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IETF 80 - Prague, Czech Republic - March 27 - April 1, 2011

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Local weather forecast (or look from a window - sometimes helps)

Local Attractions

Pipe Organs

Aircraft spotting @ Prague airport.



Info for geeks

Mobile networks

There are three mobile operators (all providing GSM/EDGE/UMTS) services. Some of them run also other networks.

All operators use a principle of Fair User Policy, what means you have a daily/weekly/monthly limit and if you come over speed of your connection becomes almost nothing. So use of bandwidth consuming applications is not recomended.

Please note Vodafone is not providing transparent end-to-end connectivity, so you may get problem trying to use “non standard” use (whatever it means).

Gadget shopping

Please note Czech republic isn't known for cheap hardware or software. Most stuff has same price or is more expensive than in Western Europe or North America. If you urgently need not a common piece of PC hardware, you may visit Alza Cash and carry shop that is on the other bank of river from Hilton (remote delivery possible).


Hilton hotel is a three minutes walk from Metro station Florenc (Yellow and Red line crossing). Best option is to use bus #100 from Airport (ask driver if the bus is going to “Zlicin” or “Metro” - some buses head to bus parking) and then use Yellow line towards Cerny most. Other option is to use “AE” line and use red line towards “Nadrazi Holesovice” or “Letnany”.

Most locals prefer use of bus #119 and Green line to go to city center. This is slowest way and you shall avoid to crawl in the city center with luggage looking as a confused tourist (specially transfer at Mustek). In thsi case you are looking like a nice target of “imported” pickpocket groups operating in public transport in city center.

Link to public transport on Airport webstite

Arrivals and Departures (Share rides)

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