Hackathon Attendance

IETF 102

Montreal, Canada
July 14-20, 2018

Planning to attend
Ordered by Remote or On Site
Last Name First Name Technologies Email Country Company First IETF First Hackathon Remote or On Site
1 Eckel Charles OpenDaylight, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, VPP/FD.io, YDK eckelcu@cisco.com US Cisco Systems No No onsite
2 Fossati Thomas ACME, TLS, QUIC - not sure yet thomas.fossati@nokia.com GB Nokia No No onsite
3 Wouters Paul IPsec, IKE, DNS, TLS, SDWAN paul@nohats.ca CA No No onsite
4 Leiba Barry email-related barryleiba@computer.org US Huawei Technologies No No onsite
5 Jennings Cullen fluffy@iii.ca CA CISCO No No onsite
6 Cheshire Stuart DNS Service Discovery, ECN ietf17@stuartcheshire.org US No No onsite
7 Lemon Ted DNS Service Discovery mellon@fugue.com US Nbbhaya Consulting No No onsite
8 Lopez Diego SFC, measurement, management, security diego.r.lopez@telefonica.com ES Telefonica I+D No No onsite
9 Barthel Dominique LPWAN, SCHC, IoT Private FR Orange Labs No No onsite
10 Fioccola Giuseppe giuseppe.fioccola@telecomitalia.it IT Telecom Italia No No onsite
11 Sethi Mohit EAP mohit.sethi@nomadiclab.com FI Ericsson No No onsite
12 Salam Naser IPv6 over Mobile Network nsalam@ripe.net AE Yes Yes onsite
13 Bortzmeyer Stéphane DNS bortzmeyer+ietf@nic.fr FR AFNIC No No onsite
14 MBACKE AhmathBamba WebRTC , HTTP 2.0 ahmathbamba.mbacke@gmail.com SN ISOC-SN Yes Yes onsite
15 Dupont Francis DNS DHCP Francis.Dupont@fdupont.fr FR ISC No No onsite
16 Swett Ian QUIC ianswett@google.com US Google No No onsite
17 Rescorla Eric TLS 1.3, QUIC ekr@rtfm.com US Mozilla No No onsite
18 Toorop Willem ODNS willem@nlnetlabs.nl NL NLnet Labs No No onsite
19 Vassilev Vladimir Private NO No No onsite
20 Jethanandani Mahesh YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF mjethanandani@gmail.com US Xoriant No No onsite
21 Gondwana Bron JMAP brong@fastmailteam.com AU FastMail No No onsite
22 Zhou Tianran ONOS zhoutianran@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
23 Eggert Lars QUIC lars@netapp.com DE NetApp No No onsite
24 Claise Benoit YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF bclaise@cisco.com BE cisco No No onsite
25 Jones Tom tom@erg.abdn.ac.uk GB No No onsite
26 Grover Gurshabad OAuth, TWAMP, HTTP 2.0, still deciding gurshabad@cis-india.org IN The Centre for Internet & Society Yes Yes onsite
27 Zhang Zhaohui RIFT zzhang@juniper.net US Juniper Networks No Yes onsite
28 Ranjan Ankit Http2.0 ankitranjan999@gmail.com IN Yes Yes onsite
29 gouaillard alexandre WebRTC, QUIC alex.gouaillard@cosmosoftware.io SG CoSMo Software No No onsite
30 Huitema Christian Quic huitema@huitema.net US No No onsite
31 Munyan Bill SACM, MILE bill.munyan.ietf@gmail.com US CIS No No onsite
32 Rijsman Bruno Private US No Yes onsite
33 KWON DOHYUNG gwondohyung@gmail.com KR Yes Yes onsite
34 KIM JUBONG jubong1992@gmail.com KR Yes Yes onsite
35 chamram auttakorn DNS, HTTP 2.0, NETVC, OpenDaylight, ONOS, VPP/FD.io, RiOT, SFC, TLS 1.3, WebRTC, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF auttakorn@netcube.co.th TH NET CUBE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Yes Yes onsite
36 ZHENG GUANGYING zhengguangying@huawei.com CN HUAWEI No No onsite
37 Kivinen Tero tcpao kivinen@iki.fi FI No No onsite
38 Przygienda Tony RIFT prz@juniper.net US Juniper No Yes onsite
39 Kovatsch Matthias WISHI matthias.kovatsch@siemens.com DE Siemens AG No No onsite
41 Saruni John TLS 1.3 Private KE Yes Yes onsite
42 Montville Adam SACM/MILE adam.w.montville@gmail.com US No No onsite
43 Thubert Pascal RIFT pthubert@cisco.com FR Cisco Systems No No onsite
44 Nagata Takahiko DOTS nagata@lepidum.co.jp JP lepidum Co. Ltd. No No onsite
45 Nisar Kashif DNS, HTTP 2.0, OpenDaylight, WebRTC net4kashif@gmail.com MA University Malaysia Sabah Yes Yes onsite
46 Lee Jaehwoon QUIC, sfc Private KR Dongguk University No No onsite
47 Ouellet Jean-Philippe jpo@vt.edu US Yes Yes onsite
48 Fujisaki Tomohiro fujisaki@syce.net JP Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporaiton No No onsite
49 Mishra Sanjay Limited Usage of Remote Keys (LURK) Protocol sanjay.mishra@verizon.com US Verizon No No onsite
50 Silverajan Bill Private FI Tampere University of Technology No No onsite
51 Aras Pallavi DNS paras@salesforce.com US Salesforce Yes Yes onsite
52 Muscariello Luca VPP/FD.io WebRTC lumuscar@cisco.com FR Cisco Systems Inc. No Yes onsite
53 Dickinson Sara DNS, DNSSEC, DNS Privacy, DoH sara@sinodun.com GB Sinodun No No onsite
54 Dickinson John jad@sinodun.com GB Sinodun No No onsite
55 Even Roni QUIC even.roni@gmail.com IL Huawei Technologies No No onsite
56 Seitz Ludwig ACE ludwig.seitz@ri.se SE RISE No Yes onsite
57 Keränen Ari WISHI Private FI Ericsson No No onsite
58 Krejci Radek NETCONF, YANG rkrejci@cesnet.cz CZ CESNET No No onsite
59 Pismenny Boris QUIC and TLS borisp@mellanox.com IL Mellanox Yes Yes onsite
60 Ihlar Marcus marcus.ihlar@ericsson.com SE Ericsson No No onsite
61 Hollebeek Tim Private US DigiCert No No onsite
62 Safra Alberto Any albertosafracodes@gmail.com US Alberto Safra Codes Yes Yes onsite
63 sarr dame OPENBTS, SNR amsarda@hotmail.fr SN hayo telecom / internet society Yes Yes onsite
64 Jadhav Rahul rpl, lpwan rahul.ietf@gmail.com IN Huawei No No onsite
65 Lewis Grace ACE glewis@sei.cmu.edu US Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute No Yes onsite
66 Ghedini Alessandro TLS 1.3, QUIC Private GB Cloudflare No No onsite
67 Klinedinst Dan ACE djklinedinst@sei.cmu.edu US CERT/Carnegie Mellon University Yes Yes onsite
68 Lassey Brad QUIC lassey@google.com US Google No No onsite
69 Echeverria Sebastian OpenDaylight, ACE, COAP secheverria@sei.cmu.edu CL Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute Yes Yes onsite
70 Nishizuka Kaname DOTS kaname@nttv6.jp JP NTT Communications No No onsite
71 Schaad Jim COSE, ACE, CoAP ietf@augustcellars.com US August Cellars No No onsite
72 Stephan Emile QUIC LURK emile.stephan@orange.com FR Orange No No onsite
73 max will marvelantivirus001@gmail.com US Antivirus Support Phone Number 5104601404 No No onsite
74 Oku Kazuho HTTP2, TLS, QUIC Private JP Fastly No No onsite
75 Asahina Toru YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF Private JP ALAXALA Networks Corporation No No onsite
76 Zumer Raphaël NETVC (AV1) Private CA Yes Yes onsite
77 Včelák Jan DNS Private CZ NS1 No No onsite
78 Valdez Steven TLS 1.3, QUIC svaldez@google.com US Google No No onsite
79 Ehoumi Gregoire DNS,OpenDaylight,YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF gregoire.ehoumi@yahoo.fr CA CGI Yes Yes onsite
80 Coupet Nathalie DNS, HTTP 2.0, TLS 1.3 nathaliecoupet@yahoo.com US ICANN Next-Gen RDS Yes Yes onsite
81 Tantsura Jeff RIFT jefftant.ietf@gmail.com US Nuage Networks No No onsite
82 Shi Zhenyu shizhenyu@huawei.com CN HUAWEI No No onsite
83 Tschofenig Hannes SUIT hannes.tschofenig@arm.com AT Arm Limited No No onsite
84 P e t t i f u r d Charles CharlespettifurdVIP@gmail.Com US No No onsite
85 Satti Vijay NETCONF, YANG, RESTCONF vijay.satti@live.com CA Yes Yes onsite
86 Larose Kyle Captive Portals, SFC kyle@agilicus.com CA Agilicus No No onsite
87 Hall Joseph Public Interest Technology joe@cdt.org US Center for Democracy & Technology No No onsite
88 Thaler Dave TEEP, SUIT dthaler@microsoft.com US Microsoft No No onsite
89 FitzMaurice Anna DOTS anna@equalit.ie CA eQualit.ie Yes Yes onsite
90 Kerr Shane DNS shane.kerr@oracle.com NL Oracle Dyn No No onsite
91 Wattenberg Tim DNS SD, ECN mail@timwattenberg.de DE No Yes onsite
92 WU QIN YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF bill.wu@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
93 Prindeville Philip secure network time philipp@redfish-solutions.com US Network Time Foundation No Yes onsite
94 Vyncke Eric YANG evyncke@cisco.com BE Cisco No No onsite
95 Dolmans Ralph DNS ralph@nlnetlabs.nl NL NLnet Labs No No onsite
96 Rodday Nils nils.rodday@unibw.de DE Yes Yes onsite
97 Estienne Lucas DNS lucas.estienne@cira.ca CA Canadian Internet Registration Authority Yes Yes onsite
98 ten Oever Niels Human Rights Impact Assessment of QUIC lists@digitaldissidents.org NL University of Amsterdam No No onsite
99 McManus Patrick quic pmcmanus@mozilla.com US Mozilla No No onsite
100 Knodel Mallory mallory@article19.org KE ARTICLE 19 No No onsite
101 BRIENT Matthieu IPv6 over LPWAN, SCHC matthieu@ackl.io CA Acklio Yes Yes onsite
102 Espinoza Felipe DNS, QUIC fdns@niclabs.cl CH NIC Chile Research Labs Yes Yes onsite
103 Stein Connor costein@cisco.com CA Cisco Systems Yes Yes onsite
104 Rattanasophon Cherngchai Thaitee@gmail.com TH หมู่บ้านลำพูนแลนแอนด์เฮ้าส์ Yes Yes onsite
105 Hegde Vinayak CoAP, DNS vinayakh@gmail.com IN Zoomcar No No onsite
106 Breuer Michael Private DE No No onsite
107 Martini Beatrice Human Rights Impact Assessment of QUIC Private IT Harvard University Yes Yes onsite
108 Perry Vaughan vaughanp@solutionsvp.ca CA Xelerance Yes Yes onsite
109 Minuchin Luciano DNS luciano@mxtools.com AR MXTOOLS No Yes onsite
110 Sahib Shivan ssahib@salesforce.com CA No No onsite
111 Augé Jordan YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, WebRTC, VPP/FD.io jordan.auge@cisco.com FR Cisco Systems No Yes onsite
112 Welty Richard NTP/NTS rwelty@nwtime.org US Network Time Foundation No No onsite
113 Kinnear Eric ekinnear@apple.com US Apple Yes Yes onsite
114 Jeong Jaehoon Paul I2NSF pauljeong@skku.edu KR Sungkyunkwan University No No onsite
115 wi sarang SFC, Opendaylight love950203@gmail.com KR SUNGKYUNKWAN UNIVERSITY No No onsite
116 Westerlund Magnus QUIC magnus.westerlund@ericsson.com SE Ericsson No Yes onsite
117 Lee Seungjin jine33@naver.com KR SungKyunKwan university No No onsite
118 Rose Kyle AQM krose@krose.org US Akamai Technologies No No onsite
119 Arkko Jari jari.arkko@piuha.net FI Ericsson No No onsite
120 Yang Jinhyuk yangkyforever@gmail.com KR Sungkyunkwan University Yes Yes onsite
121 Bernardos Carlos J. cjbc@it.uc3m.es ES UC3M No No onsite
122 Migault Alexia Private CA Independent Yes Yes onsite
123 Migault Nathan Private CA Independent Yes Yes onsite
124 Ward Shamar WebRTC, HTTP 2.0, Onos shamarakioward@gmail.com BB University Of The West Indies Cave Hill Campus Yes Yes onsite
125 Pelov Alexander LPWAN, YANG/COMI a@ackl.io FR ACKLIO No No onsite
126 Yoon Bin Yeong I2NSF byyun@etri.re.kr KR ETRI No No onsite
127 Ankrah Ebenezer Benjamin eben.ankrah@yahoo.com GH No No onsite
128 Huque Shumon DNS, DNSSEC, DANE, DPRIVE shuque@gmail.com US No No onsite
129 Adjih Cedric LPWAN, RIOT cedric.adjih@inria.fr FR Inria No No onsite
130 Pessoa Fabricio DNS Private BR MXTools Yes Yes onsite
131 Ibarra Alexandra ale@niclabs.cl CL NIC Labs Yes Yes onsite
132 Pusateri Tom DNS pusateri@bangj.com US ! j No No onsite
133 Lubashev Igor QUIC Private US Akamai Technologies No No onsite
134 Jordan Bret ROLIE Private US No Yes onsite
135 doria avri avri@acm.org US icann No Yes onsite
136 Thomson Martin QUIC, TLS martin.thomson@gmail.com AU Mozilla No No onsite
137 Suzuki Shigeya shigeya@wide.ad.jp JP No Yes onsite
138 Nakajima Hirotaka Private JP Mercari, Inc. No No onsite
139 Bhandari Shwetha shwethab@cisco.com IN Cisco Systems No No onsite
140 Lawrence David DNS Private US Oracle / Dyn No No onsite
141 song jun song.jun@huawei.com CN huawei No No onsite
142 Horsfall Matthew JMAP Private US FastMail No Yes onsite
143 SUN KYOUNGJAE I2NSF gomjae@dcn.ssu.ac.kr KR SSU No No onsite
144 Mankin Allison DNS allison.mankin@gmail.com US Salesforce No No onsite
145 Signes Ricardo JMAP rjbs@fastmailteam.com US FastMail No Yes onsite
146 yang hyunsik I2NSF yangun@dcn.ssu.ac.kr KR IISTRC No No onsite
147 Tuexen Michael SCTP tuexen@fh-muenster.de DE Muenster University of Applied Sciences No No onsite
148 Morton Al QUIC spin bit implementation & metrics acm@research.att.com US AT&T Labs No No onsite
149 Toutain laurent LPWAN laurent.toutain@imt-atlantique.fr FR No No onsite
150 Kandasamy Arunprabhu LPWAN, COMI arun@ackl.io FR ACKLIO No No onsite
151 Roman Mashak Private CA Mojatatu Networks Yes Yes onsite
152 Craig Dillabaugh Private CA Mojatatu Networks Yes Yes onsite
153 Harper Nick QUIC nharper@google.com US Google No No onsite
154 Park Peter QUIC, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF Private KR Yes Yes onsite
155 Thakore Darshak OpenDaylight darshakthakore@gmail.com US CableLabs No No onsite
156 Hares Susan shares@ndzh.com US Huawei No No onsite
157 Suzuki Mio MILE Private JP NICT No No onsite
158 Alowayed Yousef Any yousefzoq@gmail.com US KAUST Yes Yes onsite
159 McCool Michael Web of Things, Semantic Web for IoT, iot.schema.org michael.mccool@intel.com JP Intel K. K. No Yes onsite
160 YAN GANG CUSP yangang@huawei.com CN Huawei No Yes onsite
161 chen xia jescia.chenxia@huawei.com CN No Yes onsite
162 Jensen Bill LPWAN, YANG/NETCONF wej@doit.wisc.edu US University of WI - Madison No No onsite
163 Roh Tae Kyun tkroh0198@gmail.com KR No No onsite
164 Runnegar Christine runnegar@isoc.org US Internet Society No No onsite
165 Weiler Samuel DNS, NTS/NTP weiler@w3.org US No No onsite
166 Preda Stere Private CA Yes Yes onsite
167 Grégoire Benoit JMAP benoitg@coeus.ca CA Evoludata No No onsite
168 Fedyk Don Rift don.fedyk@hpe.com US No No onsite
169 Meysenburg Nat nat@opentechinstitute.org US Open Technology Institute Yes Yes onsite
170 Surý Ondřej DNS ondrej@isc.org CZ ISC No No onsite
171 Krecicki Witold DNS wpk@isc.org PL ISC No Yes onsite
172 Benjamin David TLS 1.3 Private US Google No No onsite
173 Mrugalski Tomek IPv6 SLAAC tomasz.mrugalski@gmail.com PL ISC No No onsite
174 Koster Michael T2TRG michaeljohnkoster@gmail.com US Samsung/SmartThings No No onsite
175 Millican Jon MLS Private GB Facebook No Yes onsite
176 Takahashi Takeshi MILE, SUIT, DOTS takeshi_takahashi@nict.go.jp JP NICT No No onsite
177 GAZALIY ALADE IPv6 alade1518@gmail.com NG Github Yes Yes onsite
178 Petrov Ivaylo YANG/CoMI ivaylo@ackl.io FR Acklio No No onsite
179 Oginni Olubunmi OpenDaylight ooginni@hawk.iit.edu US Yes Yes onsite
180 TOURAY NDEY DNS,IPV6,HTTP 2.0 matouraybukarr@gmail.com GM THE GAMBIA CYBER SECURITY Yes No onsite
181 ElSerngawy Mohamed COAP, VPP, SFC, Opendaylight m.elserngawy@gmail.com CA kontron Yes Yes onsite
182 O'Donoghue Karen NTP NTS odonoghue@isoc.org US Internet Society No No onsite
183 Overeinder Benno DNS, DNSSEC, DNS-over-TLS, DNS-over-HTTPS benno@NLnetLabs.nl NL NLnet Labs No No onsite
184 Schwartz Benjamin HTTP 2.0 Private US Google LLC No No onsite
185 Gavrichenkov Töma ximaera@gmail.com CZ Qrator Labs CZ No No onsite
186 Bagdonas Ignas BMP/BGP, VPP/FD.io, YANG Private GB Equinix No No onsite
187 Bormann Carsten WISHI, RIOT cabo@tzi.org DE Uni Bremen TZI No No onsite
188 Miller Matthew linuxwolf+ietf@outer-planes.net US Mozilla No No onsite
189 Pehlivanov Rostislav NETVC, CELLAR atomnuker@gmail.com GB Mozilla Yes Yes onsite
190 Cho Yushin AV1 (probably under NETVC) cho.yushin@gmail.com US Mozilla No No onsite
191 Barbato Luca Ugo Maria AV1 Private IT Luminem/Libav/Videolan/Xiph/Gentoo Yes Yes onsite
192 Vershkov Ilya rift Vershkov.ml@gail.com IL Mellanox No Yes onsite
193 Penno Reinaldo Yang, Telemetry for Security in K8s/Containers rapenno@gmail.com US Cisco Systems, Inc No No onsite
194 Zuniga Juan-Carlos LPWAN juancarlos.zuniga@sigfox.com CA SIGFOX No No onsite
195 Laporte Marc JMAP, WebRTC, XMPP Private CA WikiSuite, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, Openfire, Syncthing, Cle No No onsite
196 Wang Michael CUSP wangzitao@huawei.com CN HUAWEI No No onsite
197 Strzyżewski Piotr Private PL No Yes onsite
198 Kanno Satoru kanno@lepidum.co.jp JP Lepidum Co. Ltd. No No onsite
199 Zong Ning Private CN Huawei No No onsite
200 Lynn Kerry WISHI kerlyn@ieee.org US Oracle+Dyn No No onsite
201 Park Jiye Private DE No No onsite
202 Murchison Ken JMAP murch@fastmail.com US FastMail US LLC No Yes onsite
203 Robert Charles DNS, IPv6, WebRTC, RiOT crobert@isoc.quebec CA ISOC Quebec Yes Yes onsite
204 Alvestrand Harald harald@alvestrand.no SE Google No No onsite
205 Kaduk Ben TLS 1.3?, PERC?, MLS? Private US Akamai Technologies No No onsite
206 Blacka David DNS davidb@verisign.com US Verisign No Yes onsite
207 Li Zhenqiang OPSAWG, Routing li_zhenqiang@hotmail.com CN China Mobile No No onsite
208 Birkholz Henk COAP, COMI, CORE, YANG, YOT henk.birkholz@sit.fraunhofer.de DE Fraunhofer SIT No No onsite
209 Lee Lavinia lavinia.lee@mail.mcgill.ca CA Yes Yes onsite
210 Aries Ebben YANG/NETCONF exa@juniper.net US Juniper Networks No No onsite
211 Cooper Alissa alissa@cooperw.in US No No onsite
212 FRIKHA AYMEN VPP/FD.io, LPWAN, aymen.frikha88@gmail.com CA No Yes onsite
213 Sibold Dieter dieter.sibold@ptb.de DE PTB No No onsite
214 Feamster Nick DNS Privacy / Oblivious DNS feamster@cs.princeton.edu US Princeton University No Yes onsite
215 Morin Yan Private CA ProgYSM Yes Yes onsite
216 Afanasiev Dmitry RIFT dmitry.afanasiev@gmail.com RU Yandex No Yes onsite
217 Matthews Tristan NETVC tmatth@videolan.org CA No No onsite
218 Vaillant Jean-Luc LPWAN, SCHC Private US Yes Yes onsite
219 Newman Chris Arc, Jmap Chris.newman@oracle.com US Oracle No No onsite
220 Holmberg Christer Christer.holmberg@ericsson.com FI Ericsson No No onsite
221 Palombini Francesca Private SE No No onsite
222 zhang yongkang zhangyongkang@huawei.com CN Yes Yes onsite
223 Fiebig Tobias DNS t.fiebig@tudelft.nl NL TU Delft No Yes onsite
224 Zorgati Malek Private CA Yes Yes onsite
225 Bennani Chahrazed COAP, IPv6, LWPAN, WebrRTC ec_bennani@esi.dz DZ Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique (ESI) Yes Yes onsite
226 FENGHUA ZHAO zhaofenghua@huawei.com CN HUAWEI No No onsite
227 Gillmor Daniel MLS, DNS-over-TLS dkg@fifthhorseman.net US ACLU No No onsite
228 Volodina Ekaterina ekaterina.volodina@uni-due.de DE No No onsite
229 Seltzer Wendy wseltzer@w3.org US W3C/MIT No No onsite
230 Terriberry Timothy NETVC Private US Mozilla/Xiph.Org No No onsite
231 Martinez Carlos dns, ipv6 carlosm3011@gmail.com UY LACNIC No No onsite
232 Jimenez Jaime CoAP jaime.jimenez@ericsson.com FI ERICSSON No No onsite
233 Wang Donghui wangdonghui124@huawei.com CN HUAWEI Yes Yes onsite
234 Anzola Luis lanzola@linkedin.com US Yes Yes onsite
235 Schinazi David QUIC Private US Apple No No onsite
236 Wisser Ulrich DNS ulrich.wisser@iis.se SE IIS No Yes onsite
237 Xia Liang DOTS frank.xialiang@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
238 Flohr Julius Julius.flohr@uni-due.de DE University of Duisburg Essen No No onsite
239 Eastlake Donald DNS d3e3e3@gmail.com US No No onsite
240 Butts Robert HTTP, DNS Private US Comcast Yes Yes onsite
241 Lemmons Chris alficles@gmail.com US Yes Yes onsite
242 Banghart Stephen SACM,MILE stephen.banghart@nist.gov US NIST No No onsite
243 Nagayama Shota blockchain shota.nagayama@mercari.com JP Mercari, Inc. No Yes onsite
244 Shepard Tim shep@alum.mit.edu US No No onsite
245 Roach Adam PERC adam@nostrum.com US Mozilla No No onsite
246 migault Daniel mglt.ietf@gmail.com CA No No onsite
247 Cicileo Guillermo gcicileo@gmail.com AR LACNIC No No onsite
248 Samara Khalid khalidsamara10@gmail.com JO MENOG Yes Yes onsite
249 Barnes Richard PERC, MLS Private US Cisco No No onsite
250 Iyengar Jana QUIC Private US Fastly No No onsite
251 Frindell Alan QUIC Private US Facebook No No onsite
252 Rahman Reshad YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF rrahman@cisco.com CA Cisco Systems No No onsite
253 Rahman Reshad YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF rrahman2@cisco.com CA Cisco Systems No No onsite
254 Saraj Tariq TLS, DNS tariqsaraj@gmail.com PK Riphah Institute of Systems Engineering No No onsite
255 Lundblade Laurence CBOR, COSE lgl@island-resort.com US None No Yes onsite
256 Inacio Chris SACM,MILE Private US Carnegie Mellon University No No onsite
257 Pauly Tommy Private US Apple Inc No No onsite
258 mishra mankamana mankamis@cisco.com US cisco systems No No onsite
259 Lu Yunsong whoeverys@hotmail.com US No No onsite
260 MAHMUD MOHIBUL mohibul.mahmud@gmail.com CA TELUS No Yes onsite
261 VIHO Cesar CoAP, IPv6, LPWAN Private FR No No onsite
262 Okubo Tomofumi tomofumi.okubo@digicert.com US DigiCert, Inc. No No onsite
263 Rajaei Saman DNS, IPv6, QUIC,LPWAN Private GB Cobalt DL Yes Yes onsite
264 cam-winget nancy SACM,MILE ncamwing@cisco.com US Cisco No No onsite
265 Quist-Aphetsi Kester HTTP,TLS,DNS kquist-Aphetsi@gtuc.edu.gh GH Cisco Yes Yes onsite
266 Donng Jie YANG/NETCONF jie.dong@huawei.com CN No No onsite
267 Chen Mach YANG/NETCONF mach.chen@huawei.com CN No No onsite
268 Aranda Gutierrez Pedro Andres OpenDaylight Private ES Universidad Carlos III Madrid No No onsite
269 Gundavelli Sri IPv6 sgundave@cisco.com US Cisco No No onsite
270 Wood Christopher christopherwood07@gmail.com US Apple No No onsite
271 Kim Pyung Soo IPv6 pskim@kpu.ac.kr KR Korea Polytechnic University No No onsite
272 Han Youn-Hee IPv6 Private KR No Yes onsite
273 durand alain DNS alain.durand@icann.org US ICANN No No onsite
274 rakanovic demir ipv6 demir.rakanovic@u-blox.coom IT u-blox No No onsite
275 Freyther Holger DNS Private GB Yes Yes onsite
276 Moskowitz Bob COAP, LPWAN rgm@labs.htt-consult.com US HUAWEI No No onsite
277 KAMGA DIEUDONNE MAGLOIRE HTTP 2.0, DNS , TLS 1.3 dkamga13@gmail.com CA ECEEV Yes Yes onsite
278 Montpetit Marie-Jose marie@mjmontpetit.com CA No No onsite
279 Fantuzzi Massimiliano DNS-over-HTTP superfantuz@gmail.com CH No No remote
280 Velvindron Loganaden logan@hackers.mu MU hackers.mu No No remote
281 HONGTAO GUO guohongtao@huawei.com CN No Yes remote
282 van der Pol Ronald ietf102@rvdp.org NL No No remote
283 Sharma Utkarsh RiOT, WebRTC utkarsh.rmp@gmail.com IN Yes Yes remote
284 Deshmukh Rajvardhan Somraj HTTP 2.0 rdeshmukh@umass.edu US University of Massachusetts Amherst Yes Yes remote
285 Odoi-Lartey Benjamin IoT bolartey@knust.edu.gh GH Computer Science Department, KNUST Yes Yes remote
286 Narayanan Koushik DNS, HTTP, koushik.narayanan@gmail.com IN Yes Yes remote
287 mutkawoa nitin jmutkawoa@hackers.mu MU hackers.mu No No remote
288 Amenyah Albert DNS kwameanati@gmail.com GH University of Ghana Yes Yes remote
289 Khan Rubeel Ahmed rubeel_1@hotmail.com PK IBEX Global No No remote
290 Xia Ethiek WebRTC, QUIC, P2P, DNS x@0xxx.net CN mei.academy No No remote
291 Mohamed Khansa K.abdalla@q-ab.com SD Yes No remote
292 Gomez Alberto absgomz66@gmail.com PH Googles Yes Yes remote
293 Parmar Shivalal DNS, HTTP 2.0, NETVC, OpenDaylight, ONOS, VPP/FD.io, RiOT, SFC, TLS 1.3, WebRTC, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF shivalalkumawat@gmail.com IN ABC Associates Yes Yes remote
294 Cheenaramen Pirabarlen TLS 1.3 Private MU hackers.mu No No remote
295 Bennett Alan alan@opensourcefoundries.com US Open Source Foundries, Ltd. Yes Yes remote
296 Piraux Maxime QUIC Private BE UCLouvain No No remote
297 Shallow Jon DOTS Private GB NCC No No remote
298 Auleear Mohammad Yasir Tls 1.3 Private MU No No remote
299 Mugeni Polly pmugeni@gmail.com KE Visitech Solutions No No remote
300 Gogwim Joel IPv6, DNS gogwim@gmail.com NG University of Jos, Nigeria No Yes remote
301 Chen Xiaoming cusp chenxiaoming11@huawei.com CN huawei Yes Yes remote
302 Cardell Widerkrantz Michael DNS, NTS Private SE Netnod No No remote
303 Auhammud Muzaffar TLS 1.3 muzaffar@hackers.mu MU hackers.mu No No remote
304 Velvindron Codarren TLS 1.3 codarren@hackers.mu MU hackers.mu No No remote
305 Ambardekar Kiran YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF kiran.ambardekar@xoriant.com IN No No remote
306 Yong Sao Young Nigel Steven Ken Fouk nigelyong@hackers.mu MU Hackers.mu No No remote
307 Justin Daniel COAP, DNS, HTTP 2.0, IPv6, LPWAP and TLS 1.3 danieljmuleke@sdnp.org.mw MW Malawi SDNP Yes Yes remote
308 Langer Martin NTP, TICTOC mart.langer@ostfalia.de DE Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences No No remote
309 Ellison Mark YANG ellison@ieee.org US Ellison Software Consulting No Yes remote
310 Sheik Meeran Ashmith Kifah tls 1.3 maskys@hackers.mu MU hackers.mu No No remote
311 Qin Fengwei CUSP qinfengwei@chinamobile.com CN No No remote
312 Hu Shujun CUSP shujun_hu@outlook.com CN No No remote
313 Widell Niklas WISHI Private SE Ericsson AB No No remote
314 Toker Alp RFC7725, public interest alp@netblocks.org GB NetBlocks No No remote
315 Nguyen Quy LPWAN, COMI quy@ackl.io FR Yes Yes remote
316 Sakane Shoichi lpwan sakane@tanu.org JP WIDE Project No No remote
317 Lublin Daniel NTS,DNS Private SE Yes Yes remote
318 Saadat Khalil khalil.saadat.17@ucl.ac.uk GB Yes Yes remote
319 abdalrhman fadail htttp ,ipv6,netconf/restconf tasmob2015@gmail.com SD Riad and schools of fadail Yes Yes remote