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IETF 90 Apple Plug Swap

Apple laptops and iPads have power adapters with removable plugs. There are two kinds:

  • Self-contained plugs that connect the power adapter directly to a wall power outlet, and
  • Cables that attach to the power adapter at one end and plug into the wall at the other.

Pictures of the North American and UK varieties are below.

Apple sells a travel adapter kit containing an assortment of the self-contained plugs. However, Apple does not (as far as I know) sell the cables separately. People who’ve owned several Apple devices tend to have accumulated a few spare plugs and cables. This wiki page is for people who have spare plugs or cables of one kind and would like to swap with others who have an excess of some other kind.

In the table below, if you see a suitable match, contact the person by email, and (if you know how) edit the page to put your name in the “Claimed by” column.

If you don’t see a suitable match already in the table, then add a new row listing what you have and what you’d like to get. Remember to indicate plug or cable, as appropriate.

Name Email Address Has Wants Claimed by
Stuart Cheshire North American plug Any Apple plug Natasha Rooney
Stuart Cheshire North American cable Any Apple cable

Apple North American Plug and CableApple UK Plug and Cable

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