QUIC Working Group Agenda - IETF 98

Thursday, 30 March 2017

9:00-11:30, Vevey 1/2


Chairs' Overview

~5 minutes

Brief status report on the Working Group, Tokyo Interim, and upcoming meeting planning.

QUIC Applicability and Manageability Statement

~15 minutes

Discussion of our charter deliverable for an Applicability and Manageability Statement.

Proposals to consider for adoption: * Applicability of the QUIC Transport Protocol * Manageability of the QUIC Transport Protocol

Presentation by Mirja Kuehlewind.

Working Group Drafts

~60 minutes

Discuss the recently published -02 WG drafts:

... including the issues they attempt to address. The editors will give presentations summarising their current state.

Open Issues

~60 minutes

Discussion of open issues.






Time permitting only.

Connection ID

Discuss privacy issues.

Parking Lot ("if time permits")

If you would like to present something (on a time permitting basis), please contact the Chairs.