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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL) has both domestic and international terminals.

Ground Transportation Information:

Connections to hotels, downtown, convention centers, MARTA and the Airport's rental car center are conveniently located at the curb outside the main greeting area on the arrivals level. Signs inside the building will direct passengers to the ground transportation area.

Hanging signs and a color-code system will help passengers quickly identify loading and unloading zones for each ground transportation service:

  Taxis: Yellow/Zone 1
  Hotel shuttles: Green/Zone 4
  Local/regional shuttles: Green/Zone 4
  Charter buses: Blue/Zone 5
  Parking shuttles: Orange/Zone 2
  International shuttle connector: Red/Zone 3

International shuttle connector: Because Atlanta-bound passengers cannot access secured areas of the Airport after they pick up their luggage at the international terminal baggage claim, the Airport has established shuttle services to link passengers at the international terminal with existing facilities.

The international shuttle connector offers direct service from the international terminal to two locations:

  Existing facilities: A 15-minute shuttle ride connects the international terminal with the domestic terminal's ground transportation 
  center at the west end of the building. From here, passengers can access the domestic terminal, parking areas and MARTA train service 
  to downtown.
  Rental car center: A 15-minute shuttle ride links passengers with the rental car center, which houses all rental car transaction 
  counters and vehicles.

The international shuttle connector is a free service and operates 24 hours a day.

To get to the IETF 85 Meeting Venue:

By Taxi

A set fee prevails between the airport and the central business district. A special per-person rate applies for two or more passengers.

The airport Web site quotes these basic rates for taxis to and from the airport:

Taxi Fee Structure - Business District Flat Rate Zone from/to the Airport Downtown $ 30 Buckhead $ 40 Midtown $ 32 *$2 charge for each additional person. Flag Drop Fee $ 1.50

Taxi Fee Structure - Outside Business District Rates computed by a meter $ 2.50 for the first 1/8 mile $ 0.25 for each additional 1/8 mile $ 21/hr wait time $ 1.50 Flag Drop Fee

By Bus/Airport Shuttle

The Atlanta Airport Shuttle, LLC is a shared ride service to/from the Atlanta Airport to downtown Atlanta. To get to the IETF 85 Meeting Venue via the Atlanta Airport Shuttle, you may make reservations using their Web site, or see a booth attendant at their booth at the airport (many locations are reservation only, but the Hilton Atlanta is not flagged as such). They run shuttles twice an hour (:22 and :52) during their hours of operation (6am to midnight - service to the airport before 6am requires an advance reservation of 3 or more persons).

The current rate is $16.50 one way, or $29.00 round trip.

By Train (MARTA)

MARTA Web Site

The IETF 85 Meeting Venue is the Hilton Atlanta, 255 Courtland Street, NE, Atlanta, GA, USA 30303. To get to the hotel via MARTA, follow the signs to get to the MARTA Station at the airport (AIRPORT STATION near the domestic baggage claim area). Two MARTA lines service the airport (RED LINE and GOLD LINE), either line will take you to PEACHTREE CENTER STATION (one station beyond the GREEN LINE and BLUE LINE transfer station of FIVE POINTS STATION). Get off at PEACHTREE CENTER STATION. Take the escalators up to the street and walk two blocks east on John Portman Blvd. to the Hilton on Courtland Street. The fare cost from the airport to PEACHTREE CENTER STATION is $2.50 (plus a one-time charge of $1.00 for the fare card, the “Breeze Card” required to ride).

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