Bon Jour Grocery Store

In addition to grocery store where water, juice, soda etc. available for 1/10 the price in the 
hotel, there is a food court with several stands selling noodles, fried rice, etc. and a hot 
pot restaurant (like fondue with broth instead of cheese - cook your food, and enjoy the tasty 
soup last).  Ate at the hot pot restaurant tonight.  Note:  no English menu, no picture menu, 
and little to no English spoken.  Between a few words of Mandarin that my wife could scrape 
together, and a few words of English the waitress could, we converged on a chicken platter.  It
was tasty and healthy, lots of veggies, and it was fun to cook for ourselves, sort of.  Bring a
local colleague, or be willing to be surprised, and you will enjoy the cheapest meal you have all 
week.  -- Ed Jankiewicz
Bought four 20oz Diet Coke's.  Wasn't watching and they're just past their expiration date.  Oops.
10 RMB. -- Tony Li