IETF98, Chicago

Tuesday 28th March 2017

16:40 - 18:40 local time

Chairs’ Introduction

Kerry Lynn: IoT in Charter? 

Chairs: Should work within dnssd but will discuss at end

DNS Push Notifications

Stuart Cheshire presenting

Chairs: Started WGLC but will extend to pick up knock ons from Session Signalling

ACTION: authors will collect input from WG last call on draft-ietf-dnssd-push-10; will see if anything needs to be changed from upcoming WG last call on draft-ietf-dnsop-session-signal in dnsop

DNS Session Signalling

Stuart Cheshire presenting

Chairs: Any other uses?

Stuart Cheshire (SC): Ray Belis had this in mind

Sara Dickinson (SD): use for Persistent Connections for DNS over TLS 

ACTION: this draft is a dnsop WG work item; no dnssd WG action.

DNS-SD Discovery Proxy

Stuart Cheshire presenting

ACTION: draft-ietf-dnssd-hybrid-06 is ready for IESG review; find a shepherd (any volunteers? else chairs will arrange)

DNS-SD Advertising Proxy - discussion

(plus Sleep Proxy, Discovery Broker, Zone Stitching, and DNS-SD roadmap)

Stuart Cheshire presenting

- Discovery Broker: 

Meta Discovery Proxy

Network Intermediary

looks like Discovery Proxy to client

looks like client to Discover Proxies and other servers

Client talks to one Discovery Broker, which talks to several Discovery Proxies

Discovery Proxy on link can server single Discovery Broker, serves multiple clients

Hum on in favor: strong

Hum against: silence

*Chairs*  Hum in Favor 

ACTION: Noting hum in favor, WG encourages further work on this topic 

- Sleep Proxy

DNS Update

Garbage Collection (dynamic DNS update leases)

wake-on-lan magic packet (EDNS0 owner option)

Barbara Stark(BS): More than one magic packet. May be too simplistic

SC: Thanks, not aware of multiple packets. 

BS: There is a U PnP that we could harmonize on.  


Andrew Sullivan(AS): Useful work. Work most effectively done here? may not attract the right people. 

SC: Providing the service discovery services that others in IETF can use.


Ted Lemon(TL): Not the right place to start on this project.  Magic packet okay, but garbage collection may need more 

investigation. More high level 

Eric (): Makes sense. asking about other parts of the sleep proxy.  

Present in intarea.

Samita Chakrabarti (co-chair of 6lopan): Good work, could be integrated into other devices. missing in 6lopan, service discovery 

Christian H(CH): Push for documentation work. 

Chairs: Present at IntArea

ACTION: No objection, so proceeding with writing this documentation is encouraged; resulting document to be presented at intarea WG meeting for external revies of components such as ARP and ND proxy

- Advertising Proxy:

    Mirror image of Discovery Proxy

    Basically sleep proxy w/out wake-on-lan


TL: tried to game out dns update process, lot of exchanges

SC: Starts to explain, asked to take to mailing list

Chairs: Hum on progressing this work

Hum for: strong

Hum against: silence

ACTION: Noting hum, progressing this work is encouraged

- Zone Stitching

Avoid duplicate names

ACTION: this work is still conceptual; no explciit action from this presentation

DNS-SD roadmap

Wild Drawing with many boxes and arrows and RFCs that need to be seen to believed

KL: talked about not reflected finer grain discovery. REST dominant paradigm for applications. 

working on a document to reflect URI

Terry Manderson (TM): Love this, new format supports SVG

AS: defining split horizon DNS without explicitly naming this. 

SC: little bit of it is split horizon, but the rest is not. 

AS: ticking time bomb of split horizon w/out claiming it is.

Chairs: Understand the point, getting close to that in another area. 

ACTION: this work is still conceptual; no explciit action from this presentation

Privacy Extensions for DNS-SD

Christian Huitema (CH) preseting


No Comments in room. working on implementation in GetDNS

ACTION: draft-ietf-dnssd-privacy-01 is ready for WG last call

Device Pairing Using Short Authentication Strings

Christian Huitema (CH) preseting

Suggstion was to split the draft into 2 parts: 

    first part informational document

    second part focusing on standard track specification

Chairs: Who have read? (not many). think it reads fine, but could move first into an appendix. 

Dave Thaler(DT): Like having design rationale in the same document. 

*Chairs* Do not split document

*Chairs* Stuart/Ted/Tim volunteer to read and review document. 

ACTION: WG preference is not to split the document; Stuart Cheshire, Ted Lemon, Tim Wicinski to review; ready for WG last call after next revision

DNS-SD Deployment for campus/enterprise networks - BCP document discussion

Tom Pusateri presenting

We should have a BCP on deployment of campus/enterprise

Tom Pusateri(TP): Not enough information, no deployment experience. Larger scale to work out kinks

Chairs: maybe start informational as place to start

Ran Atkinson(RA): BCP might be premature. strongly believe informational document how the pieces fit together.

happy to help with use cases.

TP: Document I have is more about the knobs you have on a proxy. 

Dan York(DY): Document useful but maybe don't use BCP.

*Chair* Ran signed up to assist 

ACTION: WG encourages continued work on this document; volunteers

welcome (Ran Atkinson offered some help); likely to be Informational

rather than BCP, at least for now.

Simple Homenet Naming and Service Discovery Architecture

Ted Lemon presenting

DNSSD on Homenet

DNSSD Discover -> DNS

DNSSD -> Core Resource

Split DNSSD Hybrid Proxy into two parts

relay proxy

query proxy

DNSSD -> DNS Problems

SC: Lease Lag time to clean up

TD: Still would like printer that is turned off to keep its name

TP: Hard part about DNSSEC is can not do NSEC records

ACTION: exploratory at this stage; no actions for dnssd WG

Stateful Multi-Link DNS Service Discovery

Ted Lemon presenting

ACTION: exploratory at this stage; no actions for dnssd WG; Ted needs

to think about problem to be solved, which existing dnssd components

can be reused, and what the gaps are.

DNS-SD in IoT (and constrained network environments)

Peter avan der Stock (presenting)/Ines Robles

how to adapt/extend DNS-SD for IoT

- Resource Directory

KL: ongoing work, not work needs to be done. CORE has a charter item to inter operate with

dns-sd. semantic mapping of things look like services and dns-sd records.  

SC: want to see concrete numbers. 

DT: Bringing up code size point. 

(unknown): Use this at employer for brokerless pub/sub 

ACTION: dnssd and CoRE WG representatives encouraged to meet and

discuss way forward, e.g. Stuart, Carsten, Kerry, Peter. 

Summary of actions

push notifications:  collect info from wglc wait on session signal in dnsop, move forward to iesg

discovery proxy: needs a shepherd

discovery broker: hum to do document; hum in support advertising; did not hum on zone stitching

dnssd roadmap - strong support

privacy extensions - ready for wglc

device pairing: not to split in 2 pieces, ready for wglc after revisiion

stuart ted ronald

DNS-SD and CORE/IoT to work together.