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 Get off at Yeouido station of lines 5 or line 9, Exit 3 Get off at Yeouido station of lines 5 or line 9, Exit 3
 +[[https://​​arch/​msg/​97attendees/​CtJglLOWljlEDX8qcsKaMnkxHxA|One pleasant experience using Train and Subway from Airport to Conrad (4650 won total)]]
 == Limousine Service == == Limousine Service ==
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 +==== Vegetarian ====
 +  * http://​​seoul/​eat/​7-restaurant-options-seoul-herbivore-868953
 +  * http://​​a-guide-to-being-vegetarian-in-south-korea/​
 +  * http://​​
 +  * http://​​seoul/​restaurants/​the-best-vegan-restaurants-in-seoul-are-here
 +  * http://​​
 +  * https://​​webhp?​sourceid=chrome-instant&​ion=1&​espv=2&​ie=UTF-8#​q=vegan%20seoul
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 ===== Photos ===== ===== Photos =====
 +===== Walking =====
 +Besides the park near the Conrad hotel (Yeouido park), there are two nice places to walk: one is the [[http://​​|Hangang park]] near the river Han, on your right when you get out of the Conrad hotel, 200 m.
 +The other is the "​ecological pathway"​ that runs all around the Yeouido neighbourood (a few kilometers). You can go to the above Hangang park and then follow the river left or right, you will end in this pathway. Then, you can make the complete circle, or leave when the ecological pathway meets again the Yeouido park. Very nice pathway, with ponds, swamps, birds, etc. A bit noisy because of the nearby motorways (we are in the city).
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