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IETF 82 - Taipei, Taiwan, November 13-18, 2011

Area Maps


A few links to info for exploring Taipei in a day (NB - not personally tested/validated):

This tour conveniently starts at Grand Hyatt:

Another one-day tour:

Taipei 101 visit info:

Electrical Plug / Outlet


Where to buy electronics replacement parts?

Name Location Source of Information Confirmed?

Good consumer electronics and goodies store, including adapters: 3C. South of TICC on Xinyi Rd.


ATMs & Money Conversion

ATM/Bank Location Source of Information Confirmed?
Bank of America Taipei-101 Building/Center Google No

For ATMs at the airports see: (unconfirmed)

Changing US$ into TWD: near TICC on Xinyi Rd

Away from TICC

Citibank: They don't want to change money and suggested I go down to Hua Nan Bank nearby.

Hua Nan Bank: sent me to second floor and charged me 3%. They did not require a second ID, other than my passport. (Everybody requires to see and photocopy your passport.)

Opposite TICC

HSBC: Couldn't have been nicer. Process took a little time, but they got someone who spoke english and they even accepted my California Drivers License as a second ID. Rate seemed ok and there was no additional fee.

Cellphones / Data

Host site info

SIM card near TICC

Chunghwa Telecom: 130 Songren Road, intersecting Xinyi Rd. just north of Taipei 101. < <>

Mon - Fri: 0800 - 1900; Sat: 1000 - 1700 / It is next to the Taipei City Police Station.

Large office, with plenty of staff. Couldn't have been nicer. They found someone who spoke English and even accepted a California drivers license as second ID. (Passport is first.) Asked for pre-paid 3g (for data.) Initial fee was TWD300. Seems to work fine.


There is a supermarket in the food court at Taipei 101 (level B1).


Near the Hyatt hotel:

unknown locations:

Social Event & T-shirt Tickets

Espresso & Coffee

A good Home Barista thread on Taipei espresso (and a few restaurants), and a map of the those espresso shops.

Local chains that are supposed to have good espresso are Cafe85 and Cafe Barista. There are also a couple hundred Starbucks locations in Taipei.

IS Coffee (in front of the convention center): my double espresso was extremely bitter, no amount of sugar in the world could have saved it. My feeling is that it got overextracted. Somebody else might confirm.

In-room, do it yourself: Towards the sound end of TICC on Xinyi Rd is a Starbucks. There are others in the area, of course. They sell packaged beans and will grind it. Price is US$ 7.33 for 0.4 lbs (200g). The result is, of course, better than the single-cup drip coffee packages that are sold in the minimarts. I didn't check whether they sold single cup filters and cones.

Large JPEG map of specialty coffee in Taipei.

Airport Transportation

Host website

Grand Hyatt taxi card

Howard Plaza taxi card (homebrew)

Arrival Coordination

Name Arriving flight Date/Time of Arrival Have transport to share
Fred Baker CX 402 9 Nov 20:30 Yes, to Hyatt
Peer Azmat Shah TG634 THAI Air 12 Nov 11:55 No
Rajabu Kitindi CI 920 China Air 11 Nov 21:45 No
Eliot Lear CX 402 Cathay Pacific 12 Nov 20:30 No

Also see the list at Arrival Coordination

Departure Coordination

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