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Social Event Ticket Exchange

If you are LOOKING for Social Event tickets, please add your name to the BOTTOM of the list. If you are seeking to SELL your social event ticket, please contact the FIRST person on the list. If you have succeeded in securing a ticket, please REMOVE your name from the list. Thank you. (Only the person who adds their name should remove their name. Thank you.)

Name Email Number of Tix Wanted
Dapeng Liu 1
Jaime Jimenez 1
André Franke 1
Georgios Z. Papadopoulos 1
Timo Perala 1
Rik Ribbers 1
Greg Cauchie 1
Alan Ford 1
Pawel Brzozowski 1
Ronald in 't Velt 1
Dmitry Afanasiev 1
Jianjie You 1
Andrey Norkin 1
Federico Sismondi 1
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