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RIPE Atlas Probe Information

If you don't know the RIPE Atlas probes, they are small boxes that you connect to the network and which perform active measurements The great thing about these probes is that you can run your very own measurements, leading to interesting/funny papers like .

More Atlas probes are always good, specially outside of Europe and the USA, where the majority currently exist. To help the distribution of probes, there are people (“ambassadors”) at many meetings, carrying Atlas probes to distribute. In Yokohama, there will be several of them.

If you are interested to host an Atlas probe to help mankind and the Internet, please check that you can host a probe: you need power-over-USB and Ethernet cabling and IP addresses (RFC 1918 are OK) and to take care of the box (some probes have not been installed, have been forgotten and no longer respond, which is sad).

Probe locations

Check also if there is sufficient coverage or not in your country/AS

Having more probes in networks where there are not many (or any) probes already is always great!

Atlas Probes Distribution at IETF95

The following Atlas Ambassadors are bringing probes to Buenos Aires:

Kaveh Ranjbar

Stéphane Bortzmeyer also uses User-Defined Measurements a lot and contributed to client code so can help with any measurement project.

Florian Obser (drop me a message at - gave my probes brought over to a local ambassador but is available for a quick chat and show various things that can be done with atlas.

You can also ask the ambassadors any question you may have about the RIPE Atlas probes.

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