IDR meeting at IETF 98 (version 4) 

9:00-11:30am  3/31/2017 
Room: Zurich G 

Chair's administrivia [9:00-9:05] 
0) Agenda bashing and Chair's slides  [5 minutes] 

Updates on Preventing Attribute Squatting  [9:05-9:15]  
Drafts related to the discussion: 
1) Additional Reviewers for BGP Registries [Sue Hares]

2) Should we deprecate Atomic Aggregate -is it worth it?  [Sue Hares]

Updates on existing drafts [9:15-10:15 am] 

1) Making Route Servers Aware of Data Link Failures at IXPs [Randy Bush/Jeff Haas] (10)  

2) Route Leak Prevention using Roles in Update and Open messages [Alexander Azimov/Randy Bush] (10)

3) Route Leak Detection and Mitigation [Sriram] (10)  

4) Signaling Maximum SID Depth using BGP-LS [Jeff Tantsura] (5)

5) BGP Next-Hop Dependent Capabilities  [Bruno Decraene] (10)

6) BGP Route Refresh Options [Tony Przygienda] (5)  

7) BGP SR Updates [Acee Lindom] (7)  

[3 minute for switching] 

New Work [10:15-11:30] 

1) New definition of ISP Internal EBGP Border using BGP Roles [Alexander Azimov/Randy Bush] (10)

2) BGP Logical Link Discovery Protocol (LLDP) Peer discovery [Acee Lindem] (10)

3) BGP Signaling of IPv6-Segment-Routing-Based VPN Networks [Gaurav Dawra] (12)

4) Compressed BGP Update Message [Tony Przygienda] (10)

5) Populate to FIB Action for FlowSpec [Zhengiang Li] (10) 
6) BGP Neighbor Autodiscovery  [Xiaohu Xu] (10)
7) Persistent Route Oscillation in BGP Constrained Route Distribution [Jakob Heitz] (10)
[3 minutes for switching] 

11:30 am 

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