intro (10)

Post-WGLC (15)

Maybe WGLC (15)

comi (20)

Objective: Which of these can we WGLC now? Where are we with installing a SID process with IANA and other actors needed? [SID] Check status of IANA processes (register SIDs, lookup SIDs).

Objective: what are the next steps? (Based on results from Monday:)

object security (30)

What does the WG want to do with (the subjects of) these documents:

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FRIDAY, March 31, 2017

1150–1320 Afternoon Session I: Zurich C

Intro (5)

spillover from Tuesday (20)

data formats (20)

Objective: is this now finally ready for WGLC?

Objective: Should these be worked on by the CoRE WG?

Working on it (15)

Transports: candidates for WG work (10)

Objective: discuss this in the context of the now completed coap-tcp

More open discussion: (20)

(Gong show)

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No agenda time this time

Maybe really more for T2TRG (0)

Older (not necessarily dead) (0)