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Amtrak Train Station, Atlanta, Georgia

The Amtrak Train Station in Atlanta, Georgia is part of the service of the Crescent Line that travels daily from New York City to New Orleans, LA (and back).

From New Orleans, LA the northbound Crescent train arrives in Atlanta at 7:35pm. From New York City the southbound Crescent train arrives in Atlanta at 8:13am.

The station is open from 7am to 9:30pm daily.

To get from the Amtrak Station to the IETF 85 meeting venue via public transportation:

The MARTA Web site gives these directions from the Amtrak Peachtree Station to the Hilton Atlanta (fare: $2.50 - Breeze Card/Ticket required):

From the Amtrak Station, cross Deering Road NW to catch the bus at the bus stop (Stop ID: 901586) Take the 110 bus (“The Peach”) southbound (the southbound bus runs FROM Lenox Station TO Five Points Station). Get off at EITHER Peachtree Street at Baker Street NE (Hardy Ivy Park/Sun Trust Plaza) OR Peachtree Street at Harris Street NW (aka John Portman Blvd). The Hilton is two blocks east of either stop.

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