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IETF 96 Hackathon

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is holding a Hackathon to encourage developers to discuss, collaborate and develop utilities, ideas, sample code and solutions that show practical implementations of IETF standards.

When: Saturday July 16, 2016 and Sunday July 17, 2016

Where: Intercontinental Berlin (Potsdam III)

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The Hackathon is free to attend.

Agenda (subject to change)

  Saturday, July 16
      09:00: Room opens - Pastries and coffee
      09:00: Posters of all technologies on display
      09:30: Hackathon kickoff 
      09:45: Form Teams
      12:30: Lunch
      15:30: Afternoon break - Snacks provided
      18:30: Progress check and sharing
      19:00: Dinner
      22:00: Room closes and is locked
  Sunday, July 17
      09:00: Room opens - Pastries and coffee 
      12:30: Lunch 
      13:30: Hacking stops, prepare brief presentation of project
      14:00: Project presentation to other participants and judges
      15:00: Recap and suggestions for improvements
      15:30: Awards presented, prizes given
      16:00: Hackathon ends

For your planning purposes, be aware that we will also have:

Meeting Materials

Technologies Included in Hackathon (more can be added)



PCE based Central Control








TLS 1.3


SCTP and WebRTC Datachannels

Media Address Resolver Service (MARS)

IoT bootstrapping for Noobs with EAP-NOOB

Don’t see anything that interests you? Feel free to add your preferred technology to the list, sign up as its champion and show up to work on it. Note: you must login to the wiki to add content. If you add a new technology, we strongly suggest that you send email to to let others know. You may generate interest in your technology, and find other people who want to contribute to it.

TEMPLATE: Copy/paste and update the following template to add your project to the list:


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Participant Preparation and Prerequisites

Remote participation

IPR and Code Contribution Guideline

All hackathon participants are free to work on any code. The rules regarding that code are what each participant's organization and/or open source project says they are. The code itself is not an IETF Contribution. However, discussions, presentations, demos, etc., during the hackathon are IETF Contributions (similar to Contributions made in working group meetings). Thus, the usual IETF policies apply to these Contributions, including copyright, license, and IPR disclosure rules.