IETF 98 
I2RS meeting on 3/29/2017 at  [13:00-15:00 CDT} 

0) Agenda Bashing [13:00-13:05]
1) Chair's slides [13:05-13:10] 
    Netmod (session 2)     Thursday pm
2) Requirements Drafts [13:05-13:10]
   Secure Environment Requirement Update 
    (WG call or Drop)  - [Daniel Migault]
3) Protocol issues (New Work) - Where will the work be done? 
  a) Revised Datastore Model [Kent Watsen [13:15-13:30]
  b) Yang model proposal [Sue Hares] [13:30-13:45]

   d) Other Protocols possible: CBOR/CoAP, gprc (CBOR/XML), Forces (Yang->LFB, ForCES)
   (CBOR does binary encodings of yang models and has open source implementations) 
   [see or
    COAP does a GET, PUT, POST, DELETE functionality like RESTCONF)
   [ or 

  d) Discussion [13:45-14:00] 
  •Should I2RS continue working on NETCONF/RESTCONF? 
  •Should I2RS work on additions to CBOR encoding in CoaP? 
  •Should I2RS work on XML (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) in google protocol buffers?  
  •Should I2RS work on ForCES encoding of Yang? 
   If we say yes, we'll solicit volunteers for design teams (joint with Netconf) or 
   CORE, or rtgwg.  

 3) Data models Updates [14:00-15:00] 
    Topology Model Update [Alex Clemm ] [14:00-14:15 ]
    FB-RIB Update  [Sue Hares ] [14:15-14:20 ]

  4)  Proposed Data Models [14:20-14:50] 
    A) (Background on Fabric) Open Fabric [Russ White] [14:40-14:50]
    a)  2 Data Models for Fabric Service in Data Center [Rong Gu]  [14:30-14:40] 
        YANG Data Model for Fabric Service delivery in Data Center Network
        A YANG Data Model for Fabric Topology in Data Center Network
    b) Control-Plane and User-Plane separation BNG Info-Model 
         [Michael Wang] [14:50-15:00]
  5) Milestone Discussion [14:50-15:00 

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