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Unknown restaurant (House of the Red Lanterns)

  • Address: directly across from Shangri-la
  • Directions from the hotel: right out of the lobby, cross pedestrian bridge, walk two blocks. Restaurant is directly across the street from the hotel. Red paper lanterns, and the chairs are covered with red Coca-Cola advertising
  • Price: 15-25CNY per dish, portions are large, for two we ordered one veggie dish, one meat and scallion pancakes, and left some on each dish. Plus a large beer to split, total 60CNY
  • Menu: <link>
  • Style: Authentic regional Chinese
  • Specialties: stew pot dishes
  • Reviews:
Beef Tenderloin and greens - excellent.  Scallion pancakes very good.  Don't be put off by the 
oddities on the menu (bullfrog, duck tongue, pork liver) even the squeamish will find something 
here, and the adventurous will definitely find something they've never had.  -- Ed Jankiewicz
return trip - Peking (Beijing) Duck.  Ok, a little dry but tasty.  The barbeque chicken was rather
spicy and a bit greasy.  Beef with kale (actually a chinese cabbage of some sort) was oily but tasty.
this is not gourmet food, but about the fastest, cheapest place in walking distance.  -- edj
Went twice: Pass 1: Peking Duck, Ma Pa Tofu, Spicy Mutton, Shredded Pork in Garlic.  All quite
excellent, but the portions were huge.  Four of us, and we couldn't finish any dish.  -- Tony Li
Pass 2: Lotus root, Ma Pa Tofu, Beef with onions and pepers.  Again all excellent, still couldn't
finish.  Fed two for USD $11.23. -- Tony Li
Take 3: Ma Pa Tofu (yes again!), Green Onion Pancake, Jasmine Tea.  Just heaven.  For 33 RMB -- Tony Li
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