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Bar BOFs and other Events

2nd OAuth Security Session

On Monday's security session we discussed ways on what to provide in the security consideration for the OAuth specifications. We wanted to have another session on Thursday, November 9th, starting at 18:10 at the IAB breakout room (Jade 2).

Past Meetings

OAuth Tutorial

  • Date: Nov. 10th Wednesday, 19:30 (after the plenary)
  • Location: IAB breakout room (Jade 2)
  • Contact: Hannes Tschofenig

OAuth allows a user to grant a third-party Web site or application access to their resources, without necessarily revealing their credentials, or even their identity. The OAuth working group, see, is currently trying to finalize their main specification, namely OAuth v2:

Based on the positive response at the last IETF meeting (in Maastricht) we decided to hold another OAuth tutorial, namely on *Wednesday, starting at 19:30 (after the IETF Operations and Administration Plenary) till about 21:00. (Note: I had to switch the day because of the social event!)

It is helpful to read through the documents available int he working group but not required.

HTTP Streaming Bar BOF

The goal of this bar BoF is to work out a proper working scope in IETF to offer more efficient transport for HTTP streaming.

The agenda, slides and drafts can be found in the following link:

Internet of Things Bar BOF

  • Date: Nov. 10th Wednesday, 20:30~22:30
  • Location: Sapphire Room
  • Contact: Ning Kong

There have been two bar BoF meetings for IoT (Internet of Things) at IETF 77 and IETF 78. Gyu Myoung, Bruce and I would like to arrange an informal meeting to discuss the PS draft (draft-lee-iot-problem-statement-00) and Charter (coming soon) for IoT RG at IETF 79. We cordially invite you to join us.

Clouds Bar BOF

  • Date: Nov. 7th Sunday, 11:00
  • Location: Pearl room
  • Contact: Bhumip Khasnabish

OAuth Security Session

The security consideration section of OAuth 2.0 (draft -10) is still empty. Hence, we would like to put some time aside to discuss what security threats, requirements, and countermeasures need to be described. We will use the Monday, November 8, 1300-1500 slot to have a discussion session.

As a starting point I suggest to look at the following documents:

Note: If you are unfamiliar with OAuth then the OAuth tutorial session might be more suitable for you!

Interoperability demonstration regarding IPv6 Multihoming with multiple prefixes and interfaces

  • Date: Nov. 8th Monday, 19:30 (right after technical plenary)
  • Location: Pearl room

We had live demonstration event in the last IETF 78 meeting in Maastricht. Now some different kind of implementations have been developed. We will show inter-operation between following platforms.

  • Cellular phone device (Nokia N900) developed by Nokia
  • Windows 7 platform by NTT
  • BSD platform

Implemented drafts:

Contact: Jun-ya Kato (

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