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IETF 92 Dallas, Texas, USA - March 22-27, 2015

Airport Transportation

Dallas is served by two airports. Dallas Love Field (DAL) and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). Love Field (DAL) is five miles from the Dallas Fairmont (IETF 92 Meeting Venue) and Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) is 18 miles from the Dallas Fairmont.

SuperShuttle (817) 329-3846 services are available at both airports for approximately $19 each way.

In addition, taxi service is available:

Public transportation via the DART Orange line connects DFW and DAL to downtown Dallas. DART operates between the hours of 4:00am to 1:00am every day. The closest DART stations to the Dallas Fairmont is Akard Station (walk four blocks north on N. Akard street to the hotel). The St Paul Station is a similar distance to the hotel. PLEASE NOTE: We do not have any information on the safety of the area. If you are arriving at an odd time (for example late in the evening), DART may not be your best option.

Information on how to use DART.

Driving directions to the Dallas Fairmont.

*NOTE: This information was gathered from the official Web sites of the airports (DFW and DAL). Some information on the Web sites seems contradictory, or may be slightly out of date.

Arrival Coordination

Arrival Coordination - For ease of taxi sharing from the airport.

Departure Coordination

Departure Coordination - For ease of taxi sharing to the airport.

IETF 92 Hackathon

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is holding a Hackathon to encourage developers to discuss, collaborate and develop utilities, ideas, sample code and solutions that show practical implementations of IETF standards. The IETF 92 Hackathon is sponsored by Cisco. It's taking place Saturday March 21st and Sunday March 22nd at the Fairmont in Dallas, Texas. Information on Cisco DevNet here. More details on the hackathon itself are here.

Registration is now closed. Thanks for your interest. IETF 92 Hackathon Participants

IETF 92 Meeting Network

There are significant changes to the IETF meeting network this time. Most are centered around the wireless network.

The NOC team, after much discussion, has deployed some changes (we hope improvements…) to the IETF 92 network. In short: the main “ietf” wireless network is now encrypted; when prompted for credentials, enter ietf for both the username and password.

These changes are designed to:

We will be carefully monitoring the networks and, if issues are found, we will take appropriate action. We encourage you to send feedback and suggestions ( As this is the IETF, we expect to receive many conflicting suggestions. The NOC team is ultimately responsible for bringing a network that works for all IETF attendees, and we will be evaluating suggestions for possible inclusion at future meetings.

More information here: IETF 92 Meeting Network

In addition, DNS for is now signed. More info to follow.


The official language of Dallas, Texas is English.

IETF Language Buttons

Public Transportation and Area Maps


Public Art Walk - the 3.3 mile walk highlighting 32 pieces of art and architecture in the Arts District and downtown Dallas. The Dallas Fairmont is number 6 on the list!

The Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens - Open daily, 9-5, “Dallas Blooms” now through April 12. To get to the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, the Dallas Fairmont Concierge can assist with an itinerary. Alternatively, it is accessible by public transportation by taking the 060 bus at the corner of Commerce and Field (stop ID 17048, toward 60 South Garland T.C. get off at Garland/Whittier). To get back to the Dallas Fairmont, take the 060 bus at Garland/Whittier (stop ID 16845, toward 60 Downtown Union Station), and get off at Elm/Ervay stop ID 15408).

Getting Around (to and from the Meeting Venue)


Running Trails:

There is a jogging path that starts outside the Dallas Fairmont, please see the concierge for route map.


From D Magazine - places to hike and bike in and around Dallas.


WiFi Privacy network experiment at IETF92

IEEE 802 Privacy EC SG in coordination with the IAB and IESG are working on Privacy enhancements for link layer technologies. As part of this effort, we will be carrying out a Wi-Fi MAC randomization trial/experiment at IETF92. The experiment is similar to the one carried out at IETF91, but this time it’s been upgraded with more support for operating systems (including mobile) and it will run integrated into the main IETF92 WiFi network.

We encourage all IETF92 attendees to participate in the trial with their PCs and mobile devices!

The more users we have the best results we will get out of it!

If you plan to participate in the trial and/or you have any questions about the experiment, you can reach us at

Instructions and tools to automatically randomize the MAC address used by the Wi-Fi interface of your device can be found (for several OSes) at:

More information about the IEEE 802 Privacy group and instructions about how to join the discussion list can be found at the IEEE 802 Privacy SG site:

ATMs & Money Conversion

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

There are multiple ATMs at DFW International Airport, as well as several Travelex Currency Exchange booths.

Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)

Near the Dallas Fairmont

Laundry Services

Electrical Plug / Outlet

Electric Plug and Voltage information for the United States.

Plug Swap Coordination


Cellphones / Data

SIMs and prepaid Cellphones in the US.

Miscellaneous Information

There is a FedEx a block and a half away at 1305 Ross Ave

The last day of the Rugby 6 Nations Cup will be televised on March 21, 2015. Trinity Hall, a Dallas Irish Pub will be televising all of the matches. To get to the pub via DART, go to the closest DART Station (from the Fairmont you can use either the St Paul Station or the Akard Station. Take the blue (towards Downtown Rowlett), red (towards Parker Road), or orange (towards LBJ Central) line train and get off at Mockingbird Station. When you exit the DART station, you will be in a shopping district (Mockingbird Station shopping area).


There are very few markets in the downtown Dallas area, although seven-elevens abound.

The Urban Market, 1409 South Lamar Street (accessible from the red line (toward Westmoreland) DART train, get off at Cedars Station 7 minute walk to market). Approximately two miles from hotel.


At the Dallas Fairmont

Lunch Options Available
Other Options

The Dallas M-Line is the McKinney Avenue Trolley service.

Basic information: M-Line Trolley This nostalgic streetcar links the downtown Dallas Arts District (where the Dallas Fairmont is located) with the trendy shops, galleries and bistros of Uptown, including West Village, where you can transfer to or from DART Rail at Cityplace/Uptown Station. M-Line trolley rides are free. Daily schedules for the M-Line trolly.

Within Walking distance of the Dallas Fairmont

Ellen's Southern Kitchen (especially good breakfast) - 1718 N Market St Dallas, TX 75202

Dakota Steakhouse 600 N Akard St, Dallas 214-740-4001 (less than a block from the Dallas Fairmont)

Dallas Fish Market 1501 Main Street, Dallas 214-744-3474 (~10 minute walk from Dallas Fairmont). This restaurant has private dining rooms available.

Wild Salsa 1800 Main St Dallas 214-741-9453 (~10 minute walk from Dallas Fairmont). This restaurant has private dining rooms available.

Dallas Chop House 1717 Main St Dallas 214-736-7300 (~10 minute walk from Dallas Fairmont). This restaurant has private dining rooms available.

Campisi's Restaurants - Italian and Pizza (gluten-free pizza upon request), 1520 Elm Street #111 Dallas, Texas 75201 214.752.0141 (~10 minute walk from Dallas Fairmont). This restaurant has private dining rooms available.

Social Event

IETF 92 Social Event information. The social event will take place at Reunion Tower. Reunion Tower is approximately a 25 minute walk, or an eleven minute walk/DART ride from the Dallas Fairmont. Take the DART red (toward Westmoreland) or blue (toward Ledbetter) line south to exit at Union Station. Reunion tower is a short walk from Union Station up Reunion Bvld.

Espresso, Coffee, and Tea

At the Dallas Fairmont:

Within Walking Distance of the Dallas Fairmont

RIPE Atlas Probe Distribution

Check this page for more information about RIPE Atlas probes distribution.


Current weather conditions in Dallas, Texas.