Hackathon Attendance

IETF 104

Prague, Czech Republic
March 23 - 29, 2019

Planning to attend
Ordered by First Name
Last Name First Name Technologies Email Country Company First IETF First Hackathon Remote or On Site
1 Malhotra Aanchal NTS aanchal4@bu.edu US Boston University No No onsite
2 Alfaiz Abdulaziz RIFT Private SA CITC Yes Yes onsite
3 Jain Agam DNS, TLS 1.3 Private IN No Yes remote
4 Abdelsalam Ahmed IPv6, SFC, SR, SRV6, VPP/FD.io, ahabdels@cisco.com IT Cisco Yes Yes onsite
5 Turkmen Ahmet OpenDaylight,DNS, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF f.ahmet.turkmen@icloud.com TR Yes Yes remote
6 dubs aim I would like to focus on these technologies (e.g., COAP, DNS, DOTS, HTTP 2.0, IPv6, LPWAN, QUIC, SFC, TLS 1.3, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, WebRTC, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, RiOT, VPP/FD.io, etc.) awendt3@gatech.edu US No No remote
7 Ismail Aiman COAP, RIOT muhammadaimanbin.ismail@haw-hamburg.de DE HAW Hamburg Yes Yes onsite
8 Tsukamoto Akira TEEP/OTrP Private JP AIST Yes Yes onsite
9 Morton Al Performance Measurement Tools acm@research.att.com US AT&T Labs No No onsite
10 Compagno Alberto acompagn@cisco.com FR Cisco Systems No Yes onsite
11 Peltonen Aleksi EAP-NOOB aleksi.peltonen@aalto.fi FI Aalto University No No onsite
12 Mrázek Aleš YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, DNS ales.mrazek@nic.cz CZ CZ.NIC Yes Yes onsite
13 Ghedini Alessandro QUIC, TLS 1.3 Private GB Cloudflare No No onsite
14 Bassi Alessandro COAP LPWAN QUIC a.bassi@tech40.eu CZ No Yes onsite
15 Tokar Alex DTN Private SK Cisco Systems No No onsite
16 roscoe alex EAAP NOOB alexander.roscoe@gmail.com US No No onsite
17 Isavnin Alexander i@ozi-ru.org RU Internet Protection Society Yes Yes onsite
18 Abadie Alexandre RIOT alexandre.abadie@inria.fr FR Inria No No onsite
19 gouaillard alexandre WebRTC Private SG CoSMo No No onsite
20 Hamza Ali DNS, HTTP 2.0, IPv6 and TLS 1.3 alihamza.se17@iba-suk.edu.pk PK SIBAU Yes Yes remote
21 Woodman Alistair YANG, ODL, OPNFV, VPP/FD.io awoodman@netdef.org US NetDEF No No onsite
22 Toker Alp Public interest, measurement, privacy alp@netblocks.org GB NetBlocks Group No No onsite
23 Andersdotter Ameliua HTTP2.0, DNS Private IE ThousandEyes No No onsite
24 Jon Anand HTTP 2.0 anandjon.17@gmail.com IN Yes Yes onsite
25 Raje Anand rajeanand@gmail.com IN No No onsite
26 Schulze Andreas DNS, TLS1.3 Private DE DATEV eG No No onsite
27 Foglar Andreas IPv6 foglar@innoroute.com DE InnoRoute GmbH Yes Yes onsite
28 Färber Andreas LPWAN afaerber@suse.de DE SUSE No No onsite
29 Kozem?ák Andrej VPP/FD.io, SRv6 andrej.kozemcak@pantheon.tech SK Yes Yes onsite
30 valevskiy andrii IPv6 COAP, DNS, точек, HTTP 2.0, IPv6, LPWAN, QUIC, SFC, TLS 1.3, Ян/NETCONF/RESTCONF, WebRTC, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, бунт, VPP/FD.io valevskiyandriy78@gmail.com UA apetreyd fiting No No
31 Sharapova Anna DNS, TLS 1.3, QUIC, OPNFV, WebRTC Private RU No Yes onsite
32 Pandey Anoop Kumar DNS, Quic Private IN CDAC Yes Yes onsite
33 BERNARD Antoine DNS, LPWAN antoine_bernard@telecom-sudparis.eu FR Yes Yes onsite
34 Przygienda Antoni RIFT prz@juniper.net US Juniper Networks, Inc., Sunnyvale, California No No onsite
35 Antony Antony IPsec antony@phenome.org NL No Yes onsite
36 Tuppawong Anunya IPv6, oraphim1983@outlook.com MN LLC Yes Yes onsite
37 Parajuli Anup anopparajuli@gmail.com NE Yes Yes remote
38 Keränen Ari WISHI Private FI Ericsson No No onsite
39 Makutunowicz Artur RIFT Private US LinkedIn Yes Yes onsite
40 Ooka Atsushi ICN/CCN a-ooka@nict.go.jp JP NICT Yes Yes onsite
41 Török Attila YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, DetNet attila.torok@omnetpp.org HU OpenSim Ltd. Yes Yes onsite
42 Asmeth Aysha COAP, TCP aaysha@terpmail.umd.edu US Yes Yes remote
43 Leiba Barry IMAP, JMAP, DMARC, other email barryleiba@computer.org US Huawei Technologies No No onsite
44 Fussell Barry ACVP bfussell@cisco.com US Cisco Systems No Yes onsite
45 Kyemba Ben DNS, IPv6, TLS 1.3 and DOTS Private UG Research and Education Network for Uganda Yes Yes onsite
46 Wong Benedct IPsec, IKEv2, QUIC Private US Yes Yes onsite
47 Overeinder Benno DNS benno@NLnetLabs.nl NL NLnet Labs No No onsite
48 Kibet Bernice bernice.jepkoech@gmail.com KE Safaricom Limited Yes Yes onsite
49 Munyan Bill SACM,MILE bill.munyan.ietf@gmail.com US Center for Internet Security No No onsite
50 Silverajan Bill Private FI Tampere University No No onsite
51 Yoon Bin Yeong I2NSF byyun@etri.re.kr KR ETRI No No onsite
52 Mellem Bjorn QUIC Private US Google Yes Yes onsite
53 Wu Bo YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF Private CN Huawei No No onsite
54 Hinden Bob IPv6 bob.hinden@gmail.com US Check Point Software Technologies No Yes onsite
55 Briscoe Bob AccECN, ECN++, L4S ietf@bobbriscoe.net GB Independent (and CableLabs) No Yes onsite
56 Pilka Boris DTN boris.pilka@x-works.io SK X-works No No onsite
57 Moran Brendan Firmware Update brendan.moran@arm.com GB No Yes onsite
58 Jordan Bret CACAO jordan2175@gmail.com US No No onsite
59 Trammell Brian ietf@trammell.ch CH Google No No onsite
60 Gondwana Bron JMAP brong@fastmailteam.com AU FastMail Pty Ltd No No onsite
61 Rijsman Bruno RIFT Private US None No No remote
62 Bournez Carine WebRTC carine@w3.org FR W3C No Yes onsite
63 Genzel Carl-Heinz carl-heinz.genzel@amperias.com DE Yes Yes onsite
64 Bormann Carsten WISHI and other technologies relevant to IoT cabo@tzi.org DE Uni Bremen TZI No No onsite
65 Sundrehagen Cecilie HTTP 2.0 cecmarsun@icloud.com NO Student Yes Yes onsite
66 Adjih Cedric NWCRG (+LPWAN,ICN,RIOT) cedric.adjih@inria.fr FR Inria No No onsite
67 Gündogan Cenk RIOT Private DE HAW Hamburg No No onsite
68 CHUNG CHAEHONG darkhong@skku.edu KR No No onsite
69 Eckel Charles YANG, NETCONF, RESTCONF, OpenDaylight eckelcu@cisco.com US Cisco Systems No No onsite
70 Pettifurd Charles CharlespettifurdVIP@gmail.Com US No No onsite
71 Li Cheng SRv6, SR, IPv6, SFC, VPP/FD.io chengli13@huawei.com CN Huawei No Yes onsite
72 Morrow Chris morrowc@google.com US Google No No onsite
73 Newman Chris chris.newman@oracle.com US Oracle No No onsite
74 Wood Chris christopherwood07@gmail.com US Apple No No onsite
75 Inacio Chris SACM, SUIT inacio@cert.org US Carnegie Mellon University No No onsite
76 Weinigel Christer NTS christer@weinigel.se SE Weinigel Ingenjörsbyrå AB / Netnod Yes Yes onsite
77 Huitema Christian QUIC huitema@huitema.net US Private Octopus Inc. No No onsite
78 Hopfner Christian Private DE No No remote
79 Amsüss Christian CoAP / WISHI Private AT No No onsite
80 Celi Christopher christopher.celi@nist.gov US No Yes onsite
81 Scherb Christopher ICN/CCN/NDN/NFN/PiCN christopher.scherb@unibas.ch CH University of Basel No No onsite
82 Marxer Claudio ICN, CCN, NDN, NFN, PiCN Private CH University of Basel No No onsite
83 Velvindron Codarren TLS 1.3 codarren@cyberstorm.mu MU cyberstorm.mu No No remote
84 Cath Corinne corinnecath@gmail.com GB Oxford Internet Institute No No onsite
85 Pelsser Cristel pelsser@unistra.fr FR University of Strasbourg No No onsite
86 Jennings Cullen fluffy@cisco.com CA No No onsite
87 Htet Cyber officaldevice003@gmail.com DM No No onsite
88 Htet Cyber netglobal067@gmail.com DM No No onsite
89 York Dan DNS york@isoc.org US Internet Society No No onsite
90 Gultsch Daniel JMAP Private DE Yes Yes onsite
91 Petry Daniel RIOT, IoT Semantics Private DE Freie Universität Berlin Yes Yes onsite
92 migault daniel mglt.ietf@gmail.com CA Ericsson No No onsite
93 Petrie Daniel SUIT dpetrie@sipez.com US SIPez LLC No No onsite
94 Gillmor Daniel dkg@fifthhorseman.net US ACLU No No onsite
95 Lachos Perez Danny Alex ONAP, OpenDaylight, SFC dlachosp@dca.fee.unicamp.br BR University of Campinas (UNICAMP) No No onsite
96 Thaler Dave TEEP dthaler@microsoft.com US Microsoft No No onsite
97 Plonka David IPv6, ECN, AQM dave@plonka.us US No No onsite
98 Lamparter David YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF equinox@diac24.net DE NetDEF / FRRouting No No onsite
99 Lebrun David dlebrun@google.com IE Google No Yes onsite
100 Benjamin David TLS 1.3 davidben@google.com US Google No No onsite
101 Schinazi David QUIC Private US Google No No onsite
102 Waltermire David david.waltermire@nist.gov US No No onsite
103 FAN DAWEI IPv6/YANG david.fan@huawei.com CN Yes Yes onsite
104 rakanovic demir quic demir.rakanovic@gmail.com SI No No onsite
105 Stiers Derek djj64151@gmail.com US Yes Yes onsite
106 DHODY DHRUV SFC Private IN HUAWEI - INDIA No No onsite
107 Lopez Diego diego.r.lopez@telefonica.com ES Telefonica I+D No No onsite
108 Sibold Dieter NTS dieter.sibold@ptb.de DE PTB No No onsite
109 Real Diogo MLS diogo.m.real95@gmail.com US Google Yes Yes onsite
110 Soomirtee Diresh avisoomirtee.as@gmail.com MU cyberstorm.mu No No remote
111 Kutscher Dirk HICN ietf@dkutscher.net DE University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer No No onsite
112 Tairov Dmitry HTTP2.0, DNS Private IE ThousandEyes Yes Yes onsite
113 Kohmanyuk Dmitry DNS QUIC TLS dk@hostmaster.ua UA No No onsite
114 Afanasiev Dmitry RIFT Private RU Yandex No No onsite
115 Hazael-Massieux Dominique WebRTC dom@w3.org FR W3C No Yes onsite
116 Barthel Dominique LPWAN, SCHC, IOT, IPv6, CoAP Private FR Orange Labs No No onsite
117 Eastlake Donald DNS, SFC d3e3e3@gmail.com US No No onsite
118 Inglés Sánchez Eduardo EAP-NOOB eduardo.ingles@um.es ES University of Murcia Yes Yes onsite
119 Mohammadpour Ehsan ehsan.mohammadpour@epfl.ch CH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) No No onsite
120 Lear Eliot BRSKI Private CH Cisco Systems No No onsite
121 Stephan Emile LURK, QUIC, HTTP2 emile.stephan@orange.com FR Orange No No onsite
122 Baccelli Emmanuel RIOT emmanuel.baccelli@inria.fr FR Inria No No onsite
123 Andre Emmanuel WebRTC emmanuel.andre@cosmosoftware.io SG Cosmo Software Yes Yes onsite
124 Kinnear Eric Private US Apple No No onsite
125 Vyncke Eric YANG IPv6 evyncke@cisco.com BE Cisco No No onsite
126 Voit Eric evoit@cisco.com US Cisco No No onsite
127 rescorla eric Stuff Private US No No onsite
128 Nordmark Erik nordmark@sonic.net US Zededa No No onsite
129 Xia Ethiek EDNS(0) , QUIC, WebRTC, P2P x@0xxx.net CN SignalSeed No No remote
130 Hunt Evan DNS each@isc.org US ISC No No onsite
131 Duchene Fabien fabien.duchene@uclouvain.be BE UCLouvain No No onsite
132 Weinrank Felix SCTP weinrank@fh-muenster.de DE FH-Muenster No No onsite
133 ZHAO FENGHUA YANG/NetConf zhaofenghua@huawei.com CN No No onsite
134 Qin Fengwei qinfengwei@chinamobile.com CN Yes Yes onsite
135 Varga Filip filip.varga@pantheon.tech SK Yes Yes onsite
136 Palombini Francesca Private SE Ericsson No No onsite
137 Dupont Francis DHCP, DNS Francis.Dupont@fdupont.fr FR ISC No No onsite
138 Acosta Francisco RIOT, LPWAN f.acosta.ext@kugu-home.com DE Kugu-Home No No onsite
139 Molina Francisco COAP, RiOT Private FR Inria No No onsite
140 Galan Francisco J. IPv6 franciscojaviergr@iesgalileo.es ES Yes Yes remote
141 Michel François QUIC HTTP(2|3) QUIC-FEC MP-QUIC Private BE UCLouvain No No onsite
142 FIEAU Frederic QUIC, H2, LURK Private FR Orange No No onsite
143 MIao Fuyou IPv6 fuyou.miao@huawei.com CN Huawei Technologies No Yes onsite
144 Harter Gaëtan RIOT Private DE Freie Universität Berlin Yes Yes onsite
145 Miller Gary NTS-KE/NTPD gem@rellim.com US NTPsec Yes Yes remote
146 Müller Gero RiOT gero.mueller@inria.fr FR CITI Lab, Inria, Lyon Yes Yes onsite
147 selander goran goran.selander@ericsson.com SE Ericsson No No onsite
148 ZHENG GUANGYING YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF zhengguangying@huawei.com CN HUAWEI No No onsite
149 Grover Gurshabad Private IN Centre for Internet and Society No No onsite
150 Tschofenig Hannes hannes.tschofenig@arm.com AT Tschofenig No No onsite
151 Steiner Hans-Christoph TLS ESNI hans@guardianproject.info AT Guardian Project Yes Yes onsite
152 Alvestrand Harald WebRTC harald@alvestrand.no NO Google No No onsite
153 Petersen Hauke RIOT, BLE hauke.petersen@fu-berlin.de DE Freie Universität Berlin No No onsite
154 van Essen Hendrik Private DE Freie Universität Berlin Yes Yes onsite
155 Birkholz Henk SACM henk.birkholz@sit.fraunhofer.de DE Fraunhofer SIT No No onsite
156 Boström Henrik WebRTC hbos@google.com SE Google Yes Yes onsite
157 Anggawijaya Hermin Private NZ No No onsite
158 panchasara hiren hiren@cloudflare.com US Cloudflare No Yes onsite
159 Nakajima Hirotaka nunnun@mercari.com JP Mercari No No onsite
160 KUMAR HITESH DNS, HTTPS, IPv6, TLS 1.3, TCP/IP Private IN Yes Yes remote
161 Asaeda Hitoshi ICN/CCN, Cefore asaeda@nict.go.jp JP NICT No Yes onsite
162 Yang Huaru IPv6, YANG huaru.yang@huawei.com CN Huawei Technologies No No onsite
163 Learmonth Iain Measurement irl@torproject.org GB Tor Project No Yes onsite
165 Lubashev Igor QUIC Private US Akamai Technologies No No onsite
166 Mater Isik Public interest, measurement, privacy isik@netblocks.org TR NetBlocks Group No No onsite
167 Petrov Ivaylo WISHI ivaylo@ackl.io FR Acklio No No onsite
168 Ng Jackson Private MY No No onsite
169 Jeong Jaehoon (Paul) I2NSF jaehoon.paul@gmail.com KR Sungkyunkwan University No No onsite
170 Lee Jaehwoon Private KR DGU No No onsite
171 Han Jaeseob j89449@kaist.ac.kr KR No No onsite
172 Jimenez Jaime CoAP, SUIT, RIOT jaime.jimenez@ericsson.com ES Ericsson No No onsite
173 Holland Jake Multicast jakeholland.net@gmail.com US Akamai No No onsite
174 Walz Jakob TLS 1.3, DANE Private DE Yes Yes onsite
175 V?elák Jan Private CZ NS1 No No onsite
176 Iyengar Jana QUIC jri.ietf@gmail.com US Fastly No No onsite
177 Arkko Jari QUIC Spin measurements jari.arkko@piuha.net FI Ericsson No No onsite
178 mutkawoa jaykishan (nitin) TLS 1.3, SSH jmutkawoa@cyberstorm.mu MU cyberstorm.mu No No remote
179 Tantsura Jeff YANG jefftant.ietf@gmail.com US Apstra No No onsite
180 Jungkook Jeon Overview Jeonjungkook4047@gmail.com ZW Yes Yes onsite
181 Lundström Jerry DNS jerry@dns-oarc.net SE DNS-OARC No No onsite
182 Wang JiaJun COAP、DNS、DOTS、HTTP2.0、IPv6、LPWAN、Quic、证监会、TLS1.3、Yang/NETCONF/RESTCONF、WebRTC、OpenDaylight、OPNFV、Riot、VPP/FD.io等 516180917@qq.com HK Acn_HK Yes Yes remote
183 Dong Jie SRv6 Private CN Huawei Technologies No No onsite
184 OH JIHOON djfnd@naver.com KR Yes Yes onsite
185 Schaad Jim COSE, ACE, CoAP ietf@augustcellars.com US August Cellars No No onsite
186 Hague Jim DNS, DNSSEC, DNS Privacy jim@sinodun.com GB Sinodun IT No No onsite
187 Yang Jinhyuk Private KR No No onsite
188 kumar Jitendra QUIC jitendra@cdac.in IN C-DAC Yes Yes onsite
189 Park Jiye j1y3p4rk@gmail.com DE University of Duisburg-Essen No No onsite
190 Clarke Joe YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF jclarke@cisco.com US Cisco No No onsite
191 Salazar Joey DNS joey@isc.org CR ISC No No onsite
192 Dickinson John DNS, DNSSEC, DNS Privacy jad@sinodun.com GB Sinodun IT No No onsite
193 Woodworth John Quantum Internet jw@pcthink.com US No Yes remote
194 Shallow Jon DOTS Private GB No No remote
195 Lennox Jonathan RTP CCFB jonathan@vidyo.com US Vidyo No No onsite
196 Lee Jong-Hyouk IPWAVE Private KR Sangmyung University No No onsite
197 Ordonez-Lucena Jose QUIC, SFC, YANG joseantonio.ordonezlucena@telefonica.com ES Telefonica I+D Yes Yes onsite
198 lopez jose glconstruction03@gmail.com US No No onsite
199 Alamos José Ignacio LPWAN, RIOT jose.alamos@haw-hamburg.de DE HAW Hamburg No Yes onsite
200 Carrano Juan Ignacio RIOT Private DE Freie Universität Berlin Yes Yes onsite
201 Zuniga Juan-Carlos LPWAN, SUIT juancarlos.zuniga@sigfox.com CA SIGFOX No No onsite
202 Guerra Juliana IPv6 Private AL Derechos Digitales No Yes onsite
203 Flohr Julius WebRTC julius.flohr@uni-due.de DE University of Duisburg Essen No No onsite
204 song jun IPv6,OPNFV song.jun@huawei.com CN No No onsite
205 Hong Jungha jhong@etri.re.kr KR No No onsite
206 Park JungSoo YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, COAP, IPv6 fnumber@gmail.com KR ETRI No Yes onsite
207 Sloboda Juraj DTN Private SK X-works Yes Yes onsite
208 Sonnenmoser Jurgen IPv6, QUIC, TLS 1.3, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, Private DE Yes Yes onsite
209 Szabo Kamil DTN kamil.szabo@x-works.io SK x-works No No onsite
210 Nishizuka Kaname DOTS kaname@nttv6.jp JP NTT Communications No No onsite
211 Saini Karan karan@cis-india.org IN Centre for Internet and SOciety Yes Yes onsite
212 O'Donoghue Karen odonoghue@isoc.org US Internet Society No No onsite
213 Schleiser Kaspar RIOT Private DE No No onsite
214 Matsuzono Kazuhisa ICN/CCN, Cefore matsuzono@nict.go.jp JP NICT No Yes onsite
215 Oku Kazuho HTTP/3 QUIC TLS kazuhooku@gmail.com JP Fastly No No onsite
216 Bannister Ken CoAP, RIOT kb2ma@runbox.com US Onset Yes Yes onsite
217 Watsen Kent xiax kent+ietf@watsen.net US Watsen Networks No No onsite
218 Ebisawa Kentaro SRv6,VPP ebisawa@jp.toyota-itc.com JP Toyota InfoTechnology Center No Yes onsite
219 Weiss Kevin RIOT kevin.weiss@haw-hamburg.de DE HAW Hamburg Yes Yes onsite
220 SUN KJ IPWAVE gomjae@dcn.ssu.ac.kr KR SSU No No onsite
221 Hartke Klaus WISHI Private SE Ericsson No Yes onsite
222 Zandberg Koen RIOT, SUIT Private NL Yes Yes onsite
223 Ueno Kouhei WebPackaging kouhei@google.com JP Google Yes Yes onsite
224 Bia?k Krzysztof krzysztof.bialk@icloud.com PL Administrator Yes Yes remote
225 Toumura Kunihiko IoT, WISHI, WoT Private JP Hitachi Yes Yes onsite
226 Suzaki Kuniyasu TEEP k.suzaki@aist.go.jp JP Yes Yes onsite
227 Rose Kyle Multicast, AMT krose@krose.org US Akamai No No onsite
228 Lhotka Ladislav DNS, YANG, RESTCONF lhotka@nic.cz CZ CZ.NIC No Yes onsite
229 DIBBASEY LAMIN dibbaseyboy@hotmail.com GM Yes Yes onsite
230 Eggert Lars QUIC lars@netapp.com FI NetApp No No onsite
231 ibakou latinel DOTS latinelibakou@gmail.com AD public Yes Yes remote
232 Toutain Laurent LPWAN laurent.toutain@imt-atlantique.fr FR IMT Atlantique No No onsite
233 Lanzieri Rodriguez Leandro RiOT, COAP, LPWAN leandro.lanzieri@haw-hamburg.de DE HAW Hamburg Yes Yes onsite
234 Xia Liang DOTS frank.xialiang@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
235 CHEN LIJUAN chenlijuan5@huawei.com CN No Yes onsite
236 Krznarich Liz Private US ORCID, Inc No Yes onsite
237 Velvindron Loganaden logan@cyberstorm.mu MU cyberstorm.mu No No remote
238 Miniero Lorenzo RTCWEB Private IT Meetecho No Yes onsite
239 Garwood Louis louis.garwood@cisecurity.org US CIS Yes Yes onsite
240 Burdet Luc Andre DataTracker lburdet@cisco.com CA Cisco No Yes onsite
241 Muscariello Luca VPP/FD.io hicn Private FR No Yes onsite
242 Pardue Lucas QUIC, HTTP/3 lucaspardue.24.7@gmail.com GB No No onsite
243 Seitz Ludwig COAP Private SE RISE No No onsite
244 Baca Lukas DTN, ODL, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF Private SK X-works Yes Yes onsite
245 Hendriks Luuk P4, IPv6 luuk.hendriks@utwente.nl NL University of Twente No Yes onsite
246 Konstantynowicz Maciek YANG, VPP/FD.io, IPv6, ILNP Private GB Cisco No No onsite
247 Bucur Madalin IPSEC Private RO NXP Yes Yes onsite
248 Vucinic Malisa 6TiSCH Private FR Inria No No onsite
249 Knodel Mallory mallory@article19.org KE ARTICLE 19 No No onsite
250 Bretelle Manu DNS Private US Facebook No No onsite
251 Röthke Marcel RPKI Private DE HAW Hamburg No No onsite
252 Nawrocki Marcin Private DE Freie Universität Berlin No No onsite
253 Tiloca Marco Group OSCORE, ACE, CoAP marco.tiloca@ri.se SE RISE Research Institutes of Sweden No No onsite
254 Ihlar Marcus marcus.ihlar@ericsson.com SE Ericsson No No onsite
255 Robles Maria Ines SEMANTIC mariainesrobles@gmail.com FI No No onsite
256 Ulbricht Marian 6tree, YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF ulbricht@innoroute.de DE InnoRoute GmbH Munich Yes Yes onsite
257 Montpetit Marie-Jose marie@mjmontpetit.com CA MIT Media Lab No Yes onsite
258 van der Beek Marie-Marie Private BE Yes Yes onsite
259 Ciocea Marina WebRTC Private SE Google Yes Yes onsite
260 Nottingham Mark mnot@mnot.net AU No No onsite
261 Andrews Mark DNS marka@isc.org AU ISC No Yes onsite
262 Hauff Markus markus.hauff@bwi.de GE Yes Yes onsite
263 Pilka Martin DTN (Delay Tolerant Networking) Private SK X-works No No onsite
264 Langer Martin NTS mart.langer@ostfalia.de DE Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences No No onsite
265 Duke Martin martin.h.duke@gmail.com US F5 Networks No No onsite
266 Thomson Martin quic mt@lowentropy.net AU Mozilla No No onsite
267 Samuelsson Martin NTS hackathon104@ietf.netizen.se SE Yes Yes remote
268 Lenders Martine Sophie 6Lo, ICN, IPv6 m.lenders@fu-berlin.de DE Freie Universitaet Berlin / RIOT No No onsite
269 Asama Masakazu SRv6 masakazu.asama@gmail.com JP Ginzado Yes Yes remote
270 Jadin Mathieu mathieu.jadin@uclouvain.be BE UCLouvain No Yes onsite
271 Miller Matthew COSE linuxwolf+ietf@outer-planes.net US Mozilla No No onsite
272 Pounsett Matthew DNS matt@conundrum.com CA DNS-OARC No No onsite
273 Kovatsch Matthias WISHI matthias.kovatsch@huawei.com DE Huawei No No onsite
274 Wählisch Matthias RIOT, RPKI m.waehlisch@fu-berlin.de DE Freie Universität Berlin No No onsite
275 Sardara Mauro VPP/FD.io hicn msardara@cisco.com FR Cisco Systems Yes Yes onsite
276 Cociglio Mauro QUIC Performance Monitoring mauro.cociglio@telecomitalia.it IT Telecom Italia No No onsite
277 Piraux Maxime QUIC Private BE UCLouvain No No onsite
278 Franke Maximilian TAPS mfranke@inet.tu-berlin.de DE TU Berlin Yes Yes onsite
279 chen meiling chenmeiling@chinamobile.com CN Yes Yes onsite
280 Breuer Michael Private DE No No onsite
281 Richardson Michael ANIMA, HOMENET mcr@sandelman.ca CA Sandelman Software Works No No onsite
282 Koster Michael T2TRG michaeljohnkoster@gmail.com US No No onsite
283 Tuexen Michael SCTP, WebRTC tuexen@fh-muenster.de DE Muenster University of Applied Sciences No No onsite
284 Cardell Widerkrantz Michael NTS, possibly DNS mc@netnod.se SE Netnod No No remote
285 Poehn Michael michael@guardianproject.info AT Guardian Project Yes Yes onsite
286 Nowikowski Michal HTTP & QUIC godfryd@isc.org PL ISC Yes Yes onsite
287 Vaško Michal YANG/NETCONF mvasko@cesnet.cz CZ Cesnet Yes Yes onsite
288 Rottleuthner Michel RIOT Private DE HAW Hamburg No No onsite
289 Pena Mindy Yes Private CA 1991 Yes Yes onsite
290 Kim Minkyung IoT Private KR No No onsite
291 jin minwei DNS jinmwry@gmail.com CA huawei Yes Yes onsite
292 Kuehlewind Mirja mirja.kuehlewind@ericsson.com DE Ericsson No No onsite
293 Kovac Miroslav YANG miroslav.kovac@pantheon.tech SK Pantheon Technologies No No onsite
294 Lichvar Miroslav NTS mlichvar@redhat.com CZ Red Hat No Yes remote
295 Tita Mohamed Private EG Yes Yes onsite
296 Sethi Mohit EMU mohit.sethi@nomadiclab.com FI No No onsite
297 Kébé Mouhamadou Lamine csikebe@gmail.com SN GALAXIE No No onsite
298 alrumayh muath an observer mrumayh@citc.gov.sa SA citc Yes Yes onsite
299 Auhammud Muzaffar TLS 1.3 Private MU No No onsite
300 Benamar Nabil IPWAVE benamar73@gmail.com MA School of Technology. Moulay Ismail University No No remote
301 Kim Nakyoung Private KR No No onsite
302 Cam-Winget Nancy SACM, TEEP ncamwing@cisco.com US Cisco Systems No No onsite
303 Cam-Winget Nancy teep, rats, tls 1.3 nancy.winget@gmail.com US Cisco Systems No No onsite
304 Estreicher Naomi DESIGN Private CA No Hats No No onsite
305 Kianpour Neda DNS, IPv6, DOTS Private IE Salesforce Yes Yes onsite
306 Hinze Nico nico.hinze@fu-berlin.de DE Freie Universität Berlin Yes Yes onsite
307 Petrov Nikita WebRTC nikita.petrov@microsoft.com CZ Microsoft Yes Yes onsite
308 Widell Niklas WISHI Private SE Ericsson AB No No onsite
309 Ohlmeier Nils WebRTC nohlmeier@mozilla.com US Mozilla No No onsite
310 Zong Ning Private CN No No onsite
311 Kowalewski Normen DNS with YANG/NETCONF Private DE Deutsche Telekom AG No Yes onsite
312 Troan Ole VPP/FD.io ot@cisco.com NO cisco No No onsite
313 Albisser Olga TCP Prague, AccECN olga@albisser.org NO Yes Yes onsite
314 Gasser Oliver MAP: Measurement and Analysis for Protocols - Live gasser@net.in.tum.de DE Technical University of Munich Yes Yes onsite
315 Tilmans Olivier TCP Prague olivier.tilmans@nokia-bell-labs.com BE Nokia Bell Labs No No onsite
316 john OMO HTTP Private KE African Telecommunications Union Yes Yes onsite
317 Surý Ond?ej DNS ondrej@isc.org CZ ISC No No onsite
318 Gonzalez de Dios Oscar YANG/RESTCONF L2SM L3SM ACTN Oscar.gonzalezdedios@telefonica.com ES Telefonica No No onsite
319 ATTIA Oumaima oumaima.attia@inria.fr FR INRIA Yes Yes onsite
320 Aras Pallavi pallavi_aras@hotmail.com US No No onsite
321 Thubert Pascal RIFT Private US Akamai Technologies No No onsite
322 Haza Pat Marie pat.haza@student.uclouvain.be BE Yes Yes onsite
323 Hoffman Paul DNS paul.hoffman@icann.org US ICANN No No onsite
324 Wouters Paul IPsec paul@nohats.ca CA libreswan No No onsite
325 Corriea Paulo Jorge tls, paucorre@cisco.com PT No No onsite
326 liu peng liupengyjy@outlook.com CN Yes Yes onsite
327 Kietzmann Peter RIOT peter.kietzmann@haw-hamburg.de DE HAW Hamburg No No onsite
328 van der Stok Peter COAP, OSCORE, EST Private NL vanderstok consultancy No No onsite
329 Limacher Peter quantum technologies Private DE SAP SE Yes Yes onsite
330 Špa?ek Petr DNS petr.spacek@nic.cz CZ CZ.NIC No No onsite
331 Perricone Philip ACVP prperri@gmail.com US Cisco Systems, Inc. Yes Yes onsite
332 Tiesel Philipp TAPS philipp@ods.tu-berlin.de DE TU Berlin No Yes onsite
333 Lexis Pieter DNS, YANG pieter.lexis@powerdns.com NL PowerDNS No Yes onsite
334 Sikora Piotr HTTP/2, TLS 1.3 piotrsikora@google.com US Google No No onsite
335 Fotouhi Tehrani Pouyan RIOT/IoT Private DE Free University of Berlin Yes Yes onsite
336 Wu Qin YANG/NETCONF/RESTCONF, VPP/FD.io bill.wu@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
337 De Coninck Quentin QUIC, MPTCP, MPQUIC Private BE UCLouvain No No onsite
338 Krejci Radek YANG, NETCONF rkrejci@cesnet.cz CZ CESNET No No onsite
339 Pemmasani Radhakrishna pemmasanikrish@gmail.com IN Yes Yes remote
340 Jadhav Rahul ROLL rahul.ietf@gmail.com IN Huawei No No onsite
341 Golam Rahul TLS 1.3 rahul@cyberstorm.mu MU cyberstorm.mu No No remote
342 Dolmans Ralph DNS ralph@nlnetlabs.nl NL NLnet Labs No No onsite
343 Stewart Randall SCTP rrs@netflix.com US Netflix No No onsite
344 Robert Raphael MLS raphael@wire.com DE Wire No No onsite
345 Viset Reginald RIFT rviset@juniper.net NL Juniper Networks Yes Yes remote
346 LIU Remy L4S remy.liubing@huawei.com CN Huawei No Yes onsite
347 Westphal Renato YANG, Segment Routing renato@opensourcerouting.org BR NetDEF No No onsite
348 Rahman Reshad rrahman@cisco.com CA Cisco Systems No No onsite
349 Welty Richard NTS & NTP rwelty@nwtime.org US Network Time Foundation No No onsite
350 Barnes Richard MLS Private US Cisco No No onsite
351 CastleBomber Richie HTTP, riot richie.ucsb@gmail.com US UCSB, SBCC Yes Yes onsite
352 Höglund Rikard Group OSCORE, ACE, CoAP rikard.hoglund@ri.se SE RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Yes Yes onsite
353 roark robby robroark4@gmail.com US Yes Yes remote
354 Marx Robin QUIC, HTTP/3, QLOG robin.marx@uhasselt.be BE EDM - Hasselt University Yes Yes onsite
355 Van Meter Rod quantum rdv@sfc.wide.ad.jp JP Keio University No No onsite
356 Grrimes Rodney ipv6 Private US FreeBSD Yes Yes onsite
357 Danyliw Roman rdd@cert.org US CMU/SEI No No onsite
358 van der Pol Ronald Private NL SURFnet No No onsite
359 in 't Velt Ronald ILNP, DTN ronald.intvelt@tno.nl NL TNO No Yes onsite
360 Even Roni roni.even@huawei.com IL No No onsite
361 Li Ruidong lrd@nict.go.jp JP National Institute of Information and Communications Technol No No onsite
362 Barik Runa runabk@ifi.uio.no NO No No onsite
363 Yanagida Ryo ILNP ry6@st-andrews.ac.uk GB University of St Andrews Yes Yes onsite
364 kamble sadashiv DNS,HTTP,IPv6,WebRTC,VPP/FD.io,COAP,OPNFV kamblesadashiv421@gmail.com IN sadashivkamblecom No No onsite
365 Bhatti Saleem ILNP saleem@st-andrews.ac.uk GB University of St Andrews No No onsite
366 Weiler Samuel DNS weiler@w3.org US W3C / MIT No No onsite
367 Balakrichenan Sandoche LPWAN, DNS sandoche2k@gmail.com FR AFNIC No No onsite
368 Mishra Sanjay QUIC, LURK sanjay.mishra@verizon.com US Verizon No No onsite
369 Dickinson Sara DNS, DNSSEC, DNS Privacy sara@sinodun.com GB Sinodun IT No No onsite
370 Matsushima Satoru SRv6, VPP satoru.matsushima@gmail.com JP No Yes onsite
371 Kanno Satoru kanno@lepidum.co.jp JP Lepidum Co. Ltd. No No onsite
372 Käbisch Sebastian Thing Description, iotschema.org Private DE Siemens AG Yes Yes onsite
373 Garcia Murillo Sergio WebRTC sergio.garcia.murillo@gmail.com ES CoSMo Software Consulting, Pte Ltd No No onsite
374 Mena Sergio WebRTC semena@cisco.com CH Cisco No No remote
375 ali shabbir DNS,IPv6 solairs98@gmail.com PK ZONG-CMPAK Yes Yes onsite
376 Kerr Shane DNS shane.kerr@oracle.com NL Oracle Dyn No No onsite
377 Weyrick Shannon Private US NS1 Yes Yes onsite
378 barkai sharon sharon.barkai@getnexar.com IL No No onsite
379 Suzuki Shigeya DID (TBD) shigeya@wide.ad.jp JP Keio University / WIDE Project No No onsite
380 Sahib Shivan Private CA No No onsite
381 Sakane Shoichi LPWAN sakane@tanu.org JP No No remote
382 Nagayama Shota Quantum Internet shota.nagayama@mercari.com JP R4D, Mercari, Inc. No No onsite
383 Sahu Shradhanjali IPv6, TLS 1.3, DNS, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, LPWAN shradhanjali.sahu.ece11@itbhu.ac.in IN Yes Yes remote
384 Huque Shumon DNS, DNSSEC, DANE, DNS Privacy Private US No No onsite
385 Lay Shwe Yoke HTTP 2.0 winsandarooapple2015@gmail.com AR Apple.inc Yes No remote
386 Leinen Simon simon.leinen@gmail.com CH No Yes onsite
387 Kembo Solomon WISHI solomonkembo@gmail.com ZW university of zimbabwe No No remote
388 Grundner-Culemann Sophia IPsec Private GY Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich Yes Yes onsite
389 Varadhan Sowmini sowmini05@gmail.com US Microsoft No No onsite
390 Adams Stan sadams@cdt.org US Center for Democracy & Technology Yes Yes onsite
391 Gazdag Stefan-Lukas IPsec, IKE Stefan-Lukas_Gazdag@genua.de DE genua GmbH No Yes onsite
392 Klassert Steffen IPsec steffen.klassert@secunet.com DE Yes Yes onsite
393 Broz Stepan IPsec Private CZ Yes Yes onsite
394 Bortzmeyer Stéphane DNS bortzmeyer+ietf@nic.fr FR AFNIC No No onsite
395 Farrell Stephen TLS1.3 stephen.farrell@cs.tcd.ie IE Trinity College Dublin No No onsite
396 Banghart Stephen ACVP, MILE, SACM stephen.banghart@outlook.com US NIST No No onsite
397 Valdez Steven TLS 1.3, ESNI Private US Google No No onsite
398 Cheshire Stuart DNS Service Discovery, ECN ietf18@stuartcheshire.org US Apple No No onsite
399 Nandakumar Suhas suhasietf@gmail.com US Cisco No No onsite
400 Nádas Szilveszter QUIC Measurements Szilveszter.Nadas@ericsson.com HU Ericsson Research No No onsite
401 Ito Tadahiko SUIT tada.ito.4ietf@gmail.com JP No No onsite
402 Nagata Takahiko DOTS nagata@lepidum.co.jp JP lepidum Co. Ltd. No No remote
403 Takahashi Takeshi MILE, DOTS, SUIT takeshi_takahashi@nict.go.jp JP NICT No No onsite
404 . tale dns, lsoe tale.lawrence@oracle.com US Oracle No No onsite
405 Tarakiyee Tara DOTS, DOH, TLS1.3 Private DE Open Tech Fund No No onsite
406 damra tariq yes tariq.damra@uniberg.com DE No No onsite
407 Lemon Ted DNSSD/Homenet/HNCP mellon@fugue.com US Nibbhaya Consulting No No onsite
408 Damenu Temesgen Kitw=aw temesgenk5@gmail.com ET Google Yes Yes onsite
409 Chang Tengfei 6TiSCH tengfei.chang@inria.fr FR Inria No No onsite
410 Kivinen Tero tcpao kivinen@iki.fi FI SSH No No onsite
411 Enghardt Theresa TAPS theresa@inet.tu-berlin.de DE TU Berlin No Yes onsite
412 Schmidt Thomas RIOT, RPKI t.schmidt@haw-hamburg.de DE HAW Hamburg No No onsite
413 Zhou Tianran IOAM,VPP/FD.io zhoutianran@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
414 Wattenberg Tim mail+ietf@timwattenberg.de DE No No onsite
415 Panton Tim RTCWeb, QUIC thp@westhawk.co.uk GB Westhawk Ltd No Yes onsite
416 Wicinski Tim tjw.ietf@gmail.com US Salesforcer No No onsite
417 Voelker Timo SCTP, QUIC timo.voelker@fh-muenster.de DE Muenster University of Applied Sciences Yes Yes onsite
418 Vanhoja Timo olli@zeit.co US ZEIT Yes Yes onsite
419 Aung Yin Tin OPNFV 40414303@live.napier.ac.uk MM Edinburgh Napier University Yes Yes remote
420 Guggemos Tobias LPWAN, RiOT, IPSec guggemos@nm.ifi.lmu.de DE University of Munich No Yes onsite
421 Heider Tobias IPsec, RiOT heidert@nm.ifi.lmu.de DE LMU / genua gmbh No No onsite
422 Neumann Tobias tneumann@cisco.com DE Cisco Systems No No onsite
423 Pusateri Tom DNS pusateri@bangj.com US No No onsite
424 Jones Tom PMTUD, QUIC, TAPS, UDP Options tom@erg.abdn.ac.uk GB No No onsite
425 Herbert Tom QUIC Private US Quantonium No No onsite
426 Gavrichenkov Töma ximaera@gmail.com CZ Qrator Labs CZ No No onsite
427 Mrugalski Tomek DHCP, RA Private PL No No onsite
428 oakley trevor IRTF, Quantum Networking trevor@merrows.co.uk GB Blockdore No No onsite
429 Aura Tuomas EAP-NOOB tuomas.aura@aalto.fi FI Aalto University No No onsite
430 Soini Tuomo IPsec tis@foobar.fi FI Foobar Inc. No Yes onsite
431 Wisser Ulrich DNS ulrich@wisser.se SE Swedish Internet Foundation No No onsite
432 Fattore Umberto SRv6 umberto.fattore@neclab.eu DE NEC / UC3M Yes Yes onsite
433 Zacarias Vânia DNS, HTTP 2.0, IPv6 vania.zacarias@morenet.ac.mz MZ MoRENet Yes No onsite
434 Ramdani Veegish HTTP451, DSCP veegish@cyberstorm.mu MU cyberstorm.mu No No remote
435 Kuarsingh Victor victor@jvknet.com CA No No onsite
436 Vasiliev Victor Private US Google No Yes onsite
437 Lopez Victor vlopezalvarez@gmail.com ES Telefonica No Yes onsite
438 Roca Vincent vincent.roca@inria.fr FR INRIA No No onsite
439 Vassilev Vladimir YANG vladimir@transpacket.com NO Transpacket AS No No onsite
440 ?unát Vladimír DNS vladimir.cunat@nic.cz CZ cz.nic No Yes onsite
441 Olteanu Vladimir TCP-AO vladimir.olteanu@cs.pub.ro RO University Politehnica of Bucharest No No onsite
442 Lee Wangbong NFV leewb@etri.re.kr KR No No onsite
443 Ladd Watson NTS watsonbladd@gmail.com US Cloudflare Yes Yes onsite
444 Pan Wei william.panwei@huawei.com CN Huawei No No onsite
445 Seltzer Wendy WebRTC, DNS, DPRIVE wseltzer@w3.org US W3C/MIT No No onsite
446 Toorop Willem DNS willem@nlnetlabs.nl NL Stichting NLnet Labs No No onsite
447 Krecicki Witold DNS Private PL Internet Systems Consortium No No onsite
448 Kozlowski Wojciech quantum networks w.kozlowski@tudelft.nl NL TU Delft No No onsite
449 Riedel Wolfgang ACVP wolfgang.riedel@f1-consult.com DE F1-CONSULT No Yes onsite
450 Ahrens Yannic Private DE Yes Yes onsite
451 Morita Yasuaki DOTS, COAP TLS 1.3 yasuaki.morita@lepidum.co.jp JP Lepidum Yes Yes onsite
452 Shen Yiwen (Chris) IPWAVE Private KR Sungkyunkwan University No No onsite
453 Xue Yong yong.xue.us@gmail.com US DISA No Yes onsite
454 fablet youenn WebRTC youenn@apple.com FR Apple INC No No onsite
455 PARK YOUNG KI VPP/FD.io ykpark@dcn.ssu.ac.kr KR No No onsite
456 kim younghan Ipwave i2nsf younghak7@gmail.com KR prof. No No onsite
457 Choi Younghwan IPWAVE yhc@etri.re.kr KR No No onsite
458 Takita Yuichi SUIT takita.u1.535@gmail.com JP SECOM No No onsite
459 Ali Zafar SRv6 zali@cisco.com US Cisco Systems No Yes remote
460 Zhang Zhaohui rift zzhang@juniper.net US Juniper No No onsite
461 wang zitao yang/netconf wangzitao@huawei.com CN No No onsite
462 ????? ???? ?? 0941801160 FO 807276 No No onsite