Hackathon Attendance

IETF 100

November 11-17, 2017

Planning to attend
Ordered by Last Name
Last Name First Name Technologies Email Country Company First IETF First Hackathon Gender Remote or On Site
1 . tale DNS tale@akamai.com US Akamai Technologies No No onsite
2 Abdelkerim youssouf Nouradine nouradineabdelkerim@yahoo.fr CH Tnmf Yes Yes male onsite
3 Arkko Jari jari.arkko@piuha.net FI Ericsson No No male onsite
4 Attila Kele kattyla@live.com RO A.T.I Notebook Clmputers SRL Yes Yes male remote
5 Bishop Mike QUIC michael.bishop@microsoft.com US Microsoft No Yes onsite
6 Bormann Carsten IoT (CoRE, T2TRG, CBOR) cabo@tzi.org DE Universität Bremen TZI No No onsite
7 Bortzmeyer Stéphane DNS bortzmeyer+ietf@nic.fr FR AFNIC No No male onsite
8 Bulmer James Private GB Nokia Yes Yes onsite
9 Bush Randy NAT64/DNS64 randy@psg.com JP Internet Initiative Japan / Dragon Research No No onsite
10 Cheshire Stuart DNSSD, DNS Private US Apple No No onsite
11 Chowdhary Harish TLS 1.3 harish@nixi.in IN National Internet Exchange of India No No male onsite
12 Cooper Alissa Private US Cisco No No onsite
13 Dasineni Ranjeeth QUIC, HTTP 2.0 Private IN Facebook No Yes onsite
14 Deckers Sebastiaan HTTP 2.0 sebdeckers83@gmail.com SG Yes Yes onsite
15 Dupont Francis DHCP, DNS Francis.Dupont@fdupont.fr FR No No onsite
16 Eckel Charles OpenDaylight, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, VPP/FD.io, PNDA eckelcu@cisco.com US Cisco No No male onsite
17 Eggert Lars QUIC lars@netapp.com DE NetApp No No onsite
19 Ersue Mehmet YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF mersue@gmail.com DE Nokia No No onsite
20 Farrokhi Babak DNS, BGP babak@farrokhi.net IR Yes Yes onsite
21 Fioccola Giuseppe Private IT Telecom Italia No Yes onsite
22 Follath Janos TLS 1.3 Private GB Arm Yes Yes onsite
23 Fossati Thomas ACME STAR thomas.fossati@nokia.com GB Nokia No No onsite
24 Ghedini Alessandro TLS 1.3, QUIC Private GB Cloudflare No No onsite
25 Gillmor Daniel HTTP 451, DNS Privacy dkg@fifthhorseman.net US ACLU No No onsite
26 Gondwana Bron JMAP brong@fastmailteam.com AU FastMail No No male onsite
27 Guzman Marisol marisol.guzman@timesoft.com US Yes Yes remote
28 Harper Nick QUIC, TLS 1.3 Private US Google No No onsite
29 Hedstrom Leif QUIC leif@ogre.com US No No onsite
30 Howard Lee Interop of transition technologies lee.howard@retevia.net US Retevia No No onsite
31 Iyengar Janardhan QUIC Private US Google, Inc. No No onsite
32 Jadhav Rahul Rpl Rahul.ietf@gmail.com IN Huawei No No male onsite
33 Jenkins Neil JMAP neilj@fastmailteam.com AU FastMail No Yes male onsite
34 Jethanandani Mahesh YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF mjethanandani@gmail.com US Cisco Systems, Inc No No male onsite
35 Kaduk Benjamin TLS 1.3 Private US Akamai Technologies No No onsite
36 Keränen Ari Private FI Ericsson No No onsite
37 Khan Rubeel Ahmed rubeel_1@hotmail.com PK MCB Arif Habib Savings & Investments Yes No onsite
38 Kivinen Tero kivinen@iki.fi FI No No male onsite
39 konare Ismael HTTP 2.0 Ismaelkonare341@gmail.com AD orange ml Yes Yes remote
40 Larose Kyle SFC, DOTS, CAPPORT Private CA Sandvine No No onsite
41 lhbygvbj qeurhvbk 1 sample@email.tst AD Acunetix Yes Yes onsite
42 Lifar Alena Data leak Prevention Private RU Cisco Yes Yes onsite
43 Linkova Jen IPv6 Private AU No Yes onsite
44 McManus Patrick quic pmcmanus@mozilla.com US Mozilla No No onsite
45 Miller Matthew Private US Mozilla No No onsite
46 Montville Adam SACM/MILE Private US Center for Internet Security No No male onsite
47 Munyan William SACM Private US Center for Internet Security No No male onsite
48 MUTUA JESSE jmutua4u@gmail.com KE student Yes Yes remote
49 MWASYA MARY DNS, HTTP 2.0 marymwasya81@gmail.com KE No No female onsite
50 Nandakumar Suhas Private US - No No male onsite
51 Ott Jörg QUIC Private DE TUM No No onsite
52 Pandey Nikhil Python Private IN International Organisation of Software Developers Yes Yes onsite
53 Penno Reinaldo Data Leak Prevention (DLP) Private US Cisco No No onsite
54 Pignataro Carlos Private US Cisco No No onsite
55 Ren Gang DHCP IPv6 RPKI DNS Private CN Tsinghua University No Yes onsite
56 Rescorla Eric TLS 1.3 QUIC Private US Mozilla No No
57 Ruiz Mario Webrtc Private MX MoneyGram Yes Yes male remote
58 sabour naglaa DNS, HTTP 2.0, moaz_tar@hotmail.com EG Yes Yes female onsite
59 Sahib Shivan Private CA Cisco No No remote
60 sajjad syed muhammad dots Private PK RISE RIU Yes Yes male onsite
61 Schaad Jim CoAP, COSE, CWT, ACE Private US August Cellars No No onsite
62 Seemann Marten QUIC Private DE Protocol Labs No Yes onsite
63 Sethi Mohit EAP-NOOB mohit.sethi@nomadiclab.com FI Ericsson No No onsite
64 Shen Yiwen (Chris) I2NSF Private KR Sungkyunkwan University No Yes onsite
65 Srivastava Adithya DNS, TLS 1.3 Private IN Network Bulls Yes Yes male remote
66 Surý Ondřej DNS Private CZ ISC No No onsite
67 ten Oever Niels Public Interest niels@article19.org NL ARTICLE 19 No No onsite
68 Thomson Martin Captive Portals, QUIC, TLS martin.thomson@gmail.com AU Mozilla No No onsite
69 Toorop Willem DNS Private NL NLnet Labs No No male onsite
70 Trøan Ole ot@cisco.com NO cisco No No onsite
71 Tschofenig Hannes TLS 1.3 hannes.tschofenig@arm.com AT Tschofenig No No onsite
72 Uwimana Josue DNS, VPP/FD.io, RiOT, NETVC, WebRTC cs.josue@icloud.com RW University of Rwanda Yes Yes male onsite
73 Valdez Steven TLS 1.3 svaldez@google.com US Google No No onsite
74 Vassilev Vladimir YANG/NETCONF Private NO Transpacket No No onsite
75 Velvindron Loganaden logan@hackers.mu MU Hackers.mu No No remote
76 Verma Karan DNS Private IN Central University of Rajasthan No No male onsite
77 Voit Eric YANG Push with Security Private US Cisco No No onsite
78 Waltermire David SACM, NETCONF, ROLIE Private US NIST No No onsite
79 Wood Christopher QUIC, TLS 1.3 Private US Apple No Yes onsite
80 Zheng Olivier Yang/netconf/restconf Private FR No Yes male onsite
81 zheng guangying YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF/telemetry zhengguangying@huawei.com CN Huawei No No male onsite
82 Zhou Tianran YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF zhoutianran@huawei.com CN Huawei No No male onsite